DD HiFi Audiophile Case and 3.5mm/4.4mm Adapters Review

DD HiFi case and adapters featured
DD HiFi Carrying Case

Audiophiles are fiercely passionate about their music and they’re just as passionate about their gear. Whether it’s an ultra-budget Chi-Fi rig or top of the line big brand setup, an audiophile’s equipment is like treasure. However, finding a way to store and transport our setups can be challenging. Or at least it used to be. Enter the DD HiFi carrying case which I’m reviewing here today.

So what is it exactly? Well, it’s a case designed to store and protect your precious equipment – things like DAPs, cables, earphones and more. Sounds simple right? In theory, it is but you might be surprised how much thought has gone into the design of this accessory. Let’s get to it.

Official website: https://www.ddhifi.com/

This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

DD HiFi Accessories Review

  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Versatile, customizable
  • Stylish and practical
  • Smart design
  • Value for money

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Package and Accessories

The DD HiFi carrying case (C-2019) comes in a simple unbleached cardboard box with a small sticker on the front. Inside is the case, enclosed in a branded cardboard sleeve. It’s a really simple packaging but it’s refreshingly utilitarian and unpretentious.

C-2019 Case Build Quality and Design

Once you become an earnest portable audio enthusiast things can start to get complicated. Some people like to carry multiple sources or IEMs with them. Then there are different cables, adapters, charging cables, eartips etc. The C-2019 is an attempt to simplify things in a practical but stylish fashion and protect your equipment at the same time.

First look at the carrying case

The C-2019 case adopts a 2:1 aspect ratio plus a combination of hard and soft materials to provide protection and comfortable portability. Using imported 1680D bifilar fabric for its exterior, the case is not just attractive but also wear and water-resistant. The outside of the case is semi-rigid and it has a soft Taslon lining inside. Additionally, the case has double YKK metal zippers for extra durability and longevity.

Steel YKK zippers

There is a handy wristband with double stitching that’s made from the same bifilar fabric as the case itself. Outer dimensions are 200x100x40 (mm) and inside 190x90x30 (mm). The main section of the case’s interior is intended for DAP storage and has 2 attached elastic straps. There are also 2 velcro strips which can be used to compartmentalize the remaining space.

I tested several different DAPs and they all fit in the case easily with room to spare. In the extra space, you can keep some IEMs and cable, an additional player, Bluetooth receiver or whatever tickles your fancy.

There is additional storage on the inner side of the cover, including 2 elastic mesh pockets, which are great for storing adapters, eartips or charging cables. Finally, there are a number of small pockets for storing Micro SD cards. The cards fit very securely into the pockets and I’ve never been concerned about them falling out unintentionally.

C-2019 case packed with accessories

As if all that weren’t enough, there is one more handy feature of the C-2019 case. There’s an outlet at one end that allows you to thread your IEM cable through so you don’t even need to remove your DAP from the case if you don’t want to. The outlet is strengthened by a rectangular piece of leather. The hole is quite small, however, if your cable or plug is too large to fit through the outlet, you can simply create a larger gap using the double zippers.

Everyday carry gear with case

DD DJ44A/DJ35A 2.5mm Balanced Adapters Review

DD DJ35A + DJ44A
Tested at $15.99(D35A), $17.99(D44A) or $29.99 (bundle)

Picture this. You head out for a day with your DAP, your earphones, a balanced cable and spring in your step. You get in the taxi only to discover you brought a cable with a 2.5mm termination and a DAP with only a 3.5mm and a 4.4mm output. Oh, you’ve never done that? It’s only me? Figures.

Well, maybe you just want to use whatever cable you want with whatever source you want. If that’s the case, DD HiFi just made it a lot easier. Sure there are existing adapters out there already, usually in the form of a cable extension or straight adapter. What DD HiFi has done is combine the 2 traditional forms to come up with an adapter that’s somewhere in between. The advantage is you get something that’s closer to a native plug, i.e. smaller an less obtrusive.

To do this, DD HiFi adopted a T-shaped adapter and fitted it with a flexible gold-plated PCB connection. The main body of the housing is transparent which lets you see the PCB circuits inside and the actual sockets are made of durable stainless steel. The end result is a more compact and strong but lightweight adapter. DJ35A weighs just 2.5g and the DJ44A is about 3.5g.

DJ44A adapter with Sony DAP

Packaging and Accessories

DD adapter packaging

The DJ35A and DJ44A also come in some really cool packaging. You get a real wooden box with an unbleached, branded cardboard sleeve. Inside the box are the adapter in a small ziplock bag and some shredded material that prevents the contents from moving and being damaged during transport. It might not seem like much but little touches like this, plus the original, clean design aesthetic have turned me into a fan of the company already.

DJ44A with Sony DAP and 2.5mm cable


My first exposure to DD HiFi’s products has been a very positive experience for me. I’ve already taken the carrying case out several times and it makes handling my gear so much easier. Additionally, with these adapters, I can finally stop worrying about having the right cable and DAP combination. I expect DD HiFi products will become a staple of many audiophile setups and already, I can’t imagine leaving home without these ones.

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Gordon Shen
Gordon Shen
3 years ago

Great review
which model is from 3.5mm(dap end) to 4.4 or 2.5 mm Thank you.

4 years ago

Thanks for the tip! I was looking for a decent travel case. Just got it, it is really nice and seems to be of good quality.

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