Epomaker Dynatab 75X Review

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In this article, I’m reviewing the Epomaker Dynatab 75X mechanical keyboard. Dynatab 75X is a gasket-mounted, hot-swappable mechanical keyboard that features a custom dot-matrix RGB LED screen. The current super-earlybird price is $109 but the regular retail price will be $139.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Epomaker for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Epomaker Dynatab 75X Review
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Dot-matrix display
10,000mAh battery
Larger footprint due to the display
Front-facing symbols on the black keys are hard to see
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Epomaker Dynatab 75X

In the Box
  • Epomaker Dynatab 75X
  • USB cable
  • Key/switch puller tool
  • User manual
Epomaker Dynatab 75X design


The Dynatab 75X has a 75% 84-key layout that offers essential functionality combined with space efficiency. As usual, we get hot-swappable keycaps and switches – my unit came with the Epomaker Wysteria tactile switches and the black-grey colourway.

Let me just say, I love these Wysteria tactile switches but I strongly dislike the black-grey keycaps. It’s not the colours I dislike but the fact that the transparent symbols are located on the front of the keys and with certain RGB backlighting, they’re almost impossible to see. If I was planning to use this keyboard long-term, I would certainly need to install different keycaps.

Dot-matrix rain RGB display

Ok, so I can’t go any further without talking about the main feature of this keyboard – the dot-matrix display. It has 540 RGB colour dot matrix LEDs and comes with a bunch of preset options like display battery life, RGB rain, CPU temperature and usage and many more. You can also customize the display to say whatever you want, make custom animations or my favourite – it can display what you last typed. It’s something unique that I haven’t seen on any other keyboard and it adds a real element of fun to the experience.

To the right of the display is a button for changing the dot-matrix display profile plus a 3-way switch for choosing the connectivity method. Like most Epomaker keyboards, the 75X has USB-C, Bluetooth and 2.4GH wireless connectivity modes. Furthermore, the panel surrounding these features lifts off to reveal the USB dongle necessary for 2.4GH connectivity.

Dynatab 75X USB port

Connectivity Modes

EPOMAKER Dynatab 75X has 3 connection options: USB, Bluetooth and 2.4G wireless. You can easily switch between modes via the switch on the top of the keyboard. If you want to connect via 2.4G wireless you’ll need to plug in the USB dongle that can be found stored under the removable plate, next to the display.

I found that all 3 connectivity options worked well and the 2.4G wireless mode is responsive and is even suitable for intense online gaming.

Full view of the Dynatab 75X

Customization, Remapping and Macros

You can remap individual keys, add macros and customize the RGB lighting via the provided driver software (Windows only). The app also gives you extensive controls for customizing the big display.

Epomaker Dynatab 75X RGB

There are a bunch of pattern presets available for the RGB LEDs and you can also adjust the speed and the brightness. Due to the solid grey keys on my keyboard and the tight spacing between the keys, the RGB struggles to be noticed and is just a mild glow under the keys.

Epomaker Wysteria tactile switches

Switches and Performance

With the Epomaker Dynatab 75X equipped with Wysteria tactile switches, I’ve found the typing feel to be nicely suited to my needs. The firmer actuation force of 60gf in these switches feels just right for my large hands and heavy typing style. Not only does it offer a satisfying tactile response, but it also enhances my typing accuracy, preventing accidental key presses.

As for the sound, I’ve noticed that the keyboard emits a somewhat clacky noise, but it’s not enough to be distracting. This is thanks to the acoustic dampening, which effectively mitigates excessive noise while still allowing for pleasing typing feedback. Overall, this combination of tactile feel and acoustics works well for me and I enjoy typing on it a lot.

Epomaker Dynatab 75X dot-matrix display RGB


The Dot-Matrix LED screen on the Epomaker DynaTab 75X is a novel and fun inclusion. It provides handy information and extensive customization options, allowing you to make it as serious or fun as you like. Beyond the LED screen, the keyboard’s build quality is good, and the Wysteria tactile switches are ideal for those who prefer a firmer actuation force. The three different connectivity modes add even more versatility. Overall, it’s a good keyboard that I can happily recommend.

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