BASN MTPro Review

BASN MTPro review featured

In this review, I’m looking at the BASN MTPro IEMs. The MTPro features 14.5mm planar drivers and metal shells. The price is $189.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by BASN for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

BASN MTPro Review
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Silky, sultry vocals
Strong overall resolution
Comfortable fit and good noise isolation
Comes with 2 cables
Generous accessories included
Percussion and transient attacks are a little blunted
Average soundstage dimensions
Sound might be too rich for some listeners
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  • Driver: 14.5mm planar magnetic driver
  • Frequency: 20-20000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 102dB
  • Impedance: 32Ω
  • Connector: MMCX
  • Price: $189
What’s in the Box

I was surprised by the quality and variety of the included accessories. I was especially surprised by the inclusion of 2 separate cables. The MTPro unboxing facilitates a very good first impression.

  • 1* Pair of In-ear Earbuds
  • 1* OCC Audio Cable + In-line Microphone Cable
  • 1* 1/4 Inch Adapter + Cable Clip + Cleaning Tool
  • 9* Pairs of Silicone Replacement Eartips
  • 3* Pairs of Foam Replacement Eartips
  • 1* Durable Storing Case
  • 1* MMCX tool
  • Documentation
BASN MTPro faceplates


The BASN MTPro shells are CNC crafted from aluminium alloy. They have smooth rounded edges and a matte finish. There are 4 colourways available: Champagne Gold, Cool Silver, Deep Purple and Rich Black.

There is a small vent near the base of the nozzle and three additional vents behind the MMCX socket. The shells feel sturdy and exhibit excellent overall build quality.

In terms of comfort, the MTPro excels. The ergonomic, rounded shape of the shells provides a natural fit suitable for extended listening sessions. Moreover, the MTPro offers above-average passive noise isolation, which aligns with its dual-purpose design for live music monitoring and casual audiophile listening.

The MTPro comes with 2 cables

There are 2 cables included in the box, one braided OCC single-crystal copper and the other is an inline mic cable. Both cables are high quality and add to the perceived overall value of the package.

BASN MTPro nozzles


Gear used for testing includes the SMSL DO300, HiBy R2 II and FiiO KA3. This is an efficient IEM and doesn’t require a lot of power to drive. However, it scales reasonably well with a better source such as a good DAP (Digital Audio Player) or dongle DAC.

BASN aptly characterizes the MTPro as delivering a “smooth, musical, and warm sound tuning,” a description that hits the mark. Emphasizing musicality over precision, the MTPro creates a sound signature that is both pleasing and organic. The bass and mids exude a full-bodied richness, with notes that possess a subtle thickness. This sonic profile is quite forgiving to subpar recordings, making it a sound that invites extended listening sessions without inducing fatigue.

BASN MTPro frequency response graph

The MTPro boasts a delicately elevated bass that infuses a welcome richness into the presentation while lending warmth to the midrange. Notably, this enhancement doesn’t encumber the soundstage or obscure the auditory image, a testament to the impressive performance and agility of the planar driver.

Diving into the bass, it becomes evident that depth and impactful resonance are its signature traits. The bass possesses a tangible physical presence that exudes both authority and fervour. However, its definition falls within the realm of the ordinary, resulting in a slightly thicker bass that lacks a touch of crispness, even though its textural quality remains commendable.


The midrange of the MTPro embraces a subtly darker tonal signature, a consequence of the bass’s robust presence and the restrained upper treble frequencies. This amalgamation gives rise to a midrange bathed in an air of romance and sensuality, bestowing a sultry quality. While this presentation delivers a certain enchantment, it does come at a trade-off. The intricacies and precision that characterize the most articulate and delicate midranges take a slight step back, allowing the MTPro’s focus to remain on evoking emotive resonance rather than surgical clarity.

In this warm midrange landscape, vocals step into the spotlight with a rich and throaty allure. They possess an almost tangible warmth that wraps around the listener. Female vocals, benefiting from the inherent silkiness of the midrange, exhibit a delightful blend of velvety smoothness and crystalline clarity. Meanwhile, male vocals command attention with appropriate fullness, providing a weighty foundation that resonates with a sense of authority. While these vocal nuances may assume a somewhat laid-back posture on the stage, their tone and character manage to captivate and engage.


MTPro exhibits a subtly warmer treble tone that imparts a touch of richness to its sound signature. The treble presentation is delicately controlled, leading to an overall darker tonality.

This isn’t a particularly forward or aggressive treble; instead, it adeptly balances its role in detail retrieval, maintaining a smooth transition from the midrange to the high frequencies. The outcome is a treble that’s unobtrusive, although it doesn’t possess an abundance of sparkle or precision. Despite this, the treble remains coherent and possesses an organic quality, contributing to the overall harmonious sound, even if it might not be the most precise or articulate.

Soundstage and Technical Performance

The MTPro’s soundstage presents itself with a sense of intimacy, owing to the warm undertones in its sound signature. What sets it apart is the remarkable instrument separation, a testament to the planar driver’s quick and nimble response. However, it’s important to note that while the space between instruments maintains a pristine clarity, it does possess a touch of confinement.

When it comes to imaging, the MTPro stands out for its accuracy, a result of both the instrument separation and the overall audio resolution. This combination works so each sonic element finds its distinct place, resulting in a detailed and immersive stage.


Letshuoer S12 design
Letshuoer S12

The Letshuoer S12 (review here) has 14.8mm planar drivers. These 2 IEMs have very different sound signatures. The S12 is lean and articulate – leaning towards analytical while the MTPro is warm, thick and musical.

S12’s bass has more sub-bass focus and reduced mid-bass. In addition, the S12’s bass is tighter and has cleaner attacks. In comparison, MTPro has a mid-bass focus with blunted leading edges.

In the midrange, the S12 produces lean notes with fast crisp transients and articulate vocals. On the other hand, the MTPro’s mids are rich, full-bodied and velvety. Accordingly, the S12’s mids are more spacious and transparent.

When it comes to treble, the S12’s highs are more forward and brighter. At the same time, the treble is airier and has more sparkle than the MTPro. Some people find S12’s treble too edgy while the MTPro’s highs are laid-back and non-abrasive.

Naturally, the S12 has a larger soundstage and more detail retrieval while the MTPro has a warmer, more intimate space. The S12 will thrill those looking for neutrality and analytical listening whereas the MTPro will suit people looking for an inviting fun sound.

BASN MTPro with pouch and cables


In summary, the BASN MTPro planar magnetic IEMs prioritize musicality and present a rich and organic sound signature. With their full-bodied bass and lush midrange, these IEMs offer a forgiving listening experience suitable for extended sessions without causing listener fatigue. This makes them an excellent choice for those who value a relaxed and indulgent sonic profile.

The MTPro’s elevated bass enriches the sound without compromising resolution, showcasing the agility of the planar driver. The midrange’s darker tonal signature contributes to an enchanting and sensual listening experience, though with a slight trade-off in precision. Vocals, both male and female, captivate with warmth and allure, albeit in a laid-back position on the stage.

The treble, while subtly warmer, maintains controlled detail retrieval and contributes to an unobtrusive yet coherent tonality. This IEM is not aimed at those seeking clinical transparency or extreme precision. The soundstage, though intimate due to warm undertones, boasts impressive instrument separation. While the space between instruments is confined, accurate imaging enhances immersion.

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