BASN Mix-PD Review

BASN Mix-PD review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the BASN Mix-PD IEM. Mix-PD features 1 planar driver + 1 dynamic driver and low-profile CNC-crafted aluminium faceplates. It’s priced at $79.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by BASN for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

BASN Mix-PD Review
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Low-profile, comfortable shells
Transparent & neutral midrange
Good detail retrieval
Generous accessories
Stage position is somewhat distant
Very fit/eartip dependent
Generic tangle-prone cable
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Frequency range: 20-40kHz
Sensitivity: 106dB
Impedance: 31Ω

In the Box
  • BASN Mix-PD IEMs
  • Detachable SPC cable
  • 3x pairs of foam eartips
  • 3x pairs of silicone eartips
  • Zipper carrying case
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter


The BASN Mix-PD has clear acrylic shells and an aluminium faceplate. The faceplate is adorned with horizontal etched lines and a small BASN logo.

These IEMs have a low profile in your ears making them good for lying down. They’re very lightweight and feel comfortable in my ears. Passive noise isolation is average so they’re suitable for everyday environments.

The included silver-plated copper (SPC) cable is tightly and uniformly braided. It has an aluminium Y-splitter and a plastic chin slider. It handles well and doesn’t have microphonics but it tends to get tangled quite easily due to the preformed ear hooks and thinness above the Y-splitter.

Mix-PD with graph


Gear used for testing includes the Simgot DEW4X, HiBy M300 and SMSL DO300EX. The Mix-PD, being an efficient IEM, is consequently easy to drive. So how does its combination of dynamic and planar drivers sound? It has a neutral tone with an elevated bass. It’s somewhere between serious and fun in nature—the mids and treble are uncoloured and business-like while the bass has a playful aspect.

BASN Mix-PD frequency response graph

The bass is delivered by the dynamic driver and it has classic DD characteristics, like authority and the ability to physically move air. It’s a powerful bass yet it’s not overdone or dominant in the mix.

With its powerful sub-bass response, Mix-PD delivers a palpable rumble without sacrificing clarity in the midrange and treble frequencies. The Mix-PD brings Suduaya’s “Last Way” remix alive with its rendition of punchy kick drums and reverberating synth bass, adding depth and energy to the track.


The midrange is where Mix-PD starts to take on a more serious approach. I wouldn’t call the mids here analytical, due to the underlying warmth from the bass but they are uncoloured and have a neutral note weight. Remember, it’s the planar driver that’s in charge of the mids and treble so in this case, it has a different tone compared to the dynamic bass driver.

Female vocals are given preference, courtesy of the boosted upper midrange that also gives the overall sound clarity and presence. In addition, the upper mids plateau gives definition to guitars, pianos and snares. Nevertheless, the midrange appears withdrawn, lacking intimacy and depth, as if one were situated at a distance from the stage at a live event.


The high frequencies are mellow and easy on the ears but they sound rather dry and lack sparkle. The good news is that there’s no sibilance or harshness but at the same time, it’s not a very exciting treble.

Detail retrieval is quite good – after all, it’s a planar driver with snappy transients. Because of the recessed nature of the mids, the treble doesn’t need to be very forward to deliver details and add sharpness to the attack of percussion and instruments.

Soundstage & Technicalities

The soundstage is reasonably wide but doesn’t have a lot of depth. However, the instrument separation and overall resolution are good so the imaging is still fairly precise.


In conclusion, the BASN Mix-PD presents itself as a solid contender in the realm of sub-$100 in-ear monitors. Its low-profile shells offer a comfortable fit, particularly suitable for lying down, enhancing its versatility for various listening scenarios. However, it’s crucial to note that the audio quality heavily relies on achieving a proper fit and seal, which can significantly impact the overall sound experience.

While the Mix-PD may not ascend to the peak of the sub-$100 IEM hierarchy, its performance remains commendable and enjoyable. Its clean sound signature, coupled with ergonomic design features, ensures a satisfying listen for users seeking reliable audio reproduction without breaking the bank. Overall, the BASN Mix-PD stands as a competent option in its price range, offering a blend of comfort, functionality, and sound quality worthy of consideration.

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