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Best Universal IEMs / Earphones

Looking for the best universal IEMs? We’ve got you covered! This list is ordered from the lowest to the highest price (List updated October 2019).

This is a dynamic list, meaning it will change often as IEMs/earphones come and go. We can’t cover them all but here are some of our favourites.



Previously at the top of our list but recently dethroned by the KZ ZSN, the KZ (Knowledge Zenith) ZS4 fits my ears like a glove. V-shaped, energetic and brimming with clarity. The bass is punchy and the midrange is vibrant. KZ really nailed the treble here too. It’s not fatiguing like a lot of their other stuff but it’s crisp and lively.

The ZS4 is a hybrid model with 1BA+!DD driver and a sound that punches way above its price point. It’s well built, super comfortable and comes with the best of all KZ cables so far, even better than the one that comes with the much more expensive AS10. For less than $20 everybody should have at least one of these.

$18 from AliExpress or $20 from Amazon


Alternatives: bboooll BOT1


This is our new favourite ultra-budget IEM, replacing the previous champ the KZ ZS4. The ZSN has a more forward midrange, more clarity and a sub-bass that literally puts a smile on my face.

This earphone is also super comfortable, really well built and comes with a great stock cable. It’s no wonder that the KZ ZSN is our new favourite budget IEM.

$22 from Amazon or $18 from A liExpress


RevoNext QT5

Just look at that build quality! It’s hard to believe you can get something like this for less than $25 (just $19 with our special offer)! It’s also comfortable and comes with a detachable cable. Add to that a fantastic, energetic and engaging sound and it’s easy to see why the QT5 gets a place in our best IEMs list.

The bass decay is a little on the slower side giving it solid impact but it doesn’t muddy up the midrange. Midrange notes are full-bodied and clear, as are the rich vocals presented by the QT5. If you like steampunk aesthetics and are looking for something for less than $25, don’t hesitate to pull the trigger on this gem.

$22 from AliExpress



The ZSX Terminator is a force to be reckoned with in the sub $50 category. 6 drivers (1DD+5BA), authoritative bass, clean midrange and ultra-detailed but smooth treble make this earphone one very strong contender.

This little budget champ does everything right and deserves a place in any budget IEM fan’s collection – and every KZ fan, of course!

$45 from AliExpress or Amazon


RevoNext QT2

The QT2 is a great little IEM that punches above its price. With a really solid but well-controlled bass, clear midrange and energetic treble this is currently one of the top earphones around the $50 mark. It doesn’t have the greatest cable but the sound more than makes up for that.

$47 from AliExpress or $50 from Amazon


Alternatives: KZ AS06

BQEYZ K2 ($48 US)
BQEYZ K2 featured

This was the first IEM from BQEYZ that I tried and I knew right away that they were onto something good. The K2 is a really nicely built IEM that has an incredibly refined sound. It’s not as aggressive as the RevoNext QT2 but it’s warmer than the Tin Audio T2. It has above average noise isolation and comes with a nice cable too.

$48 from AliExpress or $58 from Amazon.


Yinyoo V2

With its dual dynamic drivers, the V2 gets pretty much everything just right. It was a warm and balanced sound signature that is very organic and natural sounding. It has a punchy bass, a detailed, forward midrange and lively but non-fatiguing and airy treble.

If you’ve tried the Tin Audio T2 but just wanted a bit of extra bass and midrange body then the V2 is the perfect choice. Even though the V2 has a fuller sound it still has an expansive and stable soundstage.

The lightweight metal housings can be worn with the cable down or over your ears and are very comfortable either way. It has a good silver-plated cable too which is detachable so you can replace or upgrade it if desired.

$49 from AliExpress (Or $39 with our special discount. Details in the review).


Tin Audio T2/ ($49 US)

If you’ve done any research into budget Chi-Fi you will probably be familiar with the T2. This double dynamic driver IEM made a huge impact on its release for its neutrality, transparency, tonality, soundstage and build quality. Yes, I did just say all that in a single sentence. The T2 rocks!

$49 from Penon Audio



Tin Audio T3

Following the huge success of the T2, Tin Audio recently released the T3. Long story short – it’s basically a T2 with some minor physical alterations, a hugely improved cable and the same sound signature albeit with an improved treble range.

The new cable alone adds significant value to this earphone. If you already have the T2 then you probably don’t need this one, unless you really want that slightly improved treble quality. However, if you don’t have the T2, I would suggest you go for the T3 unless you are particularly sensitive to treble.

$69 from AliExpress



Toneking 9 Tail

This is a really unique and special IEM. The 9 Tail has a warm signature with amazing resolution and dynamic range for a single dynamic driver earphone. It has a balanced sound that is extremely addictive; once you start listening you won’t want to take these out of your ears.

The design is quite unusual but it’s actually a really comfortable IEM to wear. It comes with a great cable too. This is one of my personal favourites.

$125 from Penon Audio



This has become one of the people’s favourite’s and its no surprise why. With 6 drivers per side (2 dynamic + 4 balanced armature) the DMG has a full-bodied and incredibly resolving sound. It also comes with 3 sets of tuning filters allowing you to customize the sound signature.

It’s got a boosted low end, meaning there’s plenty of bass to go around. The midrange is ultra-resolving and the DMG is a master at instrument separation and picking up minute details. Its treble is crisp and airy but super smooth without any harshness or fatigue.

With an exceptional build quality and generous accessory bundle (including a best in class cable) the BGVP DMG offers outstanding value for money and performs well above its price point.

