YUNZII YZ98 Review

YUNZII YZ98 review featured

In this review, I’m looking at the Yunzii YZ98 mechanical gaming keyboard. The YZ98 has a 98%/99-Keys layout, 2 RGB lighting zones and 3 connection modes. It’s priced at $89.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by YUNZII for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

YUNZII YZ98 Review
The YZ98 is a fantastic keyboard for the money for anyone who needs a Numpad in their life.
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The PBT keycaps feel great
Buttery smooth yet firm switches
Pleasing thocky sound
Overall value
The plastic chassis has a bit of flex
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The Yunzii YZ98 has a 98% layout and comes prebuilt out of the box. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. My first impressions were great and I was pleased to discover that the keyboard looks better in person than in some of the online photos.

There are 5 rubber feet on the base and 3 typing angles available to choose from. The body of the keyboard is plastic but it feels nice and robust although it has some flex.

This board comes with double-shot PBT Cherry profile keycaps that have lovely uniform and clean symbols. They feel great and I’m confident they will hold up well over time. YZ98 has a hot-swappable PCB that supports both 3 or 5-pin mechanical switches, meaning you can swap out the keycaps and switches any time you please without any soldering.

Rear I/O

Like most modern mechanical keyboards, the YZ98 comes with 3 connection modes: wired, Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless. Cycling through the modes is done by a switch on the rear of the keyboard. The battery life provided by the 4600mAh battery is up to 30 days with the RGB lighting turned off but only one day with RGB on. So if you’re planning on going wireless, you’ll probably want to forget about the pretty lights.

The south-facing RGB lights have a bunch of preset patterns that you can choose via keyboard shortcuts or the Yunzii software (Windows only). There’s even a music mode where the lights change with the rhythm of the system sound. Additional RGB strips are on the side of the keyboard and these can be adjusted too.

YZ98 profile


Yunzii YZ98 software for Windows

The available software (for Windows only) is fairly basic but works well, and I didn’t encounter any bugs. It allows you to remap keys, assign media and app functions, change RGB settings and create macros.

YUNZII Milk switches

YUNZII YZ98 Typing Performance

The YZ98 comes with YUNZII Milk linear (non-clicky) switches. These switches are pre-lubed in the factory and are buttery smooth. They have a low actuation force but feel firm under the fingers to prevent accidental clicks. This is the first time I’ve used YUNZII switches and I’m really impressed by them.

Despite the keyboard’s plastic chassis, it has a satisfying thocky sound that’s pleasing to the ears. It’s a quiet board too, so it’s perfect if you don’t like noisy typing or don’t want to disturb other people around you.

The double-shot PBT keycaps feel great under my fingers and the gasket mount makes typing smooth and comfortable without any mushiness.I actually prefer this over the more expensive Epomaker Galaxy80, for the Numpad and how it feels to type on.

YUNZII YZ98 on desktop


Overall, the Yunzii YZ98 offers loads of value for its $89 price point. It has all the features we expect from a modern keyboard, along with buttery smooth switches, thocky sound and a great layout (I’m so happy to have a Numpad again!) This keyboard is an easy recommendation unless you specifically need a metal frame.

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