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We’re no strangers to dongle DACs at Prime Audio Reviews and as time goes by, these little devices just keep getting better. The beauty of these DACs is that they can deliver true high-fidelity on the desktop yet they’re portable enough to take with you anywhere. One such device is the new xDuoo Link2 Bal.

The Link2 Bal has a true balanced design and a whopping 270mW output power. It has a single-ended 3.5mm jack and a fully balanced 4.4mm output. Internally, Link2 Bal utilizes dual DAC chips and can support up to 32bit/384 and DSD64-256.

Link2 Bal’s USB Type-C port is compatible with next-gen tablets and the Nintendo Switch so it’s versatile enough to take your games and movies to the next level, no matter what your source is. The device also has an LED indicator so you can always see the quality of the audio files you’re playing.

To make it even more convenient, Link2 Bal features onboard volume and playback controls. This lets you take control directly from the device without needing to turn on your phone screen or fiddle around with function keys on your laptop.

xDuoo Link2 Bal side with extra function switches

Check out the xDuoo Link2 Bal product page over at Apos. As always, when you buy from Apos Audio, you get free priority shipping, an extended 2-year warranty and a 45-day return policy.

Product features

  • True balanced architecture 
  • Dual DAC chips: CS43131 
  • 270mW output power
  • 4.4 + 3.5 outputs
  • SNR 127dB
  • Native DSD256
  • USB Type-C
  • Multi-platform uses: laptop, tablet, iPhone, Android, Nintendo Switch
  • LED sample rate indicator
  • CNC processed body–no seams or screws
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