Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4 Review

Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4 review featured

In this review, I’m checking out the Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4 IEM. The Z4 features a single 10mm dynamic driver, 2 sets of tuning filters and a unique alloy shell design. It’s priced at $45.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Zhulinniao for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4 Review
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Accurate timbre
Pristine clarity
Precise, tight bass
Unique aesthetic
Will be too bright for many
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Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4

Table of Contents

Impedance: 32Ω
Sensitivity: 10dB
Frequency range: 20-20kHz

In the Box
  • QingLuan Z4 IEMs
  • Detachable 0.78mm 2-pin cable
  • Carrying case
  • 3x sets of silicone eartips (S, M, L)
  • 2x pairs of tuning filters


Starting with its zinc alloy shells, the QingLuan Z4 does things differently from the mainstream ChiFi IEMs we’ve seen lately. Zinc alloy was chosen for its rigidity and solidity and the Z4 feels more hefty in the hand as a result.

The housings have a frosted finish except for part of the faceplates that are polished and have a Chinoiserie-inspired pattern on them. QingLuan Z4 comes with standard 0.78mm 2-pin sockets that are slightly recessed into the housings.

Z4 stock SPC cable

Once again, we see the ever-popular changeable nozzle filters and the Z4 comes with 2 sets: transparent and red. The threading is well-machined and the overall construction of the IEMs is impressive for a budget set.

The included SPC cable is a step above what we get with most budget IEMs. It’s lightweight and supple and handles nicely.


Gear used for testing includes the FiiO KA17, HiBy R3 II and SMSL DO300EX. The QingLuan Z4 isn’t especially hard to drive but it performs best with a more powerful source.

Two main characteristics shape the Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4’s sound: a neutral bass and midrange with an upper midrange lift. The result? A detailed and transparent but bright sound signature with extreme clarity. This tuning isn’t for everyone – in fact, you’d have to be a treblehead or fan of bright sound signatures to appreciate the Z4. It’s too bright for my personal preference yet I can’t help but admire its qualities.

QingLuan Z4 frequency response graph

The Z4’s bass is the epitome of tight. It’s about as linear as bass gets so bassheads should steer well clear. However, if you’re a fan of controlled, well-defined and fast-paced bass, you’ll find exactly that here.

Despite its leanness, the bass extension is impressive. To be clear – it won’t rattle your skull, but it has a satisfying depth and reach to it. The mid-bass is focused and precise with no bleeding whatsoever.


Z4 presents a midrange that embodies neutrality in its purest form. Instruments and vocals are presented with remarkable transparency, allowing every subtle nuance and timbral detail to shine through with pristine clarity.

The midrange of the QingLuan Z4 stands as a paragon of sonic fidelity, delivering a revealing and pure sound. However, a slight touch more warmth in the midrange would be beneficial to enhance naturalness. Moreover, certain types of music, especially ones with aggressive electric guitars can induce fatigue.

Z4 with storage case

An advantage of maintaining a neutral bass and midrange configuration is its capacity to accentuate treble notes without resorting to excessive sharpness or sacrificing the integrity of the overall timbre. In the case of the Z4, its high frequencies exhibit remarkable clarity, characterized by a crisp and airy sheen.

Soundstage & Technicalities

The QingLuan Z4’s soundstage is slightly larger than average with added height. Z4 has good note density and small note size, facilitating an organized stage. Detail retrieval is above average and the imaging is on point, making it easy to place individual sounds in the perceived space.

Z4 with cable


In conclusion, the Zhulinniao QingLuan Z4 is an interesting budget IEM with a unique design great build and good audio quality. It won’t suit everyone due to its bright sound signature but treble lovers will appreciate the pristine, crisp highs and excellent clarity it delivers.

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