Edifier W820NB ANC Bluetooth Headphones Review


Edifier is a Chinese electronics manufacturer that specializes in audio-related products such as headphones, earphones and speakers. In this review, I’m looking at the Edifier W820NB Bluetooth headphones.

The W820NB features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), a lightweight design and 49-hour playtime.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Edifier for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

  • Excellent ANC
  • Ambient ANC mode
  • Long battery life
  • Good microphone/call quality
  • Clear, balanced sound
  • No aptX support

Edifier W820NB

  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth V5.0
  • Effective distance: 10m
  • Playback time: ANC on around 29 hours
    ANC off around 49 hours
  • Charging time: around 1.5 hours
  • Sound pressure level: 91±3dB
  • Frequency response: 20Hz-40kHz
  • Impedance 32Ω

Packaging & Accessories

The W820NB isn’t foldable so it comes in a fairly large grey box. On the front of the box is a colour image of the headphones and on the back are more images as well as features and specifications lists. Inside the box, you get the headphones, a USB Type-C charging cable and a user manual.

As a little bonus, I discovered that the plastic insert from the box actually makes for a pretty neat headphone stand. The W820NB fits in it perfectly (of course) and it stands up nice and steadily.

The plastic insert can be used as a headphone stand

Design & Functionality

Edifier W820NB build & functionality

The Edifier W820NB is made from plastic with a matte finish. It’s available in 3 colours: white, black and grey. It has a modern, minimalist design and is free of embellishments except for a small Edifier logo on each side of the headband.

The headband is plastic and has a foam pad on the underside to distribute any pressure on the top of your head. Plastic yokes attach the earcups to the headband and allow both pivoting and a 90° swivel. With the swivelling cups, you can comfortably rest the headphones around your neck or place them flat on a table.

The headphones are lightweight, coming in at just 220g (15.8 ounces) but the build quality feels robust. The earpads are soft memory foam that conforms to the shape of your head comfortably and provides a good seal as well.

When it comes to comfort, the W820NB feel very comfortable to wear. The clamping force is pretty light on your ears but the headphones never feel loose or like they might fall off. The memory foam fits snugly around your ears and even my large ears don’t touch the plastic driver housing inside the cups.

All of the controls and the USB charging port are located on the right earcup. You can also listen to the headphones wired on your computer when plugged in via the USB cable. The buttons are rubberized and have a fairly tactile click and don’t feel mushy. Overall the build quality feels great for a headphone in this price range.

W820NB controls

Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)

The ANC is turned on automatically by default when you power the headphones on. It works surprisingly well; probably the best I’ve seen on any headphones around the $50 mark. The hum from my air conditioner and computer fans is attenuated almost entirely. Sounds from the mechanical switches on my keyboard as I’m typing are also greatly reduced but not just by the ANC: the W820NB also has above-average passive noise isolation thanks to the high-quality memory foam earpads.

There’s an ambient mode as well that lets you hear sounds around you, in case you want to talk to people or be more aware of your surroundings. The level of outside noise getting through can be adjusted via the Edifier Connect app on your phone.

W820NB laid out flat

Bluetooth and Battery Life

Bluetooth pairing is easy and very fast. The W820NB comes with Bluetooth V5.0 and has an optimal working distance of up to 10m. I didn’t experience any signal drops or stuttering during my testing and feel confident overall with the connectivity.

In terms of battery life, the Edifier W820NB is pretty outstanding, providing up to 29 hours of playback time with ANC On and up to an impressive 49 hours with ANC turned Off. Charging times are good too and the headphones only take 1.5 hours to get a full charge.

Edifier W820NB controls

Microphone and call quality

The W820NB’s microphone sounds loud and clear. You’ll have no problems using these headphones for calls, audio/video conferencing etc.

Games and Videos

The W820NB has a low-latency game mode to reduce any sync issues you might have while gaming. It works great and provides a satisfying gaming experience. Game mode is also useful if you notice any sync issues when watching videos.

Edifier Connect App

The W820NB also works with the Edifier Connect app. From within the app, you can easily switch between the ANC and Ambient modes, as well as turn the game mode On and Off. The app can also show you an accurate battery level meter, displaying between 0% – 100%. All of these functions can be used directly from the headphones themselves except for the battery meter, so you can skip the app if you don’t want it on your phone.

Edifier W820NB angled shot


The audio quality is impressive considering the low price of these headphones. The W820NB has a balanced sound signature that surprisingly doesn’t have a booming bass like most budget Bluetooth headphones. Another thing worth noting is that unlike a lot of budget ANC headphones, the audio quality of the W820NB is consistent regardless of which ANC mode you’re using.

The W820NB has a warm sound with a slightly elevated bass. There’s more emphasis on the mid-bass but you also hear some nice sub-bass rumbles. The bass, in general, is punchy and doesn’t smother the midrange. It’s not the most textured bass but it’s mature and well-controlled.

The midrange is full-bodied and warm but is still clear. It doesn’t sound veiled or muddy but it’s definitely on the thicker side of neutral. Mids are fairly forward and both male and female vocals sound articulate. Instrument separation is only average but respectable for something in this price range.

As is the norm for most Bluetooth headphones, the W820NB has a smooth, laid back treble. It’s treble that’s tuned for casual, long listening sessions rather than precision and detail. As such, treble notes are slightly rounded and sit towards the back of the mix. Having said that, the treble is crisp enough and even has some airiness to it and complements the overall presentation well.

Edifier W820NB control buttons


The Edifier W820NB Bluetooth ANC headphone ticks a lot of boxes. It’s lightweight with solid construction and has an understated clean design. It also has probably the best quality active noise cancellation I’ve heard on a budget headphone. Add to that the excellent battery life and good sound quality and it’s clearly a great product for the price. Recommended.

Recommended award

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10 months ago

I don’t know how any headphones can sound or have farther range than these do at any price. I live in a concrete house with a steel roof and can receive perfect sound all the way to the street in front of the house.

1 year ago

How does Windows recognize the headphones when you plug them via USB? I just ordered them and not sure if they will work at all, need headphones with ANC for my PC but I don’t want wireless/bluetooth.

Paulo Cunha
Paulo Cunha
1 year ago

Hi David.Found your review very usefull. I will probably choose these to be my next set. One question: what are those tiny holes on the earcups exterior for (image attached).

Thanks from Portugal 👍

2 years ago

what should t do if I want to use it with 3.5 mm port on my laptop? Cause I want to use it with my DAX amp.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Becker

the w820nb is not bluetooth only, if you want to use it wired just buy a usbc to aux cable

1 year ago
Reply to  T'O

you can use Type C – Jack 3.5 cable to connect to your Amp/ DAC.

1 year ago
Reply to  TtienmHanh

are you already try it with jack?

2 years ago

Man for that money its a damn good headphone. That quality and specs cost over 100 dollars in other headphones

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