NEW RELEASES 30/07/2023 – 13/08/2023

CVJ Konoka 1

In ear monitors with vibrating driver, one 10mm dynamic driver and single balanced armature per side. Sensitivity of 112dB and impedance of 28ohms. Transparent shell equipped with 2-pin connectors. Priced at 19 USD or 1 USD more if going with inline microphone on the cable.


Budget earphones that use a single 10mm dynamic driver per side. Comes with three cable options – regular, one with an inline mic or one with DSP. Impedance of 16ohms and sensitivity of 126dB. Priced at 25USD.


IEM with two dynamic drivers. Both of them have a diameter of 7mm. Priced at 30 USD (without inline microphone).


In ears with a single dynamic driver, metal shell, tuning filters and MMCX connectors. Sensitivity of 105dB and impedance of 34 ohms. Priced at 54USD.

CVJ Freedom

These hybrid earphones use a single dynamic driver paired with four balanced armatures per side. They come in either black or green colour. Sensitivity of 113dB and impedance of 22ohms. Interchangeable termination plugs. Priced at 80 USD.


Hybrid earphones with a single dynamic driver and two balanced armatures per side. The dynamic driver has a diameter of 10mm. Priced at 90 USD.


Priced at 200 USD. It uses an 8mm dynamic driver and comes with tuning filters

QoA Aviation

These in-ear monitors come in two colour variations. This hybrid uses a single dynamic driver and three balanced armatures. Impedance of 39ohms and sensitivity of 118dB. Priced at 200 USD.

Westone AM PRO X10/X20/X30

Pictured above is the X30. X10 uses a single balanced armature, X20 uses two of these and X30 analogically uses three. Sensitivities and impedances of these present as follows: 124dB/56ohms, 119dB/27ohms and 114dB/19ohms for the X30, X20 and X10 respectively. All of these use proprietary T2 connectors. Price for X10 is 250USD, for X20 it is 400USD and for the X30 it is 480USD.


Flagship level earphones using a single dynamic driver of 10mm diameter. Impedance of 32 ohms and sensitivity of 122dB.

Empire Ears Raven

Limited launch edition (pictured on the right side) retails for 3600 and is a quad-driver. It uses two dynamic drivers, five balanced armatures per side, four electrostatic drivers and a single bone conduction driver per side. The difference between the launch edition and the standard is the faceplates.

Kinera Celest Phoenixcall

Tribrid in-ear monitors that use single dynamic drivers with two balanced armatures and two micro planar drivers. Sensitivity of 103dB and impedance of 103 dB. The price is yet to be determined.

SeeAudio Neko

Earphones with six balanced armatures. Comes with Effect Audio Cadmus cable like pictured above. The price is yet to be determined.

CVJ Kumo

In-ear monitors with eight balanced armatures per side and tuning switches. Sensitivity of 120dB and impedance. of 28ohms. Interchangeable termination plugs. The price is yet to be determined.

7HZ Sonus

Earphones with a 2-pin connector shell made out partly out of aluminium. They utilize a single dynamic driver and a single balanced armature per side. The price is yet to be determined.


In-ear monitor cable that is terminated with USB type C and 2-pin connectors. What makes it unusual is the DAC/AMP dongle in the middle of it which uses dual CS43131 DAC chips. Priced at 170 USD.


Portable DAC/AMP combo with 13600mAh battery that should provide between 11 and 20 (eco mode) hours of continuous playback. It outputs up to 2000mW per channel at 32ohm load. It uses an ES9039SPRO DAC chip. In terms of outputs, there are 6.3mm (unbalanced) and 4.4mm (balanced) connectors. Priced at 800USD.

Cayin N30LE

Digital Audio Player with Snapdragon 665 controlled by customized Android 12 operating system. It is paired with 8GB LPDDR4 RAM, a 6″ 2160×1080 screen and a 12570mAh battery. Dual AKM AK4499EQ is responsible for digital to analog conversion. Dual MUSES 72320 take control of volume and KORG Nutube 6P1 are the vacuum tubes used in this DAP. It has switchable modes to better taste your preferences. Priced at 5000 USD (300 units).

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