Alpha & Delta 8-Core SPC Cable Review

Alpha & Delta 8-core SPC cable feat
Tested at $63

Hey there PA fam and welcome to another review. Today we’re looking at the Alpha & Delta 8-Core SPC cable which is based on the excellent cable from the Alpha & Delta D6 earphone (review here).

There are 2 variants of the cable available, one with MMCX connectors and one with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors, both with a 3.5mm plug. I received the 2-pin variant.

Alpha & Delta store:

  • Excellent build quality and strain reliefs
  • Minimal microphonics
  • Compatible with a large variety of in-ear monitors
  • Value for money
  • No balanced option available
  • No chin slider
  • Compatible with all earphones that use 0.78 2 pin connectors like FLC8N, TFZ King, King Pro, Exclusive Series, Noble Audio
  • Based on the Alpha & Delta D6 durable 8 core silver plated copper cables
  • Spring protected 3.5mm jack for extra durability

This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Package and Accessories

The cable comes in Alpha & Delta’s excellent genuine leather case. This is good news because these cases are excellent. It’s the same case that comes with the D3 and D6 IEMs and has the company logo embossed on the front.

Inside is the cable which is bound by a genuine leather cable tie. Similar to the A&D earphones just the quality case and cable tie alone add a lot of value to the package.

Alpha & Delta 8-core SPC cable accessories

Build Quality and Design

So, the cable itself is white in colour and its 8 strands are braided from end to end. It has a medium malleability meaning it’s not super supple like the Yinyoo 6-core cable (review here), nor is it as stiff as the EA Ares II or PURDIO Vector 8-core (review here). I like the balance A&D has found here between comfort and strength.

Starting at the top we find the metal 0.78mm 2-pin connectors which have colour-coded rings (blue for left and red for right). I’m a huge fan of this colour-coding system and it always pleases me to see it on a cable.

The coloured rings not only identify each side but they also provide extra grip that makes detaching the cable from IEMs easier. Attached to the connectors is a strain relief which is quite interesting because a lot of cables omit any reliefs on the connector part.

Further down the cable is a cylindrical, gunmetal grey-coloured alloy Y-split with Alpha & Delta branding on one side. The split also has a strain relief on either end.

The cable terminates with a rubber-coated L-shaped 3.5mm plug that utilizes an approximately 1.5cm spring for the strain relief. From top to bottom this cable has as good strain reliefs that I’ve seen on any cable period and the fact that you get all this $63 really demonstrates the value of this product.

There’s only one criticism I have regarding the build and that is the lack of a chin slider. I generally don’t use a chin slider myself but I’m aware that a lot of people do and it seems like something that should be fairly easy and inexpensive to add, therefore I find it strange they’re not present on every custom cable.


Gear used for testing the Alpha & Delta 8-core SPC cable includes the Hifi Boy OS V3, Custom Art FIBAE 3, Custom Art FIBAE 2 and M-Fidelity SA-50 for IEM testing. For DAPs it was the Sony NW-ZX300 and Shanling M0. For a bit of extra fun I hooked up my Android phone to the Earstudio ES100 for some Spotify streaming as well.

First on the list of IEMs to test with the cable was the Hifi Boy OS V3 (review here). The OS V3 is a hybrid IEM with a 1DD+2BA configuration. Normally I find the audible difference from switching cables to be minimal but here it had a more noticeable effect.

The A&D cable opens up the OS V3’s top end, giving it better treble extension and added sparkle. This also gives the OS V3 some extra air which really opens up the sound and expands the soundstage.

In the midrange, the OS V3 shifted toward the core and upper mids bringing extra clarity and a sense of more transparency. Since the OS V3 is already very strong in these areas the added benefits from the cable made the experience staggeringly good.

With the M-Fidelity SA-50 (review here) the midrange gains extra body, making piano notes and instruments more forward with a subtle increase in clarity.

Similar to the Hifi Boy, the SA-50’s treble has a bit more sparkle and air with the Alpha & Delta compared to the default plastics1 cable. Since the SA-50 already has fairly pronounced highs this isn’t as ideal a pairing.

Similar results were had with the FIBAE CIEMs. With all the earphones tested I couldn’t perceive any difference in the bass but heard improvements to the midrange and treble with the biggest benefit for my personal preferences being the extra air and subsequent soundstage granted from the improved treble extension.


The Alpha & Delta 8-core SPC cable offers outstanding value. It’s really nicely built from top to bottom with some of the best strain relief you will find on a cable.

Take into consideration the excellent sonic qualities and the awesome genuine leather storage case and it’s no surprise that I highly recommend this cable. Now I just want to see it available in a balanced version as well!

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