NEW RELEASES 22/1/2023 – 29/1/2023


We’re still yet to recover from the period that the Lunar New Year is which means less releases, but there still are a few. Let’s get it!

Bowers & Wilkins Pi7 S2

TWS that has a single dynamic driver with a 9.2mm diameter alongside a balanced armature. ANC on board. 5 hours on a single charge. 400 USD.

The Pi7 S2 comes with a 24-bit connection with aptX™ Adaptive and adaptive active noise-cancellation.

Moondrop Droplet

The type that we will probably be seeing more and more, meaning USB-C IEMs that use DSP. A single balanced armature driver was put in it. Comes at 50 USD.

Sivga SV023
50mm dynamic driver made of LCP composite diaphragm plated with Beryllium embodied in walnut earcups. About 490 USD.

The SV023 headphones embody classic style with their premium natural solid walnut wood construction and adherence to traditional craftsmanship. The addition of a stainless steel mesh adds a layer of visual interest. Designed with comfort in mind, the leather headband is flexible and the earcups feature a special shape with a rotation angle that prevents squeezing.

The driver housing is made from aviation aluminium alloy and features an LCP Composite film diaphragm with a Beryllium-plated central section and high-performance NdFeb magnets. The sound profile is characterized by well-controlled bass, warm vocals in the middle frequencies, and natural, exquisite treble. The wide soundstage and good separation create an immersive audio experience.

Sennheiser HD660S2

Last not but least. Something that hasn’t really been announced but actually leaked. The next generation of HD660S. 300-ohm impedance. 42mm transducers. Price of 600 USD.

The HD 660S2 headphones have the same impedance as the HD 600 and HD 650, and feature revised coils for better impulse response, improved surround material for lower resonance and better sound, optimized airflow for improved sensitivity, and improved magnet’s air gap for greater efficiency and better sound. These headphones offer improved precision, speed and resolution, and double the sound pressure at low frequencies for greater detail, clarity and accuracy across the frequency range.

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