NEW RELEASES 02/04/2023 – 16/04/2023


Semi-open in-ear monitor with single 10mm dynamic driver per side and 3 tuning switches. Priced at 13 USD.

KBEAR Xuanwu

Single 8mm dynamic driver earphones with 2-pin connectors. MSRP of 29 USD.

Tripowin Piccolo

Yet another single dynamic driver IEM, this time with an 11mm diameter. Priced at 35 USD.


In ears that combine a single dynamic driver with two balanced armatures per side. It comes with tuning switches, an impedance of 16ohms, a sensitivity of 92dB and a price of 59 USD

QDC Folk

Tri-brid pair (dynamic driver + balanced armature + planar). An impedance of 15ohms and sensitivity rated at 101dD. The expense of 428 USD.

Kinera Imperial Loki

This earphone combines a single dynamic driver, six balanced armatures, 4 electrostatic and a single bone conduction driver per side. The price is not known as of the time of writing but it is advertised as a flagship.

Audeze MM-100

Planar magnetic headphones with a 90mm diameter driver. It weighs 385g, has an impedance of 18 ohms and a sensitivity of 98dB/mW. Priced at 400 USD

Sony MDR-MV1

Open back headphones from Sony. Aimed towards audio mixing and mastering. Impedance of 24ohms and sensitivity of 100dB/mW. Expense of 400 USD.

Moondrop Little White

Wireless neckband with Bluetooth 5.2 on board as well as PEQ. It utilizes QCC5144 and CS43131 DAC chipsets. Priced at 90 USD.

Ifi Audio GO pod

Bluetooth DAC/AMP that’s meant to be worn over ear. Its price depends on which IEM you pair it with, at the moment being from 800 USD to 1400 USD. However, once 1000 units are sold the GO pod will become a standalone product. By deducting the price it comes out as a 300 USD product

Tanchjim Space Lite

Little dongle DAC/AMP with 3.5mm output. It uses a CS43131 DAC chip. It terminates with built-in USB C cable Priced at 45 USD

HiBy R6 Pro II

Digital audio player that uses Dual AK4499EX + AK4191EQ. It is possible to switch between class A and AB. Based on Android 12 and Snapdragon 665. It has a 5.9″ 1080p screen, and a 5000mAh battery. Regarding connectivity, it offers 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs. The cost is 750 USD.

IBasso DX320MAX

Limited to 888 units worldwide DAP from iBasso. Its shell is made from titanium which makes the price 3500 USD.

Shanling M9 Plus

Flagship DAP from Shanling uses two AK4191 and four AK4499EX DAC chips. MUSES8920E and BUF364A chips are responsible for the amplification. Like one from HiBy, it uses Snapdragon 665 although the operating system is based on Android 10. It manages to output up to 1120mW at 32ohms. Price is unknown as of the time of writing.

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