Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid Review

Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid review featured

In today’s article, I’m reviewing the Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid dual op-amps. The V7 Pro Vivid is the 7th-gen Burson op-amp and now comes with a new high-density aluminium shell.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Burson Audio for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid Review
The Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid op-amp is the latest-gen release and sounds better than ever.
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Transparency and clarity
Layering and black background
Smaller than the V6 series
Excellent build quality
Might sound analytical for some
Runs hotter than previous version
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Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid

Table of Contents
In the Box
  • Burson Audio V7 Pro Vivid opamps
  • 2 rubber bands
  • 2 DIP-8 socket risers
  • Sticker


The new generation of Burson op-amps not only enhances audio quality but also boasts an improved aesthetic. The V7 Pro Vivid’s anodized red aluminium housing is striking, and its finned chassis serves as a heatsink, effectively dissipating the higher operating temperatures of the V7 Pro (it works with a higher idling current for increased stability and audio quality).

Moreover, the V7 Pro is significantly shorter than its V6 predecessor, meaning it can fit in smaller cases (like the Topping DX7 Pro). With up to eight layers in the PCB, the new design separates the signal path, grounding, and shielding into distinct layers. Furthermore, it enables a shorter, optimized signal path.

Comparison with V6
V6 (left) and V7 (right)


Note that there are two versions of the op-amps: the V7 Pro Vivid and the V7 Pro Classic. The following impressions are on the V7 Pro Vivid only.

V7 Vivid in the Burson Funk

For testing, I installed the V7 Pro Vivid op-amps into my Burson Funk and later to my Fosi Audio BT20A Pro.

The defining characteristics of the V7 Vivid are clarity and detail. These op-amps open up new levels of fidelity compared to the V6. They unveil new layers in the music and provide extra definition. Bass notes become tighter and more articulate, while midrange frequencies gain a newfound transparency and texture.

Highs sparkle with crystal clarity, adding scale and dimension to the soundstage. With the V7 Vivid, every note is rendered with precision, which results in more accurate imaging.

I think transparency is the key word to describe the V7 Pro Vivid. That’s probably why Burson themselves recommend it for the output stages of DACs to get a true uncoloured and honest sound.

V7 in action

The background is completely black, without any unwanted noise or interference. This allows every detail and nuance to emerge in the purest rendition of sound. This not only enhances immersion but helps to facilitate a more 3D holographic stage.

Despite its neutral and transparent presentation, the V7 Pro Vivid doesn’t veer into the analytical realm, nor does it add any emphasis or sharpness to the sound. It has a lovely natural timbre that lends itself well to a wide variety of music genres, making it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a faithful reproduction without sacrificing musicality or enjoyment.

V7 inside the Funk amplifier


With its refined sound signature and outstanding build quality, the V7 Pro Vivid is a clear upgrade from the 6th-gen lineup and I’d go so far as saying it might just be the best discrete op-amp on the market right now, assuming you’re looking for a neutral sound signature (check out the Classic variant for a more analogue sound signature).

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