$139 from AliExpress or Amazon


Hifi Boy OS V3
Hifi Boy OSV3 featured

What a way to enter the crowded IEM market! the Hifi Boy OS V3 is a smashing earphone that excels in every way. It’s beautifully crafted, extremely comfortable to wear and it has above average noise isolation.

But it’s the sound that really sets this one apart. The OS V3 has a full-bodied but balanced sound. Its punchy bass, resolving nature and smooth yet detailed presentation are class-leading in its price range. This one absolutely gets a place in this list!

$159 on Penon Audio


Tin Hifi P1

The P1 earphone from Tin Hifi has a 10mm planar magnetic driver in a closed back shell. This IEM simply blew me away with its incredible audio quality. Thankfully, the stainless steel housings live up to the same standard, making this an absolute must-buy in the sub $200 segment.

With its natural tonality and superb separation and layering, the P1 can compete on a technical level with much more expensive products. The only real drawback is a relatively soft sub-bass but it really doesn’t detract from the P1’s magic. Get one today, you won’t regret it!

$169 on Amazon


iBasso IT01s
iBasso IT01s featured

Not content to simply update the original IT01, iBasso added an entirely new driver and created a more mature and balanced sound in the IT01s.

This IEM has a nimble, punchy bass, accurate midrange and delightful, detailed treble. On top of that, it comes with a high-quality balanced cable with a 2.5mm plug, plus an adapter that allows you to plug into any 3.5mm single-ended jack.

$199 on Amazon



Shanling ME500 Platinum Edition

Although Shanling has just started making their own earphones, they’ve already delivered a real winner with the ME500 PE. This triple hybrid driver IEM has an engaging, lively presentation with a meaty, tight bass, clear and natural midrange plus a crisp, non-fatiguing and detailed treble.

All this is wrapped up in platinum-plated brass shells that are rock solid and built to last. You get a vast assortment of eartips, a silver-plated copper cable and carrying case included too. This is a fantastic IEM at a competitive price and what a way to enter the earphone space Shanling!

$289 on AliExpress


UFOEar UFO-112

This is an IEM that I think should be getting more attention. The UFO-112 is a triple-driver unit containing 1 dynamic and 2 balanced armature drivers. Not only is it lightweight and super comfortable, it also has a fantastic and technically proficient sound.

The dynamic bass driver delivers with punch and impact, the neutral midrange is clear and the treble is detailed but non-fatiguing. Not only that but this IEM comes with a fantastic set of accessories, including a metal carrying case and a high-quality cable.

$359 on AliExpress


Fearless Audio S6RUI

This brand was previously unheard of in the west until recently and boy am I glad it made its way to us. The S6RUI is hands-down one of the best mid-tier earphones we’ve heard. Not only that but it’s beautifully crafted and comes with a great accessory bundle.

It has a rich, full-bodied and bold sound rippling with resolution, detail and a smooth, non-fatiguing character. This IEM competes with the best mid-tier products out there and comes at a very competitive price considering the audio quality. Highly recommended!

$389 on Amazon or AliExpress


Fearless Audio S8F
Fearless Audio S8F featured image

Fearless Audio continues to advance and is showing no signs of slowing down. The Fearless S8F combines excellent build and audio quality into an IEM that provides a great price to performance ratio.

It has a balanced, textured bass, clear, accurate mids with a touch of warmth and crisp, detailed but smooth treble. This one is a real winner.

$489 on Amazon and AliExpress


FiiO FH7

FiiO’s FH7 is a beautifully built and comfortable earphone with a super engaging and lively sound signature that will keep you captivated. It is a great example of what good bass sounds like with its powerful yet fast low frequencies.

Using aerospace-grade aluminium-magnesium alloy, the FH7 shells are a joy to behold and feel fantastic in your ears too. Finally, the FH7 comes with a gorgeous cable and a bunch of awesome accessories. Highly recommended.

$449 on Amazon or $469 on AliExpress


Audiofly AF180 MK2

The AF180 MK2 has 4 balanced armatures per side and a 3-way electronic crossover. When Audiofly says linear they mean it because that’s just what the AF180 MK2 is. Don’t mistake linear for boring though because these sound sumptuous and oh so accurate.

Super lightweight, small and comfortable, these can pleasure your ears for hours on end. Also worth mentioning is the solid accessory bundle which includes a high-quality weather-sealed carrying case. I was really impressed with these.

$499 from Audiofly



Sennheiser IE 800 S

It’s hardly surprising to find something from the portable audio giant in our recommended list. The Sennheiser IE800 S is a stunning achievement in earphone technology. Its tiny earpieces are exquisitely crafted and very robust. The cable has an adapter system allowing you to switch easily between the 3 available plugs: 3.5mm SE, 2.5mm  TRRS and 4.4mm TRRS.

It’s incredible what Sennheiser have done with this single dynamic driver. It delivers supreme coherency and a natural tonality that puts you right in the middle of the music. The IE 800 S remains one of my high-end reference IEMs and absolutely has to be part of this list for its masterful audio capability and triumph of engineering.

$999 from Amazon


Founder of Prime Audio
  1. Nice to find some of my favorite IEMs in this list, on top of all the Dunu DK-3001 which you seem to like quite a bit as well.
    Next stop: the 4001. Did you have a chance to check them out, Crabbos? Can’t wait to audition them, the reviews I’ve read so far look very promising.

    Keep it up!

    1. I could have sworn I answered this message! Sorry for the late reply.

      To answer your question: Yes, I did try the 4001 at CanJam and I loved it. Sadly, I haven’t been able to secure one for review but as you said there are reviews starting to show up.

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