BGVP NS10 Review

BGVP NS10 review featured

The BGVP NS10 in today’s review is a hybrid ten-driver IEM with a 2DD+8BA configuration and a 4-way electronic crossover. It has aviation-grade aluminium shells and comes with 3 sets of tuning filters. It’s priced at $169.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by BGVP for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

BGVP NS10 Review
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Full-bodied bass
Good detail retrieval and clarity
Customizable sound profile
Great build qualty
Lovely modular cable
Treble might be too lively for some listeners
Tough competition
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Impedance: 12Ω
Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
Sensitivity: 110dB SPL/MW
Distortion Rate: ≤1.5% (1kHz)
Channel Difference: ≤1dB
Cavity Material: Lightweight aluminium alloy cavity
Drive Unit: 8 balanced armature+2 dynamic driver
Cable: 4 strands 6N OCC silver plated cable

What’s in the Box
  • BGVP NS10 IEMs
  • Detachable OCC silver-plated cable
  • 3x sets of tuning filters
  • 6x pairs of silicone eartips
  • 1x pair of foam eartips
  • Carrying case
  • 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm plugs
  • Documentation/warranty
BGVP NS10 design


The BGVP NS10 boasts a streamlined and elegant exterior, crafted from aviation-grade aluminium shells. Available in silver and grey, my matte grey pair has a smooth finish that resists fingerprints. They feel great in the hand – lightweight yet extremely robust.

In addition to using MMCX sockets instead of the 2-pin variety, the NS10 features three pinhole-sized vents behind the sockets that help relieve ear pressure and feed air to the dual dynamic drivers inside.

The NS10’s nozzles also act as tuning filters, with three sets of filters included in the box: Silver for pop, Red for bass, and Gold for HiFi. These removable filters can be easily swapped by hand without any tools.

Adding even more value to the overall bundle, the NS10 comes standard with a high-purity 6N OCC silver-plated upgrade cable. The reasonably thick cable is braided with a smooth TPU sheath, and all its components, including the chin slider, are polished aluminium. What’s more, it’s a modular cable that allows you to change the termination, with singled-ended 3.5mm, 2.5mm balanced, and 4.4mm balanced plugs included.

Stock SPC modular cable


Gear used for testing includes the iBasso DX120, Cayin RU6 and Shanling UP5. NS10 is an efficient earphone and doesn’t require any extra amplification. However, it does reward you when you give it a high-quality source.

The NS10 boasts a tuning that’s fairly close to the Harman target, offering a neutral sound with subtle boosts to the bass and treble. Its exceptional resolution sets it apart, with each instrument and vocal occupying its own space against a rich black background.

The NS10’s instrument separation and imaging are top-notch, producing a perfectly defined soundstage where each element’s position and distance are clearly perceptible to the listener.

Its forward stage positioning thrusts the listener into the heart of the music, creating an immersive experience. While the width and depth of the soundstage are impressive, it’s the height of the image that truly dazzles, adding extra dimensionality to the listening experience.

BGVP NS10 frequency response graph

The bass is boosted somewhat north of neutral but it’s not quite at a basshead level. Despite the boost, the bass is balanced and doesn’t overpower the other frequencies. It has a natural decay that adds to its musicality and doesn’t trip over itself, keeping up with fast-paced recordings.

In terms of bass quality, the texture is excellent and the body is full, providing a satisfying and engaging experience. The bass attacks are clean and well-defined, allowing the listener to easily discern individual notes. The layering of the bass is also noteworthy, showing good distinction between drums and bass guitars.

BGVP NS10 with tuning filters

NS10’s midrange is distinguished by its excellent instrument separation and spaciousness. It sounds quite forward in the mix, despite lifts in the bass and treble. It sounds neutral but with a hint of warmth added for naturalness.

Male vocals sound rich and warm but are still clear and articulate. Female vocals sound natural and vibrant but never shouty or sibilant. The midrange overall is very detailed, textured and immersive. Each instrument and vocal is distinct and well-defined, with no muddiness or congestion even in complex tracks. The NS10’s midrange strikes a balance between neutrality and warmth that makes it both expressive and easygoing.

Listening to Hollie Cook’s Angel Fire, Hollie’s voice sounds sultry but clear. Her voice rises easily over the melodic bass guitar and thick kick drum. The mids sound spacious and effortless and at no point do they sound forced or


The BGVP NS10’s lower treble has been tastefully elevated, delivering an abundance of clarity and detail without any harsh or edgy tonalities. Despite its liveliness and sparkle, it doesn’t cross the limits of my tolerance for sharpness. This detailed treble is particularly adept at reproducing micro-details with ease.

Furthermore, the NS10’s treble imparts an airy and spacious character to the music, lending it an open and precise quality. It is the icing on the cake, adding crispness and precision to the general sound signature. Overall, the NS10’s treble is a standout feature, delivering ample detail and clarity, although it may be too energetic for people sensitive to highs.


OH10 right earpiece
NS10 vs OH10
BGVP NS10 (red) vs IKKO OH10 (black).

The IKKO OH10 (review here) is a hybrid dual-driver IEM with 1DD+1BA. The OH10 has slightly more sub-bass extension and emphasis but overall the bass tuning is quite similar to the NS10.

OH10’s core midrange is not as forward but it has some extra lift in the upper midrange. As a result, OH10 has a very spacious midrange albeit somewhat recessed whereas vocals on the NS10 are more forward.

The IKKO’s treble level is similar to the NS10 but sounds distinctly different. It’s less precise but softer and more diffuse. Combined with the less forward core mids and upper mids lift, OH10’s treble sounds open and airy. This gives it a larger perceived soundstage but with less precise imaging.

Moondrop KATO review featured
Moondrop KATO
NS10 vs KATO
BGVP NS10 (red) vs Moondrop KATO (black).

I know the Moondrop KATO (review here) isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison because it’s a single dynamic driver IEM but it’s around the same price and considered one of the benchmarks in this tier.

KATO’s sub-bass extension is similar to the NS10 but has more forward mids, bringing the perceived level down a tad. There’s more emphasis on the mids and some tilt in the upper mids compared to the NS10. This makes KATO’s presentation more intimate and slightly smoother.

The treble is further back in the mix compared to the NS10 and that’s because of KATO’s lifted midrange. As a result, KATO’s stage is smaller and has less width. In addition, micro details are not as forthcoming as they are on the NS10.

BGVP NS10 with Phatlab Chimera amp


The BGVP NS10 is a high-quality earphone with an elegant design crafted from aviation-grade aluminium. Its customizable tuning filters and modular silver-plated cable add considerable value to the overall package.

The NS10’s exceptional resolution and balanced bass make it a top-performing earphone, with a standout treble that delivers ample detail and clarity. Overall, the BGVP NS10 offers good value for anyone seeking a clear, detailed and customizable earphone.

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Which iem is better seelreal audio airship or this one ? Please suggest and why is the other one better tell me

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Which nozzle should i use for the best song?

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