Cozoy TAKT C Review


Does your phone’s audio suck? Maybe your phone doesn’t even have a headphone jack. How about your tablet or laptop? Have you ever wished for a super simple solution to improve the audio quality of your daily devices? In this review, I’m checking out the Cozoy TAKT C DAC/Amplifier (DAC/Amp) and it might be just what you’re looking for.

What is the Cozoy TAKT C?

TAKT C is an external DAC/Amp that simply plugs directly into your phone, tablet or computer via a USB Type-C port. It has a high-grade internal DAC that allows you to bypass your device’s built-in solution and provides Hi-Res audio plus a headphone jack.

This sample was provided for the purpose of an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Cozoy TAKT C Review

  • Plug and play
  • Small footprint
  • High-quality materials
  • Hi-Res audio and DSD support

  • Draws power from the source

Package and Accessories

TAKT C in box with foam insert

TACT C’s package is simply a small box about the size of a regular pen box. Hardly surprising because the device itself is tiny and it doesn’t require any additional accessories. On the front of the box is a clear image of the TAKT C. Inside the box, the TAKT C is seated in a black foam insert and you’ll also find an instruction manual included.

Build Quality and Design

Closeup of the TAKT C control buttons

The body of the TAKT C is made from aircraft-grade CNC aluminium alloy. It’s extremely lightweight and it’s really small too – about the size of my pinky finger (you thought I was going to say something else?)

TAKT C uses a screwless design and has a simple rectangular body with rounded corners. The surface of the device feels very nice, much like a high-end smartphone or Macbook. Attached to the body is a short cable with a USB Type-C port. The length of the device including the cable and USB port is about 15cm.

On top of the unit are a volume rocker and a multi-function button. These metal buttons have a reassuring, tactile click without any looseness or mushiness. The USB port and headphone jack are both gold-plated for maximum conductivity.


Inside TAKT C is a SABRE9018Q2C Reference D/A Converter which natively supports 32-bit 384KHz PCM signals and signal processing up to DSD 11.2MHz! Additionally, TAKT C is equipped with Time Domain Jitter Eliminator technology and achieves 120dB signal to noise ratio (SNR).

Cozoy TAKT C full view

For me, the greatest thing about TAKT C’s functionality is how simple it is to use. You literally just plug it in and you’re ready to go. My ageing smartphone has a pitiful Micro-USB port but I tested the device on my wife’s phone and it was detected instantly.

Where I use TAKT C is with my work laptop which has a USB Type-C port. It was immediately recognized by Windows 10 and automatically set as the default output device. How easy is that? This is perfect for me because my laptop is always plugged into the mains so I never need to worry about battery life. The upgrade in audio quality is very noticeable but I’ll talk about that more in the next section.

With a power output rated at 1.5V RMS@32Ω, the TAKT C is capable of some pretty impressive driving force. It has no trouble whatsoever with the Tin Hifi P1 (review here) and even full-sized headphones like the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro sound optimal and go louder than my ears can handle.


Cozoy TAKT C with laptop and headphones

Sabre DACs are known to be difficult to implement which can result in very different end results in terms of sound. This is probably why there are so many conflicting opinions about the sound signature of Sabre DACs.

It would seem that the Cozoy engineers know how to implement a Sabre DAC because the TAKT C actually sounds really nice. While it does show the expected Sabre DAC traits like high resolution and excellent detail it also comes with a robust low end and natural warmth.

Music emanates from a black background with no audible hiss even on sensitive earphones. The bass is full-bodied and shows good extension along with definition and speed. There’s enough warmth for a natural tone and musicality without adding colour to the sound.

TAKT C has a USB Type-C plug

TAKT C’s midrange is organic with a touch of warmth for extra body. There are good detail and texture here and I am impressed with the unit’s layering and separation. Vocals are nicely presented with good articulation and tone. Compared to my laptop’s onboard sound, TAKT C’s mids are cleaner yet nicely rounded and rich.

The treble sounds clear and crisp but with a slightly more relaxed presentation. However, the smaller details are intact and the soundstage is open and spacious. It can’t match some of my high-end DACs for extension but for a device of this size, it’s quite remarkable and was a real surprise to me.

TAKT C with headphones and laptop


Cozoy is a brand I was familiar with but until now I had not tried any of their products. I can genuinely say I’ll be keeping an eye out for anything they do going forward because this little DAC far surpassed my expectations.

The Cozoy TAKT C delivers a detailed, rich sound and can power everything but the most demanding headphones. The icing on the cake is that it is so simple and easy to use; just plug it in and you’re gold. This one is easy to recommend and perfect for anyone looking to upgrade their smartphone or tablet/computer into a proper source for Hi-Res music.


Output power: 1.5V RMS@32Ω per channel
Housing material: 6063 Aluminum Alloy
Input power: Depends on device
Input: USB Type-C
Output connector: 3.5mm TRS Stereo earphone
SNR: 120dB
Cable length: 10cm

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