CIDOO ABM066 Alice-Layout Mechanical Keyboard Review

CIDOO ABM066 review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the CIDOO ABM066 Alice-layout mechanical keyboard. ABM066 features 3 connection modes, a customizable TFC-LDC screen and a host of other features. It’s priced at $89.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Epomaker for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

CIDOO ABM066 Alice-Layout Mechanical Keyboard Review
The CIDOO ABM066 is a well-constructed and affordable keyboard that is also a real pleasure to type with.
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VIA compatible
The CIDOO Silent Blue switches are fantastic
Media knob and LCD screen
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Stock keycaps not ideal for people who can't touch type
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In the Box
  • ABM066 Keyboard
  • Braided USB-C cable
  • Keycap puller

CIDOO ABM066 Design

The ABM066 has a somewhat unusual ‘Alice’ layout, a split design offering a more natural and ergonomic platform for human hands. The goal is to maximise comfort and efficiency for people who spend a lot of time typing.

There are 67 keys in total, omitting the numpad to maintain a more compact design. ABM066 comes with predominantly white and blue dye-sub PBT keycaps for durability. I’ve got to say, the keys really feel durable and high-quality.

There’s one thing I would like to point out here and that is the keys have unique artistic symbols on them which might cause difficulties for anyone who is not proficient at touch typing. Furthermore, the extra function keys (Ctrl, Alt etc) have images in place of traditional symbols so it can take some time to learn where the different keys are.

You might have noticed what looks like a button on the bottom left of the keyboard but it’s actually just a black piece of plastic surrounded by an LED ring. I’m not sure what the purpose of that is but I’m guessing it was just added to fill the empty space and add some visual interest.

CIDOO ABM066 media knob and lcd screen

On the top right of the keyboard is a black metal knob that’s used for adjusting volume and a mute button. It has a detented or ‘clicky’ action and feels rather premium when you touch it.

Next, of course, I need to mention the TFT LCD screen located under the volume knob. By default, the screen displays useful information such as the date, time, battery level and connection method. However, using the available software, you can easily install custom animated gifs to further customize the display.

The keyboard is equipped with dual-height flip-out feet, allowing users to choose between two different elevation levels for optimal typing comfort. Whether you prefer a higher or lower typing position, the ABM066 has got you covered.

Profile showing the raised feet

Connectivity Modes

ABM066 has 3 connection options: USB, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless. You can easily switch between modes via the switch on the back of the keyboard. If you want to connect via 2.4G wireless you’ll need to plug in the USB dongle that is cleverly stored in a cavity behind the left flip-out foot.

I found the all 3 connectivity options worked well and the 2.4G wireless mode is very speedy and is even suitable for intense online gaming.

Customization, Remapping and Macros

The CIDOO ABM066 features hot-swappable custom silent switches but you can easily swap out the keycaps or switches without any soldering required.

ABM066 supports the VIA software and allows full per-key remapping and macros. This is a handy way to customize your keyboard to your exact preferences.


The RGB lighting effects can be customized or turned off completely. Using a combination of the FN key and other select keys, you can change the lighting effect, hue, speed and brightness of the lights. The LEDs are south facing but because the (stock) keycaps don’t have transparent symbols, the lights are fairly subdued.

CIDOO ABM066 Alice keyboard

Switches and Performance

The assembled keyboard comes with linear CIDOO Silent Blue switches and I’ve got to say, these are the quietest mechanical switches I’ve used to date. I guess you could call the sound of the keys ‘mushy’, however, they don’t feel mushy to type on. There’s a solid spring effect and a good amount of resistance that helps preventing me from accidental clicks. The keys feel extremely smooth but responsive. In fact, typing on the ABM066 feels a lot like typing on a membrane keyboard.

CIDOO’s silent blue switches have an operating force of 37g and bottom force 45g. They come pre-lubed from the factory too, making them feel even more buttery. This keyboard has a gasket-mounted PC (Polycarbonate) mounting plate.

With the foam gaskets and slight flexing of the PC mounting plate, ABM066 has a softer bottom-out and top-out feel. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that this keyboard offers the most comfortable typing experience I’ve ever felt.

As for the Alice layout, I like it a lot more than I had anticipated. I thought it would take a long time getting used to but in reality, I felt completely accustomed to it after just a few hours of use.

The LCD screen in action


In a nutshell, the CIDOO ABM066 is a great way for enthusiasts to dip their toes into the Alice keyboard realm without breaking the bank. Not only is the board compact and well built but it’s an absolute pleasure to type on.

The playful keycaps feel durable and are a fun change from more traditional standard typefaces. The LCD screen’s customization options bring both practicality and enjoyment, while the ABM066’s diverse connectivity features highlight its versatility. Overall, my testing experience has turned me into a devoted fan of this keyboard, and I wholeheartedly suggest it to anyone interested in an Alice keyboard.

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