NEW RELEASES 02/07/2023 – 16/07/2023

KZ Krila

In ear monitor with single dynamic driver that has diameter of 10mm and single balanced armature per side. 4 tuning dip switches. Priced at 17 USD

Moondrop Chu II

IEM that is new revision of the Chu. It comes with single 10mm dynamic driver. Priced at 19 USD


Earphones with 2-pin connectors, heavily vented resin shell. Hybrid with single dynamic driver (10mm) and single balanced armature. Priced at 28 USD

Shanling Sono

Hybrid IEM with two dynamic drivers (6.8mm midrange and 9.2m bass) and single balanced armature. Zinc alloy shell equipped with 2-pin connectors. Priced at 76 USD

Tripowin x HBB Kailua

In ear monitor with two dynamic drivers, one being 10mm and the other one being 6mm. It has sensitivity of 106dB and impedance of 19ohms. Priced at 80 USD

Moondrop Starfield II

Second generation of Starfield. It uses a single dynamic driver. Impedance of 15ohms and sensitivity of 122dB. Priced at 110 USD

Hidizs MS3

Younger brother of MS5. It utilizes 2 balanced armatures and single dynamic driver with diameter of 10.2mm. Priced at 120USD

DUNU Falcon Ultra

IEM that comes with tuning nozzles. It packs a single dynamic driver. It has sensitivity of 108dB and impedance of 16ohms. Priced at 240 USD

Simphonio P-Zero/P0

Planar magnetic in ear monitor. Priced at 4900 USD

HarmonicDyne Zeus Elite

Open back headphones with 50mm dynamic driver. Sensitivity of 105dB and impedance of 32ohms. These do weight about 360 grams. Priced at 380 USD

Shanling UA1 Plus

Portable DAC /AMP dongle that uses 2x CS43131 DAC chips. It outputs 80mW at 32ohms load and has output impedance of 0.5ohm. It only has one output connector although it is not specified what one it is (I believe it is 3.5mm).

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