MIFA WildCamping Review

Mifa Wildcamping review featured

Today, I’m reviewing the MIFA WildCamping Bluetooth speaker. The MIFA WildCamping features an outdoor camp light, an IP67 water resistance rating and a party add function. It’s priced at $169.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by MIFA for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are based on my experience with the product.

MIFA WildCamping Review
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Multi-point connectivity
Rugged, sturdy build
Power bank function
Clear, detailed sound
Built-in camp light
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MIFA WildCamping

What's in the box
What’s in the Box
  • Wild Camping
  • User Manual
  • Safety Warning
  • USB-C Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
Mifa Wildcamping hanging from tree, raining


First and foremost, I must say that I’m thoroughly impressed by the Mifa Wildcamping’s aesthetic. I know that’s purely subjective but I had to put it out there. Its sleek design and attention to detail make it stand out. The speaker’s body is crafted from robust metal, available in three colours: black, olive, and brown. On the top, the lamp section is made of a rigid perspex-type material, ensuring durability and preventing discolouration over time.

The Wildcamping is built to last. It has an IPX67 water and dustproof rating and can work in -15°C-+45°C temperatures. Furthermore, it has a TPU-reinforced bottom for drop protection.

Transporting the Wildcamping is a breeze, thanks to its flexible silicone threaded handle, allowing you to carry it or hang it wherever you please. Alternatively, you can place it on any surface or utilize the 1/4-inch nut on the bottom to securely attach it to a tripod or light stand.

Equipped with a built-in 9600mAh battery, this device offers a wide range of usage options. You can enjoy up to 38 hours of uninterrupted music, 18 hours of illumination, or 13 hours of simultaneous music and lighting. What’s more, the Wildcamping doubles as a power bank, enabling you to recharge your phone or other devices when needed.

Located under the silicone grommet on the side, you’ll find a USB-C port for charging, a USB-A port for power bank functionality, and a Micro SD card slot. The latter allows you to play your favourite lossless music files stored in formats like APE, FLAC, mp3, WAV, and WMA.

On the opposite side, a single power button serves to turn the device on and off effortlessly. At the top, you’ll discover additional controls, including a button to toggle the light on and off with a long press, as well as cycle between two colour temperatures with a short press. These controls also include play/pause, such as Bluetooth pairing, chaining (2 or more speakers together) and a dial for adjusting the intensity of the light.

Wildcamping speaker on fence in the rain


When it comes to sound, WildCamping does not disappoint. Just like the Mifa Wildbox, it has a clean, high-fidelity sound with punchy bass and clear mids. It doesn’t have a really warm sound signature like so many Bluetooth speakers but has more of an audiophile tuning.

The bass is tight and controlled. It has good weight and impact, especially if the speaker is positioned near a wall or a corner. However, if out in the open, the level of perceived bass is less but it’s still enough to drive the music along.

The midrange has good clarity and detail and a near-neutral tone. Vocals and instruments sound clear but still have enough body to sound natural. The treble is crisp but inoffensive. It provides ample detail without sounding bright or thin.

Overall, the audio quality of the Mifa Wildcamping exceeded my expectations and I’m sure it will get plenty of use, especially when I’m outdoors.

Mifa Wildcamping speaker on lattice


In conclusion, the Mifa Wildcamping is a new and refreshing take on a Bluetooth speaker. With its rugged construction, IPX67 dust and waterproof rating, built-in adjustable LED and great sound, this is sure to be a hit.


Size: 110mm x 253.5mm x 110mm
N.W: ≤0.82kg
Protection function: IP67
Operating temperature: -15℃~+45℃
BT version: 5.3
format supported
Speaker: Full frequency speakers 2x Φ45mm,
Bass radiators 2x (45mmx65mm)
Output power: 2x10W RMS
Frequency response: 70Hz-20kHz
S/N: ≥80dB

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