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Renowned audio manufacturer, Shenzhen Yu Long Yun Electronics Company has just released a new DAC/Amplifier, the DA-ART Aurora. Aurora is the first Yulong product to support MQA (Master Quality Authenticated). It has a fully balanced discrete Class A amplification circuit that can be used as a headphone amplifier and pre-amp.

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On top of the new MQA support, Aurora is built around the new ESS ES9068AS 32-bit DAC chipset and XMOS XU216. Aurora supports 768kHz, DSD512 and 8x MQA decoding and delivers a true high-fidelity experience.

Aurora front panel

The DA-ART Aurora hosts a wide variety of input and output options. In terms of physical inputs, it offers USB Audio, S/PDIF Coaxial, Optical and analogue line inputs. In addition, the Aurora works as a Bluetooth receiver supporting aptX and LDAC Hi-Res codecs. When it comes to outputs, Aurora features balanced XLR analog and single-ended RCA analog outs.

Yulong Aurora rear panel

A dedicated switch on the back of the unit changes between DAC and pre-amp modes. This adds versatility and means Aurora is suitable for use with external amplifiers and is also ideal for use with active speakers.

Furthermore, Aurora’s front panel hosts balanced 4.4mm, balanced XLR and 6.35mm single-ended outputs. Providing an impressive 4000mW@32Ω from its balanced headphone outputs and 1600mW from the 6.35mm output, Aurora can easily drive demanding headphones with tremendous energy and headroom.

Yulong will reveal DA-ART Aurora at CanJam Singapore next week (2-3 April 2022). Keep an eye on the official Yulong website for more details and pricing once it’s available.

Aurora with record player

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