Fearless Audio Provence Review

Fearless Audio Provence review featured

The Fearless Provence is part of Fearless Audio’s Colourful World series. The series consists of the Barcelona, the Provence and the Shangrila models. The Provence is a hybrid triple-driver earphone with one dynamic driver and two balanced armature drivers. The price is $138.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Fearless Audio Provence Review
The Fearless Audio Provence is a beautiful IEM that would be perfect as a daily driver or stage monitor for musicians.
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Fearless Audio Provence

Package and Accessories

The Provence comes in a large black box with a black cardboard sleeve. It’s the same box we saw with the Fearless Barcelona. Here’s what’s inside the box:

  • Fearless Provence IEMs
  • 1.2m earphone cable(±5cm)
  • Earphone silicone sleeve*3 pairs(S,M,L)
  • Earphone cleaning brush
  • Portable earphone storage box
  • Wipe cloth
Fearless Audio Provence with rhone faceplates


Like the other models in the Colourful World series, the Provence is in a word, gorgeous. There are 3 designs available but the one I have is called “rhone”. The rhone faceplates are made up of blue and purple gradients interspersed with black stripes and a glittery finish.

Complimenting the faceplates are the crystal clear shells that give you an unobscured view of the internal components. Once again, we see the iconic green dynamic driver enclosure with its wagon wheel pattern.

Provence’s sunken 2-pin sockets increase the durability of the connectors and the nozzle has a protective mesh to keep out any unwanted dirt or ear wax.

Included stock cable

The cable is an 8-strand Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC) silver-plated Litz type with a thick braid. The Y-split, chin slider and straight 3.5mm plug are all high-quality components with a premium feel.

Unfortunately, the cable’s angled 2-pin connector housings make getting a proper fit impossible for my ears so I had to resort to using one of my own. It should be fine for everyone else as it seems only myself and a few others have this issue. That’s a shame because it’s really a lovely cable.

The fit of the shells themselves, however, is fantastic and they fit my ears like a glove. Furthermore, the passive noise isolation is excellent, making these a great IEM for musicians looking for a stage monitor for live performances.

Fearless Provence faceplate and internals


Gear used for testing includes the Topping DX7 Pro, Burson Funk and iBasso DX120.

The Provence doesn’t need extra amplification because it is an efficient IEM. It works fine straight from a smartphone or dongle DAC.

In terms of general tuning, the Provence has a warm, smooth and balanced sound. It has a natural, relaxed presentation that is consistent across various music genres. It’s one of those IEMs that you can turn up loud without fear of any sharpness or discomfort.

But despite its laid-back presentation, Provence is resolving and has good clarity throughout the spectrum. It might not wow you right from the start, but the longer you listen, the more you come to appreciate its nuances. It’s not a pure neutral tuning either – Provence is about musicality and natural tone first and foremost but it backs it up with good technical performance.

Fearless Audio Provence frequency response
Fearless Audio Provence frequency response.

Provence’s bass has a wonderful presentation that’s full-bodied and engaging but also polite and unintrusive. Leading edges are slightly rounded giving bass notes weight and body while a fairly fast decay helps maintain control.

I am a fan of Fearless Audio’s “special research pole magnetic dynamic driver” – it gives you a feeling of authority and power without any bloat or boosted levels. Consequently, it’s a controlled bass with enough added gusto to be fun and alluring.

Provence’s low-end extension is impressive, reaching down to the furthest reaches of the human hearing limit. However, it’s not the most visceral experience – sub-bass notes have a tight and fast rumble. So, it’s not a powerhouse in terms of impact but it’s a pleasing bass nonetheless.


The midrange is on the warmer side of neutral but not oversaturated. It’s butter-smooth yet highly resolving and oozes with naturalness. In addition, the Provence’s mids draw you in with full-bodied instruments and upfront presentation.

There’s definitely some warmth inherited from the mid-bass but the overall timbre of the mids is natural and emotive. So, while it is a slightly romanticized sound, the tone is organic and accurate.

Vocals are silky yet articulate and slightly forward. They’re reasonably dense and somewhat intimate. Listening to Lucid Planet’s “Requiem”, Dan’s voice sounds tangible as though he’s standing there in front of you. You can hear his vulnerability at the beginning of the song and feel the force of his defiance toward the end (from 5:14).

Provence with DAP

The Provence’s treble blends in subtly with the bass and midrange. It’s slightly softened, creating a slightly darker tonality without compromising clarity. However, it’s not the most detailed or precise treble. Micro-details are often masked by Provence’s warm undertones.

It’s an easygoing treble that’s forgiving with poorly recorded music. As a result, it doesn’t produce any sibilance or fatigue. However, it lacks sparkle and air which may leave some users feeling it’s too reserved.

Soundstage and Technicalities

Provence’s soundstage is well organized and spacious thanks to its resolution and instrument separation. It might only be average in dimensions but it never feels congested. As a result of its note density and natural note size, instruments and vocals alike occupy their own space within a black background.

Fearless Audio Provence with case and DAP


The Fearless Audio Provence is a gorgeous IEM and a versatile all-rounder. It’s perfect for all-day listening and would also make an excellent stage monitor thanks to its noise isolation and non-fatiguing sound. I think for the price, it has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a balanced and engaging daily driver.

  • Sensitivity: 116dB (@1kHz)
  • Impedance: 19Ω (@1kHz)
  • Frequency response range: 15Hz-20000Hz
  • Passive noise reduction: 26dB
  • Drivers: Fearless special research pole magnetic dynamic driver / Sonion 23 colourful world cooperation funds Medium and High-Frequency BA / Colourful World 2rd generation high-frequency BA
  • Standard socket 0.78mm 2pin notched socket
  • Standard wiring material 8 strands of high-purity OFC silver-pLated wire with O.78-2Pin with3.5mm plug
  • Price: $138

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