SIVGA Luan Review

SIVGA Luan review featured

In this review, I’m looking at the SIVGA Luan open-back headphones. The Luan has 50mm dynamic drivers and wooden earcups. The price is $299.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by SIVGA for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

SIVGA Luan Review
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Balanced, authentic sound with neutral tuning
Impressive midrange clarity and spaciousness
Exceptional comfort for extended listening sessions
Versatile performance across various sources
Slightly lacking in dynamic contrast
Imaging intentionally cozy, not super precise
May not satisfy extreme bass enthusiasts
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  • Impedance: 38Ω
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-40kHz
  • Weight: 354 grams
  • Sensitivity: 100dB
What’s in the Box
  • SIVGA Luan headphones
  • Detachable cable with 3.5mm termination
  • 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter
  • Semi-rigid faux leather carrying case
  • Canvas cable pouch
  • Documentation


SIVGA’s Luan model continues their unique tradition of using wood for earcup construction. These open-back headphones are built with meticulous attention to detail and premium materials. The headband, brackets, and yokes have a sleek matte finish, all crafted from lightweight yet strong aluminium.

The design strikes a perfect balance between durability and weight, resulting in a commendable total weight of 354g. Notably, SIVGA has incorporated plush earpads made from a blend of soft pleather and gentle fabric. These earpads flare outward from the earcups, providing more surface area and effectively distributing pressure.

The comfort level of the Luan by SIVGA is truly exceptional. This is achieved through a harmonious combination of plush earpads, a gently suspended headband, and minimal clamping force. In my opinion, these headphones are just as comfortable as my DT990 Pro and HD650 models. The well-cushioned earpads and spacious inner design easily accommodate my larger ears.


Gear used for testing includes the Topping E70/L70 stack, HiBy R2 II and Cayin RU6. Luan is an efficient headphone and can be driven adequately by just about any source.

Luan’s sound signature is one of balance and near-neutrality. It’s a mostly uncoloured sound that aims to impress with its honesty rather than reshaping the original audio signal.


The SIVGA Luan headphones redefine bass subtlety with a deliberate focus on precision and warmth. These headphones are not tailored for bass enthusiasts seeking thunderous depths, but rather for those who appreciate a refined and controlled bass experience.

In terms of quantity, the Luan exhibits a neutral bass presentation that avoids the exaggerated boom often found in mainstream headphones. The bass is tight and well-defined, free from any hint of bloat. While mid-bass tones take centre stage, the Luan strikes a careful balance, offering a full-bodied and warm sound without sacrificing definition.

The headphones excel in rendering bass notes with fidelity. The leading edges of each bass note are sharply defined, contributing to good articulation. Despite its reserved nature, the Luan’s bass maintains an engaging musicality, avoiding the pitfall of analytical detachment.


The midrange of the SIVGA Luan headphones is characterized by a primarily neutral tuning, accentuated by a touch of warmth from the bass. This balanced approach extends not only to the tonal qualities but also to their positioning in the mix, offering a neutral forwardness.

The midrange exhibits a spacious and uncoloured presentation, with an organic quality that contributes to a natural and clear sound. Notably, there is a welcome absence of any unnatural upper midrange emphasis, ensuring a well-rounded and authentic presentation without any shoutiness.

SIVGA Luan carring case

The treble of the SIVGA Luan headphones is neutrally tuned, achieving a harmonious balance with the bass and midrange. While it may not reach the pinnacle of precision or resolution, it does offer a crisp and reasonably detailed presentation.

Notably, the treble maintains a non-sibilant character while having the ability to introduce a subtle and glowing sheen to the sound. This treble presence contributes to a slightly brighter tonality overall, not primarily due to its forwardness, but rather due to the inherent neutrality that influences the headphone’s sonic profile.

Soundstage and Technical Performance

The SIVGA Luan headphones offer an average stage dimension but with a noteworthy stable centre image. The detail retrieval falls within the average range, yet where the Luan truly excels is in its impressive organic cohesiveness and clarity. The sound signature delivers a spacious and airy quality, though the imaging retains a deliberate lack of ultra-precision in favour of a comfortable and cozy sound.

While the overall resolution doesn’t improve substantially with a higher-quality source, the advantage lies in the Luan’s versatility. These headphones are well-suited to perform optimally even when paired with modest sources, demonstrating their adaptability and accessibility.


SIVGA Pheonix
Sivga Phoenix ($309)

The SIVGA Phoenix (review here) is a closed-back headphone and is priced near the Luan.

Starting with the bass, the SIVGA Phoenix stands out with its robust and textured bass delivery, punctuating the audio landscape with impactful punches and resonant depths. In contrast, the Luan takes a more neutral approach, offering a controlled and refined bass experience that complements its balanced sonic profile.

Moving to the midrange, the Phoenix impresses with its rich and expressive midrange, carrying a warm colouration that contributes to a textured and emotive sound. On the other hand, the Luan adopts a primarily neutral midrange tuning, providing an organic clarity that allows instruments and vocals to come to the forefront without any overemphasis.

In the treble realm, both headphones exhibit their unique traits. The Phoenix maintains a smooth treble character that provides clarity and detailing, striking a balance between warmth and brightness. Similarly, the Luan offers a crisp treble presentation with a subtle sparkle, enhancing the overall tonality while avoiding excessive brightness.

As for the soundstage, the Phoenix delivers a soundstage that strikes a balance between closed and open-back designs, offering excellent depth and imaging. Comparatively, the Luan creates a more spacious and inviting soundstage, enveloping the listener in a comfortable auditory panorama.

In summary, the SIVGA Phoenix emphasizes robustness and warmth in its sound, while the SIVGA Luan embraces precision and balance. Each headphone offers its unique sonic journey, ensuring that both bass enthusiasts and those seeking a more neutral experience find their ideal match.

Side view of the SIVGA Luan


To sum it all up, the SIVGA Luan headphones bring us a beautifully balanced and almost-neutral sound signature that places authenticity front and centre, steering clear of any over-the-top embellishments. While it might miss a tiny beat in terms of dynamic contrast, the Luan makes up for it with its laid-back, crystal-clear sound and remarkable comfort. Think of it as your perfect companion for unwinding and immersing yourself in your favourite tunes.

The Luan isn’t aiming to satisfy the cravings of bass-thumping aficionados who live for those earth-shaking depths. Instead, it’s a headphone that speaks to those who have an ear for finesse and a taste for balance. So, if you’re all about enjoying a refined and harmonious listening experience, the SIVGA Luan is right up your alley.

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