Moondrop PARA Review

Moondrop Para review featured

In today’s article, I’m reviewing the Moondrop Para headphones. The Para features 100mm ultra-large planar drivers and an all-metal build. It’s priced at $299.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Shenzhen Audio for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Moondrop PARA Review
The Moondrop Para is beautifully constructed but ultimately delivers average audio quality.
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Midrange clarity
Balanced sound signature
Great build quality
2 sets of earpads included
The headphones are heavy
Bass lacks authority
Some upper midrange shoutiness
Moderate detail retrieval
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Moondrop Para

Moondrop Para

Moondrop Para headphones design


Para has a gorgeous premium design with an all-metal build. The headphones look and feel fantastic but they are rather heavy. The earpads are attached to a magnetic bracket that can be easily removed and this is one of the features I love most about these headphones.

The box has 2 pairs of earpads: the default pads have an oval-shaped cavity and closed sides while the second set has a larger ear cavity and perforated sides. The default pads are a touch warmer and give extra bass response. The alternative pair give a more spacious and detailed sound albeit with less density and bass intensity.

The planar driver is clearly visible after removing the magnetic earcup holders.

Furthermore, the earpads are attached to a magnetic mounting plate that can be easily removed. I really appreciate this because it makes changing earpads a lot easier and less frustrating.

The comfort is excellent, despite the excessive weight of the headphones (523g), thanks to the wide leather headband and low clamping force.

Para's perforated headband

The stock cable of the Para is a lightweight, fabric-braided design. While it may not exude a particularly premium feel, its unobtrusive nature is a testament to its functionality. Once in use, it seamlessly fades into the background, allowing for an uninterrupted experience—an understated yet commendable quality.



The bass response on the Para is tight and controlled, offering excellent quality. However, there’s a sense of restraint in the lower frequencies, lacking some depth and impact. While it doesn’t command attention, this controlled bass lends space and openness to the lower midrange, contributing to a more expansive soundstage.


The midrange has a spacious and clear presentation. The upper mids are vibrant and detailed, yet they can become somewhat thin at higher volumes. Vocals maintain their articulation and detail, although there’s a tendency for them to lack richness. Overall, the midrange is resolving but may exhibit some slight thinness under certain conditions.

Moondrop Para earcups

The high frequencies of the Para headphones are lively and possess a hint of sparkle, yet they’re reasonably smooth without any noticeable dissonant peaks. The treble handles sibilance well however, it tends to reveal shortcomings in poorly mastered tracks. Yet despite Para’s tendency towards brightness, its detail retrieval is only average at best.

Soundstage & Technicalities

The soundstage is wide but somewhat shallow leading to good left and right stereo imaging but not so much in a 3D sense. Instrument separation and the overall resolution are good. Instruments and vocals density is respectable and the centre image is stable, providing consistent and well-defined central placement of sound elements within the audio space.

Moondrop Para headphones


In conclusion, the Moondrop Para is a compelling headphone for its $299 asking price. Para’s real standout quality is its build quality and while it’s not class-leading regarding audio quality it is engaging and pleasant to listen to. Just like Moondrop’s previous full-size headphones, this one doesn’t leave me breathless but shows a lot of potential for future models.

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5 months ago

Nice review, I saw you do a sneak-peek with the Para in one of your videos from a month ago. They look beautiful compared to Sundaras, but it is not for me because of the shallow soundstage. I do love treble though.

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