SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS Review

SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS review featured

In this SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS review, I’m checking out these pint-sized TWS earphones. The Mini Pro HS features LDAC support, hybrid ANC, great battery life and a gaming mode. It’s priced at $59.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by SoundPEATS for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are based on my experience with the product.

SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS Review
Looking for compact, wireless earbuds with excellent sound quality? Check out SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS. Enjoy a comfortable fit and long battery life!
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Powerful, thumping mid-bass
Decent battery life (less when using LDAC)
Delightfully small charging case
Small and comfortable earbuds
No in-ear sensor
Average call quality
Treble might be a bit edgy for some listeners
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SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS

Specs & Features
  • Bluetooth version: 5.3
  • Supported Bluetooth Codec: LDAC, SBC
  • Waterproof Rating: IPX5
  • Hi-Res Audio & LDAC Codec Tech
  • 10mm Driver for Immersive Bass
  • 40dB Hybrid ANC & Clear Call with 6 mics
  • 4.9g Ultra Light & In-ear Ergonomic Design
  • 8 Hrs Single Playtime & 28H Full Playtime
  • Game Mode & Standardized Touch Control
Mini Pro HS design


The SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS has tiny shells! They have a stemless design and are similar to Opera 3 and Opera 5 but significantly smaller. As a result, they fit better in the ears and feel more secure at the same time. They have a matte black finish and the distinguishable SoundPEATS logo on the faceplates.

The charging case is wonderfully small. It has a shape and size like a slightly flattened chicken egg. It’s super easy to fit into a pocket thanks to its small size and rounded surface.

Battery Life

Standard Mode: Enjoy up to 8 hours of continuous playtime per charge with other codecs, and 5.5 hours with LDAC. With ANC activated: Get up to 6.5 hours of playtime per charge when using other codecs, and 4.5 hours with LDAC. Plus, the charging case offers 2.5 additional charges, providing a total playtime of up to 28 hours.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

The ANC on the Mini Pro HS works really well for a budget TWS. It blocks out a good amount of external noise, especially constant low-frequency noises such as air conditioners and engines.

The ambient mode works better than many earbuds in this class, giving you a good sense of your surroundings while still sounding quite natural.

Call, Video and Game Performance

The microphone quality of the SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS is only average. My voice sounds quite thin and lacks fullness. Having said that, it sounds pretty clear and will be fine for making calls and even video conferencing.

Video and game performance are both very good. The Mini Pro HS has a dedicated low-latency gaming mode which works extremely well. But even in normal mode, I found its performance was great.

Soundpeats App

The Soundpeats mobile app is simple but effective. With the app, you can check the battery level of the left and right earbuds, select preset or custom EQs, enable game mode, select the ANC mode and upgrade the firmware.

Mini Pro HS charging case


I’ve previously mentioned that SoundPEATS earphones typically have a wide soundstage, and the Mini Pro HS is no exception. They offer a spacious sound with good depth and width. The sound signature is moderately V-shaped, with emphasis on the bass, accompanied by a lightly spiced treble. Despite this, the midrange is still prominent, almost enough so that I could call it somewhat W-shaped in its presentation.

For the best experience with these earphones, LDAC is highly recommended if your source device is compatible. As I’m currently using an iPhone, I had to switch over to my Shanling M5s player to access LDAC. Modern Android phones support this audio codec natively.

The Mini Pro HS produces an abundance of bass, enough to satisfy even the most ardent bassheads. It’s also of good quality, powerful and controlled. However, if you prefer a more neutral bass, you can customize it to your preference via the SoundPEATS phone app.

Mini Pro HS with open case

Despite the fullness of the bass, the Mini Pro HS midrange is clear and articulate, with male and female vocals coming through with excellent clarity and detail. The midrange tone is overall neutral, and the resolution and instrument separation is above average for TWS earbuds in this price range. The left and right imaging is also well-handled.

Compared to other SoundPEATS TWS models, the Mini Pro HS has a bit more treble presence, resulting in better detail retrieval and a crisper midrange. It also produces a more airy sound. At higher volumes, there may be occasional moments of sharpness in the treble, which may affect treble-sensitive listeners. Nonetheless, like all SoundPEATS earbuds, you can customize the treble via the phone app.

earbuds with charging case


In conclusion, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS offers excellent value for its price of $59. The earbuds are tiny and very comfortable, with a sound signature that produces an abundance of bass and clear midrange, while also providing above-average resolution and instrument separation. The treble is slightly emphasized, with occasional moments of sharpness at higher volumes, but this can be customized via the phone app.

The Mini Pro HS also features active noise cancellation that works well, and the call quality is decent enough. The battery life is decent too but takes a hit when using LDAC, which can impact battery life.

Overall, the SoundPEATS Mini Pro HS is a great option for anyone looking for affordable and comfortable true wireless earbuds that deliver excellent sound quality with customizable EQ, active noise cancellation, and a low-latency gaming mode. I’d say these are my favourite SoundPEATS TWS earbuds so far. Great!

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