TOPPING MX5 Multi-function Amp Released

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When you’ve got a monitor and speakers on your desktop, space can be at a premium. That’s when all-in-one or multi-function devices can really come in handy. The new TOPPING MX5 is one of the most versatile devices they’ve made yet. It’s got two amplifiers built-in: an NFCA headphone amplifier and a Merus Class-D power amplifier. To top things off, it’s got an ESS SABRE DAC chip and Hi-Res Bluetooth input. This one really can fill almost any role.

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With 2 gain settings plus a built-in EQ function, the MX5 becomes even more versatile. It’s got both balanced and single-ended inputs along with a host of digital inputs so it’s guaranteed to work with your existing sources.

For your headphones, the TOPPING MX5 has an ultra-low noise NFCA headphone amplifier as we saw on the recent DX3 Pro+. In addition, it has an Infineon Merus Class D amplifier that can output 70W x2 under a 4Ω load.

If that sounds like the perfect solution for you, check out the TOPPING MX5 on Apos Audio for more details. As always, when you buy from Apos, you get free priority shipping, an extended 2-year warranty and a 45-day return policy.

Product Features

  • 4x digital, 2x analog inputs
  • 70W x2 Merus Class D
  • 1600mW x2 NFCA HPA
  • Bass and treble EQ
  • Auto on/of function
  • Built-in DAC
  • Qualcomm QCC3031 Bluetooth 5.0 chip
  • Remote control
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