xDuoo MU-604 and MU-605 Review

Today, I’m looking at the xDuoo MU-604 desktop DAC and the xDuoo MU-605 HD Bluetooth receiver. The xDuoo MU-604 is a hi-fi DAC for use with desktop amplifiers and is priced at $143. The xDuoo MU-605 is an HD Bluetooth receiver that allows you to stream music from your phone, laptop, or tablet directly to your audio chain. It’s priced at $152.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Apos Audio for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are based on my experience with the product.

xDuoo MU-604 and MU-605 Review
Compact, robust and affordable, these Hi-Fi components are great for a starter system.
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The MT-604 has both rear and front USB inputs.
MT-605 has LDAC and aptX HD support.
Dual ES9018K2M DAC chips
Independent power supply
OLED display
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xDuoo MU-604 and MU-605


Both the MU-604 and MU-605 share the same chassis design (and have the same dimensions as the xDuoo MT-604 tube amplifier). They have a dark grey, sand-blasted aluminium alloy body with perforated left and right panels.

xduoo mu-604
xDuoo MU-604

The MU-604’s left button cycles through the various inputs and opens the menu. The right button switches between its 2 digital filter modes and can also be used to navigate the menu. An OLED display in the middle shows the current input method, filter setting and sample rate. Interestingly, there’s also a USB-C input here on the front panel which is something I’ve never seen before.

The rear I/O panel hosts single-ended RCA outputs and balanced XLR outputs. For input options, the MU-604 offers coaxial, optical and USB-B digital inputs. There’s also a switch to select either USB 1.0 or USB 2.0 (USB 1.0 is useful for legacy systems or game consoles).

Internally, the MU-604 hosts dual ES9018K2M DAC chips and supports up to PCM 384kHz and native DSD256. Two high-quality active crystal oscillators are used as clock sources for ultra-low jitter performance. In addition, the device uses high-quality Japanese NICHIKON capacitors for a smooth and warm sound.

xduoo mu-605
xDuoo MU-605

The MU-605 has the same front panel as the MU-604 minus the USB-C port. The left button is used to Play or Pause and the right button is for entering pairing mode. You can see useful information on the OLED screen such as the current Bluetooth audio codec and sample rate.

RCA and balanced XLR analogue outputs plus AES, optical and coaxial digital outputs can all be found on the rear panel, along with the Bluetooth antenna mount.

The xDuoo MU-605 hosts the same dual ES9018K2M DAC chips as the MU-605. In addition, there’s a Qualcomm Bluetooth chip supporting Bluetooth 5.1 and high-quality wireless audio codecs including LDAC, aptX LL and aptX HD.


Both devices work just as you’d expect them to. Because they have essentially the same chassis, they’re perfect for stacking together but, of course, they can both be used separately as well. I found both units to be an ideal match for the xDuoo MT-604 Class-A balanced headphone amplifier.

You can output both devices to a headphone amplifier, preamp or powered speakers. With the MU-605, you have the additional option to send the digital output to a separate decoder if it tickles your fancy.

Like most xDuoo products, the MU-604 and MU-605 are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind. They’re created for a specific purpose and they do it well. You can plug in or connect and you’re good to go.


The xDuoo MU-604 DAC and MU-605 HD Bluetooth receiver are perfect for anyone looking to create a simple and inexpensive home or office setup. Design cohesiveness across the product range means you can mix and match various components to your preference and have a great-looking, great-sounding and functional system.

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