Edifier launches their first Studio Monitor!

Edifier MR4 speakers first look featured

Edifier just released information on their first-ever Studio Monitor, the Edifier MR4! The MR4 is aimed at new content creators, whether they be rookie music producers or established artists. The MR4 is a power-efficient Class D powered speaker with a pure, detailed sound and classy design.

We don’t have any other information at this stage but you can see from the pictures that it’s a reasonably small 2-way speaker with what looks to be a carbon fibre pattern on the woofer’s diaphragm. There’s a volume knob on the bottom right of the fascia plus headphone and aux jacks on the bottom left.

The speaker chassis has a low-key matte black finish, which is ideal for a studio monitor. As soon as more details become available I will post an update.

About Edifier

Edifier specialises in premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design elegance. We deliver outstanding sound experience through a wide range of sound systems for personal entertainment and professional excellence.


You can stay up to date with more Edifier news here.

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1 year ago

same price as the R1700BT here, I wonder if its just tuned differently or a straight upgrade in terms of fidelity.

1 year ago
Reply to  David Becker

ah, sorry for super late reply, yeah, in fact it was already on sale the moment Edifier announced it here in MY. Tempted as I was, did not purchase it sadly.

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