Raptgo Bridge Review

Raptgo Bridge review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the Raptgo Bridge IEMs. The Bridge is a tribrid penta-driver IEM with two Balanced Armature (BA), two Dynamic (DD), and one piezoelectric (PZT) driver. The price is $159.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Raptgo Bridge Review
A high quality sound and build make the Raptgo Bridge good value.
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Great included accessories
Detail retrieval and resolution
Customizable sound tuning
Generic cable
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Raptgo Bridge

  • Sensitivity
    • STANDARD:105dB SPL/mW
    • HIGH GAIN:109dB SPL/mW
  • Frequency Range: 20Hz-40KHz
  • Impedance
    • STANDARD:17Ω
    • HIGH GAIN:34Ω
  • Driver: 2BA+2DD+PZT
What’s in the Box

I would normally just list the box contents here but I think this deserves a little more detail. The Bridge box is unique among the hundreds of IEM boxes I’ve seen and it’s packed full of goodies.

The box is fairly large and has a clear window on the top. The inside is compartmentalized with each accessory occupying its own little space. Sure, this box won’t fit in your jeans pocket but it provides a novel and interesting unboxing experience. Here’s what you find inside:

  • Raptgo Bridge IEMs
  • Detachable 0.78mm 2-pin cable
  • 3 pairs of wide-bore silicone eartips
  • 3 pairs of narrow-bore silicone eartips
  • 3 sets of tuning filters (default, equilibrium, hi-frequency
  • Switch tool
  • User manual
Raptgo Bridge with storage case


The shells of the Bridge are crafted from a robust yet lightweight composite metal alloy, boasting a sleek matte black finish. Notably, the faceplates exhibit a coloured X pattern that perfectly matches the top of the carrying case.

Near the base of the nozzle, you’ll find a large vent designed to supply air to the two dynamic drivers housed within. The nozzles themselves are removable and serve as tuning filters, allowing effortless adjustment by screwing them in or out as desired.

Furthermore, the Bridge incorporates two tuning switches. The first switch modifies the treble response, while the second one adjusts the gain setting. In standard mode, the gain stands at 105dB SPL/mW, but in high-gain mode, it increases to 109dB SPL/mW.

It’s worth noting that the impedance varies with the gain settings. In standard mode, the impedance is 17Ω, while in high-gain mode, it rises to 34Ω. This characteristic grants the Bridge greater versatility when pairing with different audio sources. For instance, if you encounter background hiss due to a particularly strong audio source, switching to high-gain mode should help attenuate it, thanks to the added impedance.

The cable is enveloped in a glossy TPU sheath, providing a smooth and pleasing texture. It’s reasonably supple, has minimal microphonics and includes a cinch for added convenience. While not the most aesthetically pleasing cable in this price range, it remains serviceable.

Raptgo bridge design2


Gear used for testing includes the SMSL M300 SE, Moondrop Moonriver 2: TI and HiBy R2 II.

The Bridge is an efficient IEM and thus is easy to drive. You can run it straight out of a smartphone or dongle DAC.

The Raptgo Bridge boasts a well-balanced sound signature that leans slightly towards the warmer side of neutrality. While there’s a touch of underlying warmth, the clarity and detail retrieval it offers are excellent.

The Bridge manages to craft a natural soundstage, characterized by relatively equal width and depth. While the soundstage extends to the periphery of the headspace, it doesn’t quite stretch much farther beyond that. Notably, the instrument separation and imaging stand out as strong points, ensuring precise positional cues and preventing any sense of congestion in the sound.


The bass delivery of the Raptgo Bridge exhibits a satisfying punchiness, striking a balance between impact and moderation in terms of quantity. Its character falls somewhere between taut and substantial in definition, resulting in a presentation with authentic attacks and decay. Engaging switch 1 to the ON position further refines the bass, enhancing its tightness, yet this adjustment comes at the expense of some of its initial impact.

While the Raptgo Bridge doesn’t claim the definitive authority on sub-bass reproduction, it doesn’t fall short in delivering a resonant rumble that can stir things up. However, true bass enthusiasts might find themselves exploring alternative options, as the Bridge is designed with a more equilibrium-seeking frequency response in mind.

Included cable

The Raptgo Bridge IEMs exhibit a midrange that boasts an authentic thickness and body in its notes. This characteristic imparts a natural and effortless quality to the midrange, all while upholding clarity and precision in instrument separation. Notably, vocals and instruments are rendered with an absence of any shoutiness or nasal twang.

Furthermore, the timbre accuracy within the context of this price range is commendable, adding an extra layer of fidelity to the listening experience. It’s worth highlighting that the midrange frequencies remain assertively present and distinct, managing to steer clear of being overshadowed by the bass presence or by any glaring treble emphasis.


Tailoring to your preferences, the treble performance of the Raptgo Bridge IEMs showcases versatility influenced by the treble switch setting and the chosen nozzle filter. This adaptability allows the treble to span a spectrum, ranging from a nuanced warmth and gentle roundness to a subtle vibrancy and sparkle with a slight edge.

In my personal experience, I find that maintaining the treble switch in the off position, complemented by either the black or silver filters, yields the best outcome. This configuration imbues the Bridge with a tasteful sparkle and an abundance of intricate detail, all without succumbing to any harshness or unwanted sibilance. This combination strikes a harmonious balance that resonates with both restraint and clarity.

Raptgo Bridge shells front and back


In essence, the Raptgo Bridge offers excellent value for its asking price of $159. With a comprehensive array of accessories, it goes beyond the conventional by offering a well-rounded package that complements its outstanding audio performance.

Delving into its sound, the Bridge doesn’t disappoint. It’s clear and detailed but still warm and smooth, finding a perfect balance of fidelity and comfort. I’d even go so far as to say it’s one of the better IEMs in its price range and deserving of our recommended award.

Recommended award

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