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BGVP Quantum 2 review featured

It feels like it’s been raining TWS earphones in recent months with every brand under the sun releasing their own version and countless new names joining the stampede. However, there aren’t many that stand out from the crowd as we’ve just been seeing slight variations of the same thing over and over. In this review, I’m taking a look at the BGVP Quantum 2 (Q2), a TWS earphone that aims to do things differently.

The Q2 is a hybrid TWS IEM but not the type we’re used to seeing. This one differentiates itself by being a TWS with MMCX sockets, meaning it can be used like any regular TWS or with a cable. Sounds challenging right? Let’s see how it turned out.

BGVP Q2 will be available on Drop from Feb 13 for $80.

This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

BGVP Quantum 2 Review

  • Hybrid TWS and wired modes
  • Same sound signature in wired and wireless modes
  • Detachable cable
  • Neutral bass
  • Expansive soundstage

  • Unstable Bluetooth connection
  • Some Bluetooth syncing issues
  • No aptX support
  • Some sibilance

Package and Accessories

The Q2 comes in a small, sleeved square box with an image of the charging case and earphones on the front. Over on the back is a list of specifications. Inside the box, is the Q2 and the charging case seated in a textured grey foam insert. The rest of the accessories are hidden below the foam. Let’s take a look at the box contents in their entirety:

  • BGVP Quantum 2 TWS earbuds
  • Charging case
  • Braided MMCX cable
  • 3x pairs of wide-bore silicone eartips
  • 3x pairs of narrow-bore silicone eartips
  • 1 pair of foam eartips
  • USB Type C cable
  • Fabric carry pouch
  • User guide and warranty

That is a generous list of loot to be sure, The included MMCX cable handles well and is actually quite nice. It’s also great to see the Q2 can accommodate standard eartips so you can tip roll to your heart’s content.

A soft-touch coating on the charging case makes it feel great in the hand plus the size is conveniently small. Charging is done via a USB Type C port on the back where there are also 4 LEDs indicating the case’s battery charge level.

Build Quality and Functionality

BGVP Quantum 2 faceplates

As soon as you see the BGVP Q2 shells, you can tell they’re shaped like regular pseudo-custom type earpieces and that’s a good thing. If you’ve tried the BGVP DM6 or DM7, the Q2 is quite similar to those.

The shells are translucent dark blue in colour so if you hold them up to the light you can just see some of the internal components. Build quality feels good overall.

Once you take the Q2 out of the charging case, the left and right sides automatically pair together. Blue and red LEDs start blinking within, letting you know they’re in pairing mode or just blue if they’re already paired with a source.

BGVP Quantum 2 with cable, carry pouch and charging case

On the top edge of the earpieces is an MMCX connector where you can, of course, plug in the included or any standard MMCX cable. Once you do this the Bluetooth connection switches off and the Q2 acts like any wired earphone.

The Q2’s faceplates are touch-sensitive and can be used for standard TWS playback and call controls, such as play/pause, skip/rewind, answer calls etc. I found the touch controls to be fairly responsive and intuitive but far too sensitive.

It is very easy to accidentally turn the Q2 on or off when handling, even while the cable is plugged in. When changing eartips or readjusting the position in my ears, one or both earpieces would turn on/off and switch to Bluetooth mode and it can be extremely frustrating. As such, I feel that physical buttons would be much better suited for a hybrid system like this.

Comfort and Noise Isolation

Comfort is very nice as the BGVP Q2 fits in your ears like any regular, modern 3D-printed shells. Assuming you have the right eartips, these earphones are great for long periods of wear with or without the cable.

Sound isolation is pretty solid too and is above average for a TWS solution. These are perfect for noisy commuting and public places as they passively block out a good amount of external noise.

BGVP Quantum 2 in wired configuration
Bluetooth and Battery Life

Here’s where things start to go a little awry. Q2’s Bluetooth connectivity is somewhat inconsistent and erratic. I experienced regular cutouts, even with my phone or DAP sitting on the desk right in front of me. The same thing happened a lot as I was walking around with my phone in my pants pocket. The signal never disconnected completely but there would be regular cutouts and interruptions. Strangely, this seemed to happen more when connected to my phone which in the past, has been my most stable source for Bluetooth. When paired with my FiiO M6, the connection was more consistent.

