ddHiFi Nyx Pro (BC130 Pro) Review

ddHiFi Nyx Pro review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the ddHIFi Nyx Pro (BC130 Pro) shielded earphones upgrade cable. The Nyx Pro features a modular system with interchangeable termination and connectors. It’s priced at $499.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by ddHiFi for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

ddHiFi Nyx Pro (BC130 Pro) Review
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Bass extension and texture
Rich, detailed midrange
Top-notch layering
Excellent build quality
Fully modular system
Might feel bulky for some
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ddHiFi Nyx Pro (BC130 Pro)

In the Box
  • ddHiFi Nyx Pro cable
  • 3.5mm termination
  • 4.4mm termination
  • 1x pair of MMCX connectors
  • 1x pair of 0.78mm 3.0mm 2-pin connectors
  • 1x pair of 0.78mm 3.5mm 2-pin connectors
  • CZ180 Portable HiFi Storage Case
  • Genuine Leather Storage Case C90
  • Accessory storage bag
ddHiFi Nyx Pro in cable case


I have to admit, I am a real sucker for good-looking IEM cables. But because I’m an audiophile, I also have an appreciation for well-crafted cables that use high-quality components and materials. Enter the ddHiFi Nyx Pro.

I’m trying to find the right term to describe the colour and the best I can come up with is Palladium-infused silvery-grey. I believe it’s a result of the unique silver-coated conductive fibre that’s placed between the inner and outer insulation layers – but don’t quote me on that.

Nyx Pro components

Nyx Pro has a 25.4 AWG cable gauge. The internal wiring comprises 7 enlarged-diameter pure silver conductors surrounded by monocrystalline copper conductors, resulting in a 1:3 silver-to-copper ratio. The internal insulation utilizes NUC high-density polyethylene (HDPE) (Made in Japan) and the external insulation is high-transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in the USA).

The chin slider is made of aluminium and features four carved vertical slits, similar to the original Nyx; however, this version has a squared-off design rather than a rounded one. Once again, we observe a gold-coloured metal chin slider that enhances the aesthetic appeal.

Let’s look at the modular plug system next and what’s interesting about this is that it uses a standard Mini-XLR 4-pin connection. Changing the plugs is a simple matter of unplugging and plugging the termination – there’s no need for any tools or complicated procedures. The components feel robust and premium in the hand.

The package includes three types of modular connectors: 0.78mm 3.0mm 2-pin, 0.78mm 3.5mm 2-pin, and MMCX. There are threaded covers that need to be unscrewed before swapping them out. Once the covers are removed, replacing the connectors is a straightforward process.

Y-splitter and back of plug


Gear used for testing includes the Meze ADVAR, Spirit Torino IEM Twin Pulse Beryllium and FiR Audio 5×5 for IEMs. As for the sources, I tested with the ddHiFi TC44Pro E2, the Soundaware M2Pro and the Topping E70 + L70 combo.

It’s always hard trying to describe the sound of audiophile cables. The reason? Well, it’s because they’re in the middle of the audio chain – they have a source behind them and IEMs, headphones or speakers in front of them. But spend enough time doing critical listening with them and you’ll start to learn the characteristics that certain cables have.

In the case of the ddHiFi Nyx Pro, the first thing that stands out to me is its bass extension. The lows are forceful and delivered with impact. There’s no shortage of sub-bass rumble. But you get more than an increase in bass quantity – it’s the added texture and the sense of depth that comes with it.

The midrange is delivered more stably and with greater composure. Consequently, instruments and vocals are positioned more securely and are enveloped by a purer ambience. Midrange notes are conveyed with sharply defined details and enhanced clarity, resulting in a denser central image that’s more distinctly separated from the background.

The Air Nyx broadens the soundstage, with a treble presentation characterized by clarity and definition. Enhancing the extension of the highs improves not only the treble but also the lows and mids. It aligns notes and brings them into focus. However, there is no increase in density, merely greater precision and improved upper harmonics.

Select Pairings

Spirit Torino IEM Twin Pulse Beryllium – These are extraordinary IEMs that tick so many boxes when it comes to audio quality. Pairing these with the Nyx Pro elevates them even higher.

The bass extension and layering here are exceptional. Bass notes feel authoritative and large in scale yet are delivered with exact precision. Midrange instruments and vocals have a natural timbre and the instrument separation is so clean that you’ll start wondering if the musicians are social distancing inside your headphones. The treble is so airy and precise, you’ll swear you can hear the angels adjusting their halos.

Meze ADVAR – A work of art with a warm yet crisp tuning, ADVAR can be more demanding when it comes to pairing. It already has an elevated mid-bass presence that the Nyx Pro, fortunately, doesn’t overextend. What it does is add some grit and tighten mid-bass notes while at the same time facilitating the maximum depth of ADVAR’s sub-bass.

The midrange is upfront and emboldened with richness. Vocals are presented with more density that adds fullness without compromising on articulation. ADVAR’s treble can lean towards edgy but thankfully, the Nyx Pro doesn’t make it any more so. The soundstage and imaging are also improved compared to the ADVAR’s stock cable.

FiR Audio 5×5 – A lively and dynamic IEM. Once again I’m struck by the bass extension and almost tactile bass texture. The midrange has abundant clarity with snappy transients and a black background. Vocals are crisp and forward. The treble can be upfront but it’s not more aggressive with this pairing – just more precise.

Nyx Pro with carrying case 2


In summary, the ddHiFi Nyx Pro (BC130 Pro) embodies all the qualities I’ve come to expect from the brand’s products. It’s an extremely well-made and aesthetically pleasing cable that not only sounds fantastic but is simply a pleasure to use as a daily driver. Aside from all that, users are sure to love Nyx Pro’s modularity and versatility.

Cable gauge25.4AWG
Core conductor materialHigh-Purity Silver and Monocrystalline Copper (Taiwan) – Litz Type 2
Core conductor structureΦ0.08mm × 7strands × 4wire (Pure Silver) + Φ0.05mm × 56strands × 4wire (Monocrystalline Copper)
Inner InsulationJapan NUC chemical foam HDPE (Made in Japan)
External insulationHigh Transparency SoftFlex PVC (Made in USA)
Plug connectorMINI XLR 4pin
Plugs4.4mm Balanced + 3.5mm Single-ended
Nyx-Pin0.78mm 2pin + MMCX
Weight (including 4.4mm plug and MMCX connectors)About 34g

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