NiceHCK F1 Pro Review

NiceHCK F1 Pro review featured

I’m looking at the NiceHCK F1 Pro planar IEMs in this review. The F1 Pro features a new generation 14.2mm planar magnetic driver unit and high-quality aluminium alloy shells. It’s priced at $99.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by HiFiGo for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

NiceHCK F1 Pro Review
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Build quality and comfort
Resolving yet smooth sound signature
Instrument separation and detail retrieval
Good accessories
Not as much bass impact as some of the more expensive alternatives
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NiceHCK F1 Pro


Impedance: 16Ω.
Sensitivity: 104dB/mW.
Frequency Response: 20Hz-28kHz.
Connector Type: 0.78mm 2-pin.
Termination Plug: 3.5mm or 4.4mm

In the Box
  • NiceHCK F1 Pro IEMs
  • Detachable 0m78mm 2-pin cable
  • Zipper carrying case
  • 12x pairs of silicone eartips


F1 Pro boasts CNC aluminium alloy shells finished in a brilliant blue finish with gold highlights. These shells are remarkably small considering they house large 14.2mm planar drivers. To put that in perspective, they’re only around half the size of the Hidizs MP145 shells.

The build quality is excellent and the F1 Pro is comfortable too, even during prolonged listening sessions. F1 Pro adopts the popular 0.78mm 2-pin sockets and comes with a wide variety of eartips.

Included with the IEMs is a high-quality silver-plated copper (SPC) cable. The cable handles nicely and has no noticeable microphonics. It’s available with both 3.5mm unbalanced and 4.4mm balanced terminations.


Gear used for testing includes the HiBy Digital M300, SMSL DO300EX and Colorfly CDA-M2. The F1 Pro is easy to drive and doesn’t require extra amplification. You can run it straight out of a mobile phone but you will get better performance if you pair it with a better quality source.

The F1 Pro has a balanced sound signature with a warm bass, a neutral midrange and a laid-back treble. Despite being smooth on the ears, the F1 Pro is resolving and has good detail retrieval thanks to the nimbleness of its planar driver.

NiceHCK F1 Pro frequency response graph


The NiceHCK F1 Pro is a standout entry-level planar driver IEM. It has excellent build quality, comfortable, attractive shells and a great stock cable. Moreover, the F1 Pro sounds great. It has a warm yet resolving and detailed sound signature with good bass extension and a smooth treble. If you’ve been searching for a planar driver IEM around the $100 mark, this is one you should put on your very short list.

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2 months ago

How this F1 PRO compares to the MP145 in terms of sound quality/details and bass performance? Is it worth the extra money or should I go for the F1PRO? Thanks bro!!! Excellent review!

4 months ago

would really like your take on how it compares with s12pro or kefine klanar in terms of resolution/technicalities. Is it worth it to spend extra and buy old s12 pro ?

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