NEW RELEASES 19/02/2023 – 26/02/2023


New IEM release from SIMGOT offering 10mm dual magnetic circuit with dual cavity dynamic driver. Two tunings, two frequency response curves. 2-pin connection. Impedance of 16ohms and sensitivity of 123 or 124 dB/Vrms depending on the tuning setting. 92USD


More expensive sibling of the EA500 featuring a single 12mm dynamic driver combined with a single 6mm passive radiator. Swappable plugs for adjusting the tuning. Impedance of 23ohms and sensitivity of 114dB. 320 USD

BQEYZ Winter

Hybrid with 12mm dynamic driver and 11.6 PZT bone conduction. 240USD


The third generation of mest. 10mm dynamic driver, 4 EST drivers and BA drivers put into a ceramic shell with a 2-pin socket. The price is yet to be determined.


Earphone with two dynamic drivers and single balanced armature (Knowles) per side. The dynamic driver is in a 10mm beryllium coated and 6mm titanium-coated configuration. Price unknown as of the time of writing.

Campfire Audio Andromeda ‘Emerald Sea’

Yet another revision of Andromeda. Still featuring five balanced armatures. It is said that both the externals and internals have been updated. A price increase of 350 USD over the previous generation means it costs 1450 USD.

Campfire Audio Solaris ‘Stellar Horizon’

Next update in the Campfire Audio lineup. This IEM features three balanced armatures and a 10mm dynamic driver. All that in brushed stainless steel housing with brass accents and gold PVD inlay. 2670 USD

IMR RAH 2023

Dynamic driver combined with 10mm planar magnetic driver. Impedance of 32ohms and sensitivity of 103dB. 675 USD

IMR BC 2023

Dual dynamic driver. BC supposedly stands for Bass Cannon. Impedance of 32ohms and sensitivity of 102dB. 370 USD


Two balanced armatures with single dynamic driver per side. Impedance of 34ohms and sensitivity of 101dB. 795 USD

Hiby FC6

That’s the second R2R dongle DAC on the market. Like Cayin RU6 offers NOS / OS switching. Features 2 OPA1622. Priced at 290 USD

Shanling M1S

DAP with ES9038Q2M DAC chip and 2xRT6863 AMP. 4.4mm balanced outputting 245mW at 32ohms and 3.5mm outputting 144mW at 32ohms load. 2.8″ touch screen 640×480 which you can rotate to 180 degrees. Bluetooth 5.0 and MQA onboard. Priced at about 175 USD


DAP with a 2.4″ display supporting a wide range of high res formats. Variety of outputs – it sports 2.5mm, 3.5mm and 4.4mm headphone outputs. Power output: 130mW rated at 32ohms out of single-ended or 280 rated at 32ohms. Bluetooth 5.0 in Bluetooth variant. 370 USD or 400 USD for Bluetooth supporting variant.

Cayin N7

DAP that houses a Snapdragon 665, 4GB Ram and a 5-inch screen. It outputs 500mW balanced or 250mW single-ended at a 32ohm load. Switchable A / AB class amplification. 2000 USD

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