Aiyima A07 Max Review

AIYIMA A07 Max review featured

In this article, I review the Aiyima A07 Max stereo class D amplifier. The A07 Max features the Texas Instruments TPA3255 and replaceable op-amps. It’s priced at $70.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by AIYIMA for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Aiyima A07 Max Review
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Transparent, powerful sound
Perforated case keeps the unit cool under load
Works in stereo or mono modes
Small footprint
Needs a 48 V PSU to reach maximum output power
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Aiyima A07 Max


Input: RCA
Suitable speaker impedance: 2 – 8 Ω
Maximum output power: 315 W per channel (declared)
Frequency response: 20 – 20,000 kHz (±1 dB)
THD+N: (@1 kHz) < 0.007% SNR > 110 dB
Crosstalk: N/A

A07 Max design


The AIYIMA A07 Max has a fairly basic exterior design but the build quality feels great and I think it looks neat too. The front panel hosts the volume knob and a couple of small LED indicating whether it’s in Stereo or Mono mode.

On the rear of the unit are the RCA inputs, an AUX out, the binding posts and the DC power port. The switch for selecting the stereo and mono modes is located at the bottom of the unit (yes, the A07 Max can be used in bridgeable mono mode).

While the A07 Max offers a subwoofer output, it’s a basic line out without a dedicated volume control. This means you’ll need to adjust the subwoofer level directly on the subwoofer itself.

A07 Max rear I/O panel

I like the way the bottom and sides of the chassis are perforated, allowing for better heat dissipation. As a result, the unit stays reasonably cool, even under load.

Output power is claimed to be 120 W per channel in stereo mode and 315 W in mono mode. However, in order to reach the maximum output you need a 48 V PSU. AIYIMA sells these on their website but it will cost you extra compared to the standard 32 V PSU.

Regardless of which power supply you get, the A07 Max delivers an impressive amount of power but if you have more demanding speakers or just the assurance you’re getting the best performance then I’d recommend you get the 48 V PSU. To put it in some context, I received the 32 V PSU and it’s above and beyond what I need for my NHT C3 in my small room.

AIYIMA A07 Max angled rear


For testing, I used the TOPPING E70V DAC and my NHT C3 speakers. I also tested the AUX output with my Polk HTS10 subwoofer. There was far more power on tap than I would ever need for this setup in my small room.

The A07 Max sounds lovely with my modest setup. The sound signature is neutral but has far more character and depth than I expect for an amp at this price point. It does what it’s intended to to – amplify the given signal without colouration. It faithfully amplifies the signal without adding any coloration, remaining distortion-free and allowing my speakers to shine—truly the perfect invisible partner.

Although the NHT C3 speakers are fairly sensitive, I can’t hear any background noise even with the volume maxed out when no music is playing. A black background like this enhances instrument separation and detail, allowing vocals and instruments to stand out with greater clarity and precision.

The highs are crisp without sharpness even at high volume, the midrange is articulate but nuanced and the lows deliver powerful bass that remains controlled and punchy.

AIYIMA A07 Max angled front


The AIYIMA A07 Max is a compact amplifier that delivers big on audio quality and value. It has an transparent, powerful sound profile that defies it’s modest footprint and price. The build quality is outstanding and the venting allows it to stay cool even under load. This is an ideal amp for beginners or anyone looking to build a modest stereo system with great sound on a budget. This one gets our recommended award.

Recommended award

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