Alpha & Delta D2 review

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Lend Me UR ears, based in Singapore is an online and physical store that opened in December 2011 with a goal to “bring quality audio products to the masses and providing good customer service in the process” They offer free international shipping and international warranty for all items purchased. They also have their own in-house brand “Alpha & Delta”. Today I’ll be looking at their sport-oriented model the Alpha & Delta D2.

This item was sent to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. Opinions here are mine based on my experience with the product. I’m not affiliated with the company and am not gaining any financial incentive for writing this review.

Lend Me UR ears website:
Alpha & Delta D2 product page:

  • Super comfortable shape and rubberized coating
  • IPX4 rating means they’re sweatproof and perfect for working out or running
  • Have a fun and warm tone
  • Not the most detailed sound
Alpha & Delta D2 box front
Alpha & Delta D2 box rear

Packaging and accessories

The D2 comes with a nice bundle of accessories including:

  • 1 shirt clip
  • 3 pairs of silicon tips
  • 3 pairs of bifiange tips
  • 2 pairs of foam tips
  • Driver unit: 10mm dynamic driver
  • Impedance: 16 ohm
  • Rated power: 1mW
  • Frequency Response: 10 Hz- 20 Khz
  • Speaker Sensitivity: 95 +/- db/ mW
  • Cord Length: 1.2m
  • Plug: 3.5 mm
Alpha & Delta D2 unboxing
Alpha & Delta D2 carry case
Alpha & Delta D2 accessories

Build, comfort and isolation

In a word – outstanding. Very solid construction that also includes an IPX 4 rating. The housing is made from a solid plastic with a rubberized coating and are an over-ear design. There are no sharp edges – everything is nicely rounded.

On the inside of the housing towards the back is a pinhole port. It’s difficult to tell but I’m fairly certain that the port would be blocked once the earphones are inserted which makes me think that it may not be a bass vent but there to prevent driver flex. If that is the case, then they work very well because I haven’t encountered any driver flex whatsoever.

There are strain reliefs (red on the right and black on the left (clever design) joining the cable to the housing and from those are attached a clear plastic tubing that acts like a memory wire but is more malleable and easy to manage. On the cable (I chose the version without microphone) there is a rubber Y-splitter with very good strain relief. There’s also a cable cinch which is always a nice addition for those that like them. The cable itself is a black rubber that feels quite strong and doesn’t tangle easily. The cable ends in a rubber 45-degree angle plug with strain relief.

Alpha & Delta D2 closeup
Alpha & Delta D2 shells & logo
Alpha & Delta D2 y-split
Alpha & Delta D2 plug

The rubberized coating and rounded edges make the D2 feel silky smooth and extremely comfortable in the ear, in fact, they’re one of the most comfortable IEMs that I’ve ever used. The plastic tubing I mentioned above does a really good job of holding the D2 in place when you’re moving about and is much more comfortable than having actual memory wire. I can easily wear these for hours on end.

Sound isolation is about average for this type of earphone, blocking a fair amount of external noise and making them suitable for noisy environments or commuting.


These earphones have a V-shaped signature, with emphasis on the mid-bass and laid-back treble. As a result, they’re non-fatiguing (unless you don’t like bass) and well-suited to long listening sessions. They have a warm and inviting sound but still manage to convey detail quite well.

Bass is prominent but well controlled and textured. There is some slight bleeding into the lower mids but for the most part is more than acceptable. Personally, I’d like a little less mid-bass (this can be achieved with EQ) just to allow a bit more detail to come through in the midrange and make the sound slightly more neutral.

Male vocals can at times be a little overshadowed by the warmth of the mid-bass but still sound intimate enough without being too distant. These are really well suited for hip-hop and electronic music but handled everything I tried with competence.

Highs have a reasonable extension and I don’t find them at all edgy or piercing. There’s enough of it there to give the music some energy and brightness without being uncomfortable. A little more emphasis on the highs might have been nice to balance out the weighted low end.


Fischer Audio Omega Ace

Both of these have a similar V-shaped sound signature and form factor. The housing on the D2 is slightly larger but it’s smooth edges and rubberized coating make them more comfortable. The memory wire and cable placement on the Ace also made it difficult for me to get a good fit where the Alpha & Delta mate perfectly with my ears providing a wonderful fit and seal.

Tennmak Piano

The D2 has more fullness and warmth in the midrange making the presentation feel smoother than the Piano. As always in this price range though I still find the Piano’s bass superior in texture and control. There’s a way the bass resonates in the Piano’s housing that is just so engaging for my taste. The Tennmak has more detail and has a brighter sound overall. They’re both comfortable to wear but the D2 considerably more so. This one would come down to personal preference and intended use.

Alpha & Delta D2 another closeup
Alpha & Delta D2 symmetrical

Alpha & Delta D2 Conclusion

The Alpha & Delta surprised me with its build quality but even more so with its fit and comfort. While the sound is about average for the price range I think it’s well suited to the intended purpose of the D2 (being advertised as a sports model) with enough bass to be energetic but a smooth overall presentation.

Weighing up I find the sound to be pretty good but considering they’re IPX4 rated, extremely comfortable, reasonably priced and come with a generous amount of accessories I think they’re easily deserving of four stars.
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