IKKO OH300 Review

IKKO OH300 review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the IKKO OH300 IEMs. The OH300 features single 10mm liquid crystal dynamic drivers and photochromic glass faceplates. It’s priced at $43.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by IKKO for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

IKKO OH300 Review
The IKKO OH300 has a unique design mixed with a bold, dynamic and fun tuning.
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Impactful, physical bass response
Fantastic soundstage
Crisp, non-fatiguing treble
Unique design
No carrying case included
Not for audio purists
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Driver: 10mm liquid crystal composite diaphragm unit
Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 108dB
Frequency range: 20-40,000Hz


OH300 is unique visually, incorporating photochromic glass faceplates that allow you to see some of the internal circuitry beneath. As the ambient sunlight intensifies, the glass darkens to protect the circuits from ultraviolet damage.

The transparent acrylic housings offer a clear window into the 10mm dynamic driver nestled within. The OH300 features aluminium nozzles with a sturdy lip designed to securely hold eartips and a mesh cover to prevent earwax and debris from entering.

The earphones are fairly average in size and fit comfortably in my ears. Passive noise isolation is slightly above average, ensuring you can enjoy your music without distractions.

Stock copper cable

OH300 comes with a high-purity single-crystal copper cable with 0.75mm hooded 2-pin connectors. It handles quite well, although the aggressively curved ear hooks can make it prone to tangling.

IKKO OH300 faceplates


Gear used for testing includes the ifi hip-dac 3, Moondrop Moonriver 2: TI and SMSL DO300EX. OH300 doesn’t have any special source requirements so you can plug it straight into a mobile phone or dongle DAC.

IKKO tends to add some fun to their tuning and the OH300 continues that trend. It has a V-shaped sound signature that’s clean and dynamic. Bass lovers will appreciate the meat in the low frequencies and like the OH1 and OH10, this latest model has a good soundstage.

IKKO OH300 frequency response graph

The OH300 has some unabashed emphasis on the lows, resulting in a punchy bass with satisfying authority and depth. It’s a full-bodied bass that creates an underlying warmth and gives body to the music without overpowering the other frequencies.

The mid-bass is punchy and the sub-bass rumbles when needed. The bass has a satisfying physicality but doesn’t distort or compromise clarity. You can feel the texture in the bass and it adapts well to different genres of music and audio content.

Nozzles and internals

The mids are pulled back a little, allowing room for the bass to come through and enlarging the soundstage. Vocals are articulate and the timbre of both instruments and vocals is reproduced accurately.

There’s a dip in the lower treble to offset the increased pinna gain but it rises again in the upper highs to deliver good detail retrieval and precision. There’s no sharpness or sibilance in the treble but there’s still enough energy to add definition and snappiness.

The soundstage dimensions are larger than average, despite the emphasis on the bass. Stage width and depth are both impressive and the imaging is no slouch either, giving good directional cues for various instruments and sounds in the virtual space.

OH300 with box


In summary, the IKKO OH300 is a competent, entertaining and affordable IEM. The build quality is solid, the audio quality is better than expected and the only real negative is the lack of a carrying/storage case. You can add this IEM to your sub $100 wish list with confidence, especially if you’re looking for something with some character and bravado.

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these or Simgot EW200

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