NEW RELEASES 8/1/2023 – 15/1/2023

New releases 15/01/23

This week’s releases or announcements are:

Campfire Audio Orbit
These 250 USD TWS use 10mm LCP dynamic driver with dual microphones. It is claimed they should last 8.5 hour of playback and 30 hours with the case.


2 pin based IEM with 9.2mm dynamic driver. Impedance of 60 ohms and sensitivity of 100dB. Comes at 2000 USD.

Astell&Kern PA10
Portable Class-A amp for 550 USD. 3.5mm and 4.4mm balanced outputs. 4200Ah battery to provide about 12 hours of playback in unbalanced mode, low gain and volume set to 30%.

Astell&Kern CA1000T
Comes with all the headphone / iem outputs you could want: 2.5mm, 3.5mm, 4.4mm and 6.3mm Dual ES9039MPRO DAC chips and dual Twin Triode KORG Nutube tubes. Device allows for switching between tube, op amp or to use both modes. 4.1″ 720p screen, 10100 mAh battery with 11 hours of playback time. Price? 2300 USD.

Astell&Kern HC3
Dual ES9219MQ. 3.5mm output. No information on producers website about output power. Price – 230 USD.

10mm liquid silicone dynamic driver combined with Sonion 2389 balanced armature. Price – TBD

Sony NW-A306
New take on budget Sony Walkman DAP. 3.6″ 720p screen. This time Android 12 based. 113g meaning it’s most likely lighter than your phone. It should offer up to 36 hours of 128kbps mp3 or 14 hours of 11.2896 MHz files. Expected to cost about 400 USD.

80 USD IEM with 4 tuning switches. Combination of single dynamic driver with two balanced armatures.

FiiO R7
Something out of niche category – desktop DAP. Android 10, Snapdragon 660. 6.3mm, 4.4mm and 4-pin XLR outputs. Outputs up to 3W per channel. But because of 5, yes 5 gain stages should pair well even with your IEM’s. 900 USD

What are your predictions and expectations about these ones? Are you considering grabbing one of these? Let us know in the comment section below. If we missed anything noteworthy please message us and we might add it to the next one.

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