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KZ ZS10 Pro 2 review featured 2

In this article, I’m checking out the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 IEMs. The ZS10 Pro 2 is the 4th-gen variant of the long-running ZS10 series. It features a 1DD+4BA hybrid driver configuration and 4 tuning switches. The price is $55.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Review
The KZ ZS10 Pro X IEMs have surpassed previous versions with outstanding sound quality and value.
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Powerful, physical bass
Vocals are vibrant but not shouty or saturated
Outstanding resolution
Great midrange timbre and tone
Sparkly, airy treble
Detail retrieval could be better
Limited included accessories
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KZ ZS10 Pro 2 Review


Impedance: 25-28 Ω
Sensitivity: 108±3dB
Frequency: 20-40000Hz

In the Box
  • ZS10 Pro 2 IEM
  • Silver-plated copper cable
  • Switch tool
  • 1* pair of foam eartips
  • 38 pairs of silicone eartips
KZ ZS10 Pro 2 design


KZ wisely decided to stick with a similar shell design to the ZS10 Pro and ZS10 Pro X models. This makes sense, considering how insanely popular the 2 previous models were (and still are today). ZS10 Pro 2’s lineage is immediately apparent but the slight change in the pattern of the faceplates gives them a distinct look.

So, once again, we have aluminium faceplates with zigzag slits and transparent resin housings. Of course, the other big difference compared to the previous 2 designs is the 4 tuning switches on each earpiece (more on those later).

The ZS10 Pro 2 retains the 1DD+4BA configuration but now features new dual 31736 balanced armature drivers. As of this moment, it remains uncertain whether the 10mm dynamic driver has undergone any revisions. Additionally, this model introduces a new electronic three-way crossover system.

KZ ZS10 Pro 2 switches


Gear used for testing includes the iFi Audio ZEN Air, HiBy R3 II and SMSL DO300EX. As expected, the ZS10 Pro 2 is easy to drive and can be used with any source, including straight out of a smartphone.

The KZ ZS10 Pro 2 carries on the tradition of its heritage by producing a dynamic, bold and robust sound. Not only that but it shows a new level of maturity and technical chops as well, resulting in an IEM that I think punches above its weight.

Where previous models in the ZS10 line may have erred on the side of an overly v-shaped sound signature that emphasized bass and treble over the midrange, the ZS10 Pro 2 has a tuneful balance that brings the mids into focus. The low end still packs a punchy rhythmic drive but avoids muddiness or bloat, while the treble region shimmers with detail and air without getting harsh or sibilant. This lends the ZS10 Pro 2 a lively, engaging sound across genres from EDM to jazz.

Tuning Switches

The 4 tuning switches each alter the level of the bass by 2-3dB. This gives users a pretty large degree of customization so you can set it to suit your preferences. I found myself having the most fun with all the switches On (1111) but I also appreciated the sound regardless of the switch configuration.


The KZ ZS10 Pro 2 bass packs a powerful yet controlled punch that brings impactful attack and natural decay to each note. Kick drums have just the right balance of slam and thump, with crisp transients that avoid sounding like dull thuds or overly sharp like gunshots.

While it’s not the most textured bass, it isn’t a one-note wonder either and conveys basslines faithfully. Overall the low end has an authoritative presence that almost borders on basshead levels, but it avoids crossing into excessive territory. It’s confidently accentuated without bloating into a muddy mess.

This lends some warmth that carries into the midrange, but not enough to cause any veiling or smearing of midrange clarity. The ZS10 Pro 2 walks that fine line, delivering hard-hitting lows that enrich the sound without dominating it.


The midrange of the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 has a forward and intimate presentation that brings vocals to the forefront. The mids are articulate and clear, allowing the nuances of vocals to shine through.

There is an excellent sense of spacing, with clean and precise transients that give instrumentation texture and dimensionality. Though forward, the midrange avoids crossing into shouty or strident territory. Instead, it walks the fine line of being upfront and engaging without becoming fatiguing.

Case in point, “My Foolish Heart” by Bill Evans – the piano tone comes across with a natural timbre and realism beyond expectations. The crisp attack of the piano notes is apparent, with a detailed yet smooth decay. Subtle resonance and warmth are conveyed. The acoustic bass also impresses, with rich overtones and a tactile sense of the strings.


The treble is clear and articulate, allowing for the distinct delineation of individual instruments and notes in the high-frequency range. This clarity reveals the intricate harmonics of instruments, from the shimmer of cymbals to the decay of hi-hats.

The treble has good extension up into the higher registers, providing an abundant sense of air and scale to the presentation. This spacious and airy treble adds a feeling of realism and dimensionality to the soundstage, conveying the reverberation and ambience of the recording space. While detailed and resolving, the treble avoids crossing over into strident or fatiguing territory.

Soundstage & Technicalities

The soundstage is wide and airy, with excellent separation between instruments. Each element is precisely located within the stereo field, with ample space between them to prevent congestion. This black background facilitates strong imaging and pinpoint placement.

Detail retrieval is good for the price, however, it falls short of some of the more analytical and revealing IEMs in its price range. The ZS10 Pro 2 has clarity and resolution better than typical budget fare.


KZ ZS10 Pro X

The ZS10 Pro X (review here) has a more V-shaped sound signature. It has more fullness in the bass and a significant 8kHz peak in the treble. As a result, the Pro X’s midrange isn’t as forward yet has a thicker note size.

The ZS10 Pro X doesn’t sound as refined, especially in the treble, where the Pro 2 has a smoother but airier response. It has a more intimate soundstage whereas the Pro 2’s stage is larger and more organized with a blacker background.

ZS10 Pro 2 IEM


For those eager to get serious sound without breaking the bank, the KZ ZS10 Pro 2 is quite simply one of the best in-ear monitors you can buy for under $100. KZ has taken an already venerable budget line and improved it to new heights, setting a new benchmark for unbelievable value. If you want to experience rich, engaging audio without emptying your wallet, the ZS10 Pro 2 is a must-have.

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Slim Loghmari
Slim Loghmari
6 days ago

Excellent review David and simply amazing sound quality for the price. Everything seem to be well controlled with the Pro 2. I have tried the original KZ Zsn Pro and I ended up returning them due to harsh treble and very V shape. These Pro 2 have an mazing warmth to their mid range that is so pleasing and the treble is so well controlled. The bass ans sub are also beautifully controlled Truly amazing sound for the price. This is is my take on them after using them for 10 minutes without changing the EQ.

Slim Loghmari
Slim Loghmari
6 days ago
Reply to  Slim Loghmari

After attempting to add some Bass, sadly something went wrong with the sound it lost all bass and became tinny with just very high treble. Shocking and frustrating! My first impression only lasted for 10 minutes enjoying the rumbling bass. Gutted

Slim Loghmari
Slim Loghmari
3 days ago
Reply to  David Becker

When I said I tried to add bass I meant pushing all switched to 1 position. I figured out the only way to lose the bass is by not having a good seal. I pushed the ear tips firmly in and the bass and sub returned.

22 days ago

About the Aliexpress link at the beginning of the article, just that the price of 62€ (DD-Audio Store/Linsoul) is untenable, as they can also be bought for 35.50€ (LuckLZ Audio Store). I understand the link mentioned as a tax for sending a free sample just by Linsoul.

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