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Toyeteam UFO review – Close Encounters of the Heard Kind

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Toyeteam is a relatively new entry in the crowded Chinese earphone manufacturer space. After a bit of research I was able to find four different models from the company: The UFO, UFO Pro, Thor and TX 601, the former 3 having dynamic drivers while the TX 601 is a dual hybrid driver configuration. Today I’ll be taking a look at the Toyeteam UFO earphone so if you want to know whether these can whisk you away to another planet follow me.

The Toyeteam UFO retails for $35 at the time of writing and is available from Penon Audio:

This product was provided for the purpose of an honest review. I’m not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions here are my own.

  • Sturdy metal housings
  • Good quality cable
  • Small form factor
  • Limited eartips available
  • Average bassy sound


Impedance: 18Ω
Driver: 8 mm dynamic
Earphone  sensitivity: 105dB+3
Frequency range:  20-20000Hz
Maximum power: 2mW
Interface: 3.5mm  Gilded
Cable Length: 1.2m±0.05m

Package and accessories

The Toyeteam UFO earphone comes in a very compact white box with a colour image of the earphone on the front. On the back of the box are the specifications and a frequency response graph. Inside the box is a clamshell carry case.

Everything else is of course found inside the carry case and includes the UFO earphones, x3 pairs of silicone eartips (S, M, L), a shirt clip and user manual. It’s a very basic package but I like the way they were able to keep it so small yet still provide the clamshell case which is always a welcome addition.

Earphone Toyeteam UFO Earphone Toyeteam UFOEarphone Toyeteam UFO

Build, comfort and isolation

There are four variants of the UFO earphone, with the only difference being the cables. There’s a red cable, one with a microphone and one without then the same again in a black version. My sample has the black cable with a microphone.

The all-metal housings have a polished silver finish and at a glance look nice for a budget IEM. They’re a slight variation of the common barrel shape with a raised disc section in the middle where the two halves of the shells are joined together. It’s this section that gives the earphones their UFO type appearance.

The rear half has several slits running lengthwise from just behind the “disc” which act as vents/bass ports. It then tapers down slightly where the cable connects. On the back of the housing is the company logo. The front half of the housing tapers down to the nozzle which has a nicely pronounced lip for securing the eartips.

The nozzles have a protective metal mesh inside the end. These IEMs are really small. They don’t protrude out of the ears at all and so are great for laying down.

Earphone Toyeteam UFOEarphone Toyeteam UFO


The cable is a simple rubber sheathed affair but it’s a lot better than many that you find in its price range. It’s fairly supple, smooth to the touch and doesn’t have any stickiness or kinks. On the left side is a plastic, single button control and microphone.

Although the control is made of plastic it doesn’t look or feel cheap and the button has a solid tactile click. There’s a small, hardened rubber Y-split and finally, the cable terminates in a straight 3.5 mm plug. Strain relief from top to bottom is excellent and I actually like it a lot. There is some microphonics but that’s very common for any earphone with small housings.

Earphone Toyeteam UFOEarphone Toyeteam UFO

These are super comfortable because of their small size and I had no trouble wearing them for several hours. Noise isolation for me personally is a bit better than average for this type of IEM because of their size and shape they give me a great fit and seal.

The UFO looks pretty good (a bit similar to the DUNU Titan 1 if you use your imagination) but don’t look quite as premium. For the price, I think they’re really well built and as I mentioned above I really like the cable.

Earphone Toyeteam UFO


Gear used for testing

Benjie T6


JRiver > Topping DX7

The first thing you’re likely to notice listening to the UFO earphone is the rather massive bass. It has a real meatiness and is thick and impactful,. It’s kinda like standing outside a nightclub: all you can hear is the thumping of the bass through the walls with just a hint of midrange and treble in the background. Well, that is exaggerating of course but you get the idea.


Bass is where the spotlight shines on the UFO. It’s big and bold with an ability to get physical with its impact. Sub-bass similarly can really shake you up. It digs deep and oozes with dominating power and can be a lot of fun. The definition is actually not bad but the attack is fairly slow so you don’t get much sense of the “thwack” – rather you’re assaulted with the thump. The bass is thick and a bit woolly but feels controlled at the same time.


Midrange is fairly recessed compared to the abundant bass. There’s a fair bit of bleed from the lower end, colouring the lower mids and giving them some excess weight. Timbre is not too far off but vocals and instruments can sound a bit veiled. Notes have a soft, rounded edge and lack definition.


Treble on the UFO is actually pretty nice but it rolls off early and sits too far behind the bass to give music enough lift and energy. There’s no hint of sibilance anywhere though and that’s always a bonus. The treble is executed quite well but doesn’t quite have enough presence to rise out of the dominant lower frequencies.


Soundstage is fairly limited which is normal for an IEM with such a dark and warm signature. On tracks where the bass is light or there isn’t much bass present things feel less congested and more open but in general, the stage feels pretty intimate.

Earphone Toyeteam UFO



The MRY6 has a more even tonal balance than the UFO. Bass quality is similar but not as overwhelming as it is on the UFO. Midrange is less recessed with less sense of a veil over it and sounds a little more natural. The MRY6’s treble has more presence and better extension than the UFO and it has a slightly bigger soundstage.

Both of these IEMs are well built but the UFO’s cable is a definite step up from the one on the BGVP. They’re both very comfortable but the UFO’s smaller form factor makes it even more so. In terms of accessories, the UFO comes with a nice clamshell case where the MRY6 has a larger eartip selection but just a velvet carry pouch. For $5 less the MRY6 is my pick of the two but there are better options available IMO, such as the Brainwavz Jive or Fischer Audio Paco.

Toyeteam UFO Conclusion

The Toyeteam UFO is a very well built and comfortable IEM with an above average quality cable. The sound is not one that will be for everybody as it ultimately falls a bit short and fails to excite or inspire with its dark overtones. It might be a good choice for anyone who is hypersensitive to treble or is looking for a dark sound with impactful bass. It’s not a bad IEM but comes across as only average and in my opinion, there are better options around the same price. However, I do look forward to seeing and hearing more from Toyeteam as they’ve proven that they can make a quality product at least in the physical sense.

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