Hidizs S8 Pro Robin Review

Hidizs S8 Pro Robin review featured

In this article, I review the Hidizs S8 Pro Robin dongle DAC. The S8 Pro Robin has dual CS43131 DAC chips, 6 digital filters and 3-button control. It’s priced at $69.

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Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Hidizs for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Hidizs S8 Pro Robin Review
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Punchy, controlled bass
Full-bodied yet spacious sound
6 digital sound filters to choose from
Play/pause and volume buttons
No hardware-level volume adjustments
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Hidizs S8 Pro Robin

Product Features

1. Dual 32-bit High-performance DAC Balanced Architecture – CS43131×2
2. PCM Supports Up to 32bit/384kHz
3. Native DSD 64/128/256
4. 4.4mm Balanced & 3.5mm Single-ended Output
5. CNC Aluminum Alloy Integrated Molding
6. Practical Function Buttons (volume +-/filter switching)
7. Sampling Rate Indicator
8. 80mW+80mW@32Ω 3.5mm SE / 160mW+160Mw@32Ω 4.4mm BAL
9. Compatible with All platforms: Windows/Mac OS/iPad OS/Android/iOS/Harmony OS
10. Hi-Res Audio Certification

Box front
In the Box
  • S8 Pro Robin dongle DAC x1
  • Type-C to Type-C Cable×1
  • Type-C to USB-A adapter×1
  • Type-C to Lightning Adapter×1
  • User manual×1
  • Warranty card×1


The body of the Hidizs S8 Pro Robin is made from CNC aluminium alloy integrated moulding. According to Hidizs, the S8 Pro chassis is inspired by the Thrush bird. The front and back panels have a polished glass cover, giving the device a premium look but also attracting many fingerprints.

There’s a sampling rate indicator on the front in the shape of the Hidizs logo. The LED changes colour depending on the sample rate of the current track. In addition, the indicator is used to display the current digital sound filter.

There are 3 buttons on the right side of the unit: the middle one is a Play/Pause button while the other 2 buttons control the volume level. Regrettably, the volume buttons control the volume of the source rather than the device’s volume. Furthermore, pressing the up and down volume buttons simultaneously cycles through the 6 optional sound filters.

The 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone jacks

On the top of the unit are the 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs. As for output power, the 3.5mm port can deliver up to 80mW while the 4.4mm output pushes up to 160mW. That’s enough to drive any IEM and all but the most demanding headphones.

Internally, the S8 Pro Robin has dual Cirrus Logic CS43131 DAC chips, supporting up to PCM 32-bit/385kHz and native DSD256. In the single-ended PO (3.5mm) output, distortion is as low as 0.0005%, while the balanced BAL (4.4mm) achieves an ultra-low distortion of 0.0006%. The signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) is 125dB/128dB.

Hidizs S8 Pro Robin with phone and headphones


I tested the S8 Pro Robin with various IEMs like the IO Audio Volare, FiiO JH5 and Celest Relentless. Headphones tested included the Sennheiser HD650 and HiFiMan Sundara.

I’ve had plenty of experience with dual CS43131 dongle DACs and they’re among my favourites in the entry-level price bracket. I find the tone of the CS431331 neutral with good body, transparency, details and a sweet, airy treble and that’s what I hear with the S8 Pro.

Bass notes are robust and impactful yet controlled. The bass extension is excellent and with some good IEMs or headphones, you can expect deep, gratifying rumble. I hear a hint of colouration or added warmth in the low frequencies. Still, the bass isn’t flabby in any way either – I just hear pure punchy goodness (dependent on having good IEMs/headphones of course).

The midrange has abundant clarity without any additional sharpening. Instrument separation and imaging are outstanding, resulting in organic yet highly-resolving instrument and vocal notes.

The treble is always one of my favourite aspects of the CS43131 DACs – it’s airy and has natural attack and decay but is still precise. It creates ample width in the soundstage and pinpoint imaging with crisp but sweet notes.

Overall, it has a great balance of musicality and transparency. It’s packed with details yet is smooth and has lofty, airy highs.

S8 Pro Robin with phone and IEMs


The Hidizs S8 Pro Robin is another standout dongle DAC from Hidizs. It looks great, but the glass panels are fingerprint magnets. Users will appreciate the onboard playback and volume controls but the best thing about the S8 Pro is its robust, detailed and airy sound and affordable price.

Exclusive Offer for Prime Audio Reviews Readers!
Limited to 100 units!
Get 5% off on the S8 Pro with the code: PRIME5OFF
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