FX Audio R07Plus Review

FX Audio R07Plus review featured

In this article, I review the FX Audio R07Plus balanced headphone amplifier. The R07Plus is part of the ‘Good Times’ product line and features OP1612 op-amps, a fully balanced architecture and dual gain modes. It’s priced at $199 (currently on sale for $175).

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by FX Audio for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

FX Audio R07Plus Review
The FX Audio R07Plus delivers top-notch sound quality at an affordable price.
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Muscular, transparent sound
Abundant output power
Dual gain modes
Robust build quality
Variety of outputs
The unit gets quite warm
Power switch placement at the back is inconvenient
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FX Audio R07Plus

R07Plus design


The FX Audio R07Plus has a vertical orientation with the same dimensions as the DS07 DAC and L07 power amplifier. They (FX Audio) are designing these products to be used together in a unified system (although they can be mixed with any components) and I like this approach.

The front panel hosts the volume knob, the balanced XLR and 4.4mm headphone outputs and the single-ended 6.35mm output. Three LEDs provide visual cues for the selected gain, impedance, and input modes.

FX Audio R07Plus rear I/O panel

The rear panel offers balanced XLR and single-ended RCA inputs for connecting your source devices. Input selection, RCA impedance, and gain mode can be adjusted using the three dedicated switches.

There are no vents on the unit so it can get quite warm during use but that’s the norm for these things. The build quality feels robust and I like the aesthetic of it, especially when it’s paired with the DS07.

A part of me wishes that the power switch and the three setting switches were on the front panel. While this might detract from its understated appearance, it would make the amp easier to use.

Front panel angled


For the test, I used my PC as the source to play high-resolution FLAC files and Spotify Premium, which fed into the DS07. This was subsequently connected to the R07Plus using the XLR input.

The claimed output power is an impressive 2700mW but the marketing doesn’t state at what impedance (I assume it’s 16 Ohm). Regardless, that’s some beefy output that can drive most demanding headphones comfortably.

The R07Plus provides a noticeable improvement in clarity and detail, revealing subtle nuances in the music that lesser budget amplifiers tend to gloss over. The soundstage is impressively wide and deep, giving a sense of space and dimension that makes live recordings particularly immersive.

The bass response is tight and controlled, offering deep, resonant lows without any hint of muddiness. The midrange is transparent, allowing vocals and instruments to come through with a natural, lifelike quality. High frequencies are crisp and extended, yet never harsh, highlighting the shimmer of cymbals and the breathiness of wind instruments. Dynamics are handled with finesse, as the music transitions from soft passages to powerful crescendos without losing any detail or introducing distortion.

Overall, the R07Plus delivers a balanced and dynamic sound profile. Its performance is impressive for an entry-level amplifier whether you’re doing critical or casual listening.

Select Pairings

Sennheiser HD650 – With its abundance of output power, the R07Plus can easily push the HD650 to its full potential with headroom to spare. The soundstage is expansive but maintains stable boundaries with good note density and precise imaging.

Bass notes are full-bodied and impactful but they are controlled with good definition. The midrange is forward and rich in tone, especially pleasing for male vocals and string instruments.

HiFiMan Sundara – The Sundara can be a little choosy when it comes to amplification but it sounds great with the R07Plus. The bass response is engaging but tight and the midrange resolution is outstanding considering the combined price of these 2 items.

I’ve always been impressed by the Sundara’s detail retrieval; with this pairing, it’s fun to sit back and discover previously unheard nuances in familiar tracks.

IO Audio Volare – Volare is a delightfully mature yet engaging IEM with the ability to scale with different source gear. In this pairing, Volare benefits from the black background that allows it to showcase its precise imaging and exceptional instrument separation.

Sub-bass notes reach deep and the treble extends into the ether while the midrange sounds clean and spacious. The presentation is both immersive and articulate, making it a joy to experience a wide range of musical genres.

R07Plus rear panel angled


The FX Audio R07Plus prioritizes fidelity and lets your headphones take centre stage. It’s a great choice for audiophiles who value a clean and accurate amp without breaking the bank. With its transparent sound and robust build quality, it offers excellent performance for the price and is easy to recommend.

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