SeekReal Airship Review

SeekReal Airship review featured

In this article, I’m looking at the SeekReal Airship earphones. The Airship features the latest gen 10mm carbon-nanotube (CNT) dynamic drivers and aviation-grade aluminium housings. It’s priced at $179.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

SeekReal Airship Review
With its excellent build and great audio quality, the SeekReal Airship is a real winner.
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Organic, natural tone
Shells are small and comfortable
Detailed but smooth highs
Dynamic driver cohesiveness
Bass could be too enthusiastic for some listeners
Not the most precise treble
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SeekReal Airship


  • Unit configuration: 10mm CNT Dynamic Driver
  • Cable configuration: Oxygen-free copper silver plated
  • Plug specification: 0.78 2pin removable
  • Sensitivity: 110db
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency response: 10-40kHz
  • Price: $179
What’s In the Box
  • SeekReal Airship IEM
  • Detachable 0.78mm silver-plated OFC cable
  • Faux leather carrying case
  • 3x pairs of silicone eartips
  • 1x pair of foam eartips
  • Spare nozzle filters
  • Documentation


The first thing I noticed about the SeekReal Airship was how small the aluminium shells are. They’re available in either black or silver and have a glossy finish. Thankfully, the ridged faceplates prevent them from getting covered in fingerprints which is usually a concern with this kind of finish but that’s not the case here.

They have some heft to them and feel nice and robust in the hand. Despite the nozzles being somewhat short, I find the Airship extremely comfortable. The shells fit naturally in my ears and I can easily forget they’re there. Noise isolation is sound too, making these good for commuting and other noisy environments.

SeekReal Airship design

Included with the Airship is a silver-plated oxygen-free copper cable. It has all metal components except for the clear plastic 2-pin connector housings. It has a clear TPU sheath that’s smooth and supple. The overall handling is very good and there’s virtually no microphonics despite the Airship’s small size.

Airship stock SPC cable


Gear used for testing includes the Shanling UA3, Yulong Aurora and Sony NW-ZX300.

The SeekReal Airship was completely unknown to me when I received it but I knew within seconds of my first listen it was a keeper. Its sound signature is on the warmer side of neutral with a boosted bass, sultry mids and a non-offensive treble. Yet despite its smooth and organic presentation, the Airship is still detailed and clear.

Its buttery tonality prevents it from being ultra-detailed or expansive but it provides a fun, engaging sound with classic dynamic driver cohesiveness and naturalness. It’s the kind of IEM you can listen to all day without feeling fatigued. But you’ll never feel bored with its upfront and emotive style either. Boldness combined with sophistication and spice tempered with subtlety makes the Airship one of the best IEMs in its category.

SeekReal Airship frequency response

The Airship is not shy in the lows so you can expect a good deal of sub-bass rumble and mid-bass punch. Sub-bass notes rumble with authority are felt as well as heard. Mid-bass notes hit with impact yet never feel as though they’re smothering the mids.

The Airship’s bass lets me enjoy bass riffs with presence and texture and no sense of being scooped out or anemic. It’s also wonderful for low cello notes and provides ample body to the overall sound.


As we move into the midrange, it’s difficult to find any cons with what the Airship does here. One could say that electric guitars lack bite or that vocal and instrument notes are too rounded and that would be fair. But it’s these same qualities that give the Airship’s midrange its magic too.

There’s a richness and warmth here that’s inviting and not in the least bit offensive, even as we reach into the upper mids. At no point do things get shouty or sibilant yet there’s ample clarity and a good level of resolution is maintained from top to bottom.

Vocals are sultry but articulate and intimate without being cloying. Neither male nor female voices are given preference over the other: Airship does equal justice to both.


The treble is smooth thanks largely to a pretty big dip between 5kHz-9kHz. However, thanks to its good extension and upper treble lift, the Airship’s highs are fairly airy and spacious. Furthermore, the detail retrieval is good and the Airship will pick up everything except the smallest micro-details.

But perhaps the best thing about the treble is that classic dynamic timbre and naturalness. The tone sounds natural and cohesive even if it’s a bit laid-back at times.

Soundstage and Technicalities

The soundstage is about average in size but it feels natural without being crowded, even during more complex passages. Imaging is pretty good and you can get a good sense of where each instrument or sound is positioned within the space. Resolution and clarity are good despite the warm tonality and the instrument separation is solid.

SeekReal Airship shell


Letshuoer S12
Airship vs S12

The Letshuoer S12 (review here) has a single planar magnetic driver. In terms of tonality, these two IEMs share some similarities: both have a boosted bass and a smooth but reasonably detailed treble. The biggest difference might be the speed of the S12’s transients and decay, giving it a slightly thinner note size and better resolution. Meanwhile, the Airship benefits from its natural dynamic driver tone and cohesiveness.

The S12 has slightly less sub-bass rumble but bass notes have a faster decay, creating cleaner air between sounds. It’s also a little more textured and has cleaner leading edges. In comparison, the AIrship has a more natural weight and thickness, making it fun and engaging.

The S12’s midrange is leaner, courtesy of faster transient speed and its extra core treble presence that gives percussion instruments a slightly sharper attack. That extra treble also provides more midrange clarity, in addition to more energetic highs. As a result, treble-sensitive listeners would likely feel more comfortable with the Airship. The soundstage is wider than the Airship’s but doesn’t have as much depth.

FiiO FH3
Airship vs FH3

The FiiO FH3 (review here) is a hybrid dual-driver IEM with 1DD+1BA. It has more of a W-shaped sound signature vs the V-shaped Airship and is more upfront in its presentation.

Bass levels are similar but the FH3’s bass is tighter. Vocals and the midrange in general are more forward on the FH3, making it a somewhat intense listening experience. Midrange notes are leaner and less rounded on the FH3.

The FH3’s treble is more aggressive, especially around 8kHz which some people might find sharp. In comparison, the Airship’s treble sounds a lot smoother. When it comes to soundstage, the Airship has a larger, more natural space. I’d say the Airship has a slight edge in imaging thanks to a less forward stage position which opens up more space around the centre image.

Aviation-grade aluminium alloy shells


The SeekReal Airship is an excellent IEM that has an organic, alluring sound. It’s sure to impress listeners with its boosted bass, natural mids and smooth treble. In addition, the sturdy aluminium shells are small and really comfortable and are built very nicely. Overall, this is a great earphone and in my opinion, is currently one of the best in its price range. In fact, it’s worthy of a spot on my best IEMs list. Recommended.

Recommended award

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Kay Ash
Kay Ash
1 year ago

Is Airship easy to drive with just using smartphones? Or it needs powerful DAC dongles?

Kay Ash
Kay Ash
1 year ago
Reply to  David Becker

From your Kiboom Evoke review, you said that these Airship are quite an upgrade. I am now considering to save some money to purchase them Airship.

But is it better to purchase these or just get Shuoer S12 Pro because they have more hype than Airship which don’t get any hype at all?

1 year ago

It’s a better option than Raptgo?

1 year ago
Reply to  David Becker

Thanks. My doubt is Oh10 or that.
I want separation and a cleaner sound but with good bass.

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