Another issue I found is that the left and right earpieces sometimes go slightly out of sync with each other for no apparent reason. One side falls about a millisecond behind the other which gives the sound a strange DSP type stereo wide effect. This didn’t occur as often as the signal drops but certainly enough to be very frustrating. I have been informed that all these issues will be fixed in the final retail version but, of course, I cannot rate a product based on promises. We will have to wait and see how the final product performs before making a final conclusion.

Q2 with fabric carry pouch


Sources used for testing: Android smartphone, FiiO M6 and Shanling Q1.

If a more neutral bass and brighter tonality appeal to your tastes, Q2 should be right up your alley. Among the TWS earphones that I’ve tested, Q2 is one of the few that aims for clarity and detail rather than bass and warmth.

What I found really interesting was how similar the sound signature is in both wireless and wired modes. BGVP has managed to keep both pretty close in tonality. However, I prefer the sound when using wireless because the upper mids and treble are slightly reduced but the quantity of bass stays about the same: this gives the wireless mode a bit more fullness and warmth, while at the same time cuts back some of the sibilance.

BGVP Quantum 2 frequency response graph
Wired (blue/red) vs Wireless (green).

The bass is lean and fast. It’s quite neutral, which I know is something that appeals to a lot of enthusiasts out there. As a result, there’s no bleeding into the midrange. In addition, there is above average definition and slam. It’s not a particularly impactful or punchy bass but it does have nice extension and texture. Sub-bass notes have a light, fast rumble: they don’t carry much authority but it’s typical for a balanced armature bass.


Like a tangy sorbet, Q2’s mids are refreshing and light. You won’t hear any muddiness or veil here because the midrange has a clarity that’s rare in the TWS scene. Transients are fast and the overall presentation is very clean, detailed and open. Vocals have great articulation and good tonality but they are a bit lean. Classical and instrumental music sound particularly good with this type of midrange thanks to the openness, separation and uncoloured air between instruments.


The treble is zesty and energetic with fantastic extension. It’s very detailed and precise, leading to excellent layering and abundant airiness. However, it does get sibilant and can be pretty strident, so treble-sensitive readers beware. It is aimed at precision and sparkle, which it does remarkably well but as a result, it can also be quite fatiguing after a short period of time.


This is where the Q2 really shines. The soundstage is much larger than the average TWS earphone, showcasing above average width and depth. Not only is the stage big but spatial positioning and imaging are top-class for a TWS earbud. The leanness of the bass plus the precision and airiness of the treble allow Q2 to create a holographic 3D space. It would be impressive in a normal IEM but for a wireless earbud, it’s outstanding.

BGVP Q2 with cable


The BGVP Quantum 2 TWS certainly shows a lot of promise. Right now though, there are still some creases that need to be ironed out before I can give it my full recommendation. The tuning is already quite good but now BGVP just needs to improve the Bluetooth functionality (which I’m told will be fixed for the final release). In any case, the Q2 is on track to being a very interesting TWS earbud with the potential to be a real hit.

BGVP Quantum 2 Specifications
  • Impedance: 18Ω
  • Earphone sensitivity: 108dB
  • Frequency range: 10-35000Hz
  • Drivers: Knowles 32873 + 33518
  • Connection Type: Bluetooth 5.0 + MMCX (cable included with 3.5mm termination)
  • Codecs Available: AAC, SBC
  • Playback Time: 7 hours Approx
  • Total Battery Life with Case: 26 hours
  • Earphone (per side) Battery Capacity: 50mAh
  • Charging Case Battery Capacity: 350mAh
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours
  • Effective range: Approx 10 metres
  • Bluetooth Supported Profiles: HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, SPP, PBAP

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2 years ago

In terms of purely sound, how does it compare with DM6 and DM7?

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