NEW RELEASES 12/02/2023 – 19/02/2023

KZ Ling Long
Budget IEM equipped with single dynamic driver. Lightweight, open back design. 15 USD

Moondrop LAN
Another quite budget IEM, just like one above comes with a single dynamic driver. The driver has diameter of 10mm. Impedance of 32 ohms and sensitivity of 120dB. 40 USD

IEM with square planar driver paired with BA (balanced armature) driver. Impedance of 9 ohms and sensitivity of 101dB. 80 USD

Dual dynamic driver in-ear monitor. 10mm combined with 6mm for each side. The price is set to 17 USD or 18 USD if you want a cable with an in-line microphone.

TRI Star River
Just as the preceding unit (one above) uses same combination of drivers. You get to choose between either blue or green shell. 60 USD

Kiwi Ears Orchestra Lite
New product from Kiwi Ears – 8 balanced armatures in ear monitor that’s priced at 250 USD.

2-pin shell. 10mm dynamic driver with 4 BA per side. Impedance of 5.3 ohms and sensitivity of 104dB. No information about the price just yet.

Nothing is known about the setup of this IEM but given the hype around the brand I thought it’s worth noting that they have something new coming.

Moondrop Solis 2
Nothing known about that one as well but it’s worth noting because it’s Moondrop.

Softears Studio4
Like the name would suggest, comes with 4 drivers. All of them being balanced armatures. Priced at 450 USD

Philips Fidelio T2
TWS with ANC. IPX4 on board. 36 hours of playback. Price unknown for now.

Philips Fidelio L4
ANC headphones with 40mm dynamic driver. They should last 40 hours of playback with ANC or 50 without it. Pricing unknown as of time of writing.

iBasso SR3
Open back headphones with balanced cable. Built on top of SR2 – improved dynamic driver. Impedance of 150 ohms with sensitivity of 106dB. 600 USD

xDuoo XP2 Bal
Bluetooth DAC/AMP that’s intended for portable use. Qualcomm’s CSR8675 chip is responsible for Bluetooth connectivity while ES9018AK2M is the DAC chip. Comes with NFC, 4.4mm balanced and 3.5mm single ended outputs. Delivers up to 320mW at 32ohms load. 170 USD

Moondrop Moonriver2 Ti
Nothing known about this one except it’s external design which seems to be metal shell (perhaps titanium – this would explain Ti in name) and transparent panel showing internals.

Yulong Aquila III
Image says everything known as of time of writing about this DAC/AMP. Built in screen, probably 4.4mm balanced, 6.3mm single ended and 4-pin balanced XLR headphone outputs.

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