NEW RELEASES 19/03/2023 – 02/04/2023


IEM implements 4 tuning switches and a single 10mm dynamic driver. Comes at 28 USD.

The KZ D-Fi comes in two variations: the standard version and the tunable version. The standard version is built with a well-balanced and precise frequency response tuning.

On the other hand, the tunable version allows for toggling between 16 distinct sound styles, making it a versatile option that caters to the diverse preferences of musicians.

Moondrop Blessing 3

A new version of Blessing. Offering 2 Dynamic Drivers and 4 Balanced armatures. Price estimation of about 290 USD.

Simphonio PB10

Planar IEM from Simphonio equipped with a 2-pin connector. 450USD

64Audio U4s

Most budget universal IEM offering from 64Audio. It has 4 drivers, 3 of them being Balanced Armatures and the last one – A dynamic Driver is being used for low frequencies. Priced at 1100 USD.

FiiO FT3

Headphones from FiiO with a high impedance of 350ohms and all aluminium enclosure. Dynamic drivers have a diameter of 60mm. Priced at 300USD.

TRN T350

True wireless earbuds from TRN that sport a QCC3071 chip that supports Bluetooth 5.3. It 8mm Dynamic Driver paired with Balanced Armature. Priced at 120 USD.

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