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In this 7Hz Legato review, I’m looking at the latest IEM from the brand that brought us the popular Salnotes Zero earphones. The Legato features a 12mm dynamic driver for the bass and a 6mm dynamic driver for the mids and highs. The price is $109.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

7Hz Legato Review
Featuring a powerful bass, rich midrange, and lifted treble, the Legato delivers a musicality-focused sound that's easy to love.
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Powerful controlled bass
Midrange resolution
Good included accessories
Bass will be too heavy for some listeners
Detail retrieval could be better
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7Hz Legato

  • Impedance: 26Ω.
  • Sensitivity: 108dB/vRms.
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-20kHz.
  • THD+N: <1%@1kHz.
  • Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-Pin.
  • Termination: 3.5mm.
What’s in the Box
  • 7Hz Legato IEMs
  • Detachable SPC OCC+OCC cable
  • Large zippered carrying case
  • 8x pairs of silicone eartips
What's in the box


Crafted from aviation-grade aluminium, the 7Hz Legato features a pattern of concentric rings on its faceplates that adds visual flair while also keeping fingerprints at bay. The Legato’s standard 0.78mm 2-pin sockets allow for easy cable swapping, while the inclusion of four pinhole-sized vents ensures proper ventilation.

7Hz Legato design

The shells are somewhat bulky, and the long nozzles mean that they protrude a fair amount from the ears, making them less ideal for lying down or sleeping. Nonetheless, the Legato is comfortable to wear for extended periods. The smooth, supple, and lightweight cable doesn’t tangle easily, making it a pleasure to use daily.

Stock cable


Gear used for testing includes the Topping E70/L70 stack, Cayin RU6 and Shanling UP4 2022.

The 7Hz Legato is an IEM that’s tuned for musicality first and foremost. It has a sound signature that’s immediately easy to love – warm and engaging yet clear and smooth as butter.

If you’re looking for a neutral or purely technical sound, then you can safely move on to the next review. However, if you’re a basshead or someone who enjoys velvety tunes with beefy lows, read on!

The Legato is a great option for those who prioritize musicality over technical specs. It’s a refreshing change of pace from the analytical approach that dominates the IEM market. Rather than obsessing over graphs and measurements, the Legato simply delivers a warm, engaging sound that’s easy to enjoy.

7Hz Legato frequency response graph

The bass is not overly technical but instead pillowy, with softened attacks and thick notes. While on some recordings, it can be overwhelming, most of the time it’s well balanced. You’ll definitely feel the impact of sub-bass notes, akin to rolling thunder in your bones.

Despite the bass being dominant, it doesn’t overshadow the midrange or treble. 7Hz has effectively utilized both dynamic drivers, creating a sound that is coherent with good separation between the bass and the rest of the frequency spectrum.


The midrange of the 7Hz Legato IEMs delivers a rich and chesty sound to male vocals. However, female vocals may lack a bit of brightness, but the upside is that they never sound shouty or piercing.

While the warmth from the bass may carry over, the midrange resolution remains good. Overall, the midrange performance of the 7Hz Legato IEMs is pleasing with good balance and clarity between the vocal ranges.

Shell design

Moving on to the treble, the lower range is lifted more than usual to create a balance with the intensity of the bass. Additionally, it provides some snappiness to percussion and instruments.

Despite the heavy dip above 10kHz, the extension is present enough to give the treble sufficient air. Although the level of detail may not be exceptional, it is sufficient to not be distracting. The positive aspect is that there’s no sibilance or harshness in the treble at all.

Soundstage and Technical Performance

Legato offers a soundstage that may not be particularly wide but excels in depth and layering. There is also a good sense of perceived height on the stage. Surprisingly, the resolution and instrument separation is strong. While the imaging is not pinpoint precise, Legato’s resolving abilities provide fairly strong positional cues.

7Hz Legato with case


In conclusion, the 7Hz Legato IEMs are a great option for those who prioritize musicality over technical specs. With a warm and engaging sound signature, the Legato delivers a velvety tune with beefy lows that are sure to satisfy any basshead.

Despite the bass dominance, the midrange remains balanced and clear, while the treble provides some snappiness to percussion and instruments without any sibilance or harshness. Furthermore, Legato’s soundstage and technical performance are better than expected for this type of tuning.

Overall, the 7Hz Legato IEMs offer a refreshing change of pace from the Harman approach that dominates the IEM market, delivering a warm and engaging sound that’s easy to enjoy.

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7 months ago

I am not sure where you got your specs for this set, but they are WILDLY inaccurate. Here are the real specs (were you just guessing???).

7Hz Legato Technical Specifications

  • DRIVERS 12mm and 6mm dynamic drivers
  • DIAPHRAGM Fourth-generation DLC composite diaphragm
  • IMPEDANCE 26Ω (@1KHz)
  • SENSITIVITY 108dB/v@1KHz

There are NO planar drivers, nor are there any BAs. And the impedance and sensitivity are not even close either. The sensitivity here is listed in VRMS, so would actually translate to 92.9dB/1mW if we want to look at it the way most all other manufacturers give it. This makes them harder to drive than at first glance.

Sorry to resurrect this from 4 months ago, but I thought you might want to put in the real numbers if you want this to be seen as a “credible” review.

1 year ago

Number 1 on my wish list. Another review confirming these will suit my ears!

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