TOPPING Releases New L50 Amp and E50 DAC

TOPPING L50 and E50 announcement

TOPPING is an acclaimed Chinese electronics manufacturer that has become synonymous with high-quality but affordable HiFi products, especially amplifiers and digital-to-analogue converters (DACs). They just announced two new products, the L50 amp and E50 DAC which are updates to the popular E30 DAC and L30 headphone amp.

Both units have had significant upgrades. The L50 headphone amp now has both single-ended and balanced outputs plus a pass-through mode. The E50 DAC features better measurements across the board with lower distortion, improved dynamic range and MQA support.

Topping L50 and E50

E50 DAC Feature Highlights

  • ESS ES9068AS DAC chip
  • XMOS XU216
  • 0.00009% THD+N
  • DSD512 Native
  • PCM 32-bit/768kHz
  • Full MQA decoding via USB
  • RCA & balanced TRS outputs
  • Ultra-low noise preamp
  • Remote control

L50 Headphone Amp Feature Highlights

  • Auto bypass
  • 3 gain settings
  • NFCA module
  • <0.00006% THD+N
  • 145dB DNR
  • <0.3uVrms noise
  • <0.1Ω output impedance
  • Output power: 3500mW x2@16Ω, 540mW x2@300Ω
TOPPING L50 headphone amp

This looks like it will be an awesome little desktop stack for audiophiles. Stay tuned for our upcoming in-depth reviews. Both the TOPPING E50 DAC and L50 Headphone Amp are available now on Apos Audio and include Apos’ awesome Extended 2-year warranty and 45-day return policy.

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