Trettitre TreSound1 Review

Trettitre TreSound1 review featured

In this article, I’m reviewing the Trettitre TreSound1 Bluetooth speaker. The Tresound1 has 2 tweeters, 2 full-frequency drivers and 1 subwoofer. It comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX support. The price is $699.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Linsoul for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Trettitre TreSound1 Review
The Trettitre TreSound1 looks and sounds fantastic but it lacks the features we've come to expect.
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Beautiful design
Stunning sub-bass response
Excellent clarity and resolution
Upper bass and midrange lack body and fullness
No remote or app
Light can't be turned off
No multipoint connectivity
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Trettitre TreSound1

What’s in the Box
  • Trettitre TreSound1 speaker
  • Fabric accessories pouch
  • User manual
  • Trettitre branded ruler
Trettitre TreSound1 setup


Drawing inspiration from the majestic mountains, the Trettitre TreSound1 boasts a unique cone-shaped design that blends wood and metal construction. The high-density wood used in the speaker’s construction is sourced from the Nordic mountains, specifically selected for its exceptional acoustic properties.

To ensure optimal audio quality, the speaker’s shape and internal driver layout are expertly crafted to minimize unwanted sound reflections. Additionally, the TreSound1’s large base provides ample space for the impressive woofer and accompanying bass, delivering a powerful, room-filling sound.

The TreSound1 is available in four colours: Snow Peak, Majestic Mountain, Green Hill, and Flame Red. Each colourway features a smooth, glossy finish that complements the speaker’s elegant design.

The volume knob, cleverly located at the peak of the “mountain,” also doubles as the power on/off switch, with a wide, smooth action that feels incredibly satisfying to use. With its exquisite construction and eye-catching colour options, this speaker is sure to become the centrepiece of any room.

Internally, the TreSound1 speaker features four high-quality speakers that work together to deliver a 360° surround sound experience. The speaker is equipped with two 1.25″ silk film neodymium magnetic tweeters and two 2.25″ double neodymium magnetic full-range speakers, all of which are crafted by TRETTITRE.

The speaker comes with Bluetooth 5.1 and aptX support. While it’s not the utmost in wireless sample rates, it supports up to 24bit/96kHz. If you want to get the utmost in resolution, there’s a 3.5mm auxiliary port at the bottom where you can plug in a wired source.


The TreSound1 is touted for its 360° sound projection, but its placement in the room can significantly affect its performance. In my experience, I found that the speaker sounded best when positioned near a wall. Specifically, I placed it on a dresser at head height, approximately 40cm away from the wall.

While the speaker’s omnidirectional design is intended to provide a consistent sound experience from any angle, it’s worth noting that its location can still impact the overall sound quality. By positioning the speaker near a wall, I noticed that the sound was more balanced and had a more substantial bass response, which enhanced my listening experience.

If you’re considering the TreSound1, it’s worth experimenting with its placement in the room to find the optimal spot. While it may take some trial and error to find the perfect position, the effort will be worth it once you hear the difference it makes.

In the lows, the emphasis is on the sub-bass, which has a deep and satisfying rumble. However, I found the mid-bass to be rather light and lacking in impact. This has an effect on the lower mids which sound somewhat lean. Male vocals sound dry rather than rich but have a light and spacious feel.

While the TreSound1 has its merits, I must offer a major criticism: its upper bass lacks depth and its midrange can sound thin, leaving some music genres sounding hollow. Additionally, its rhythm and dynamics leave something to be desired.

To its credit, the TreSound1’s midrange boasts impressive detail, though it tends to lean toward the cooler side of neutrality. Instrument separation and spacing are both well-done. Fortunately, the highs don’t overpower the mix, preventing an excessively bright sound. The treble is crisp and airy, yet not fatiguing.

The TreSoun1 is visually stunning


In simple terms, the Trettitre TreSound 1 delivers an enjoyable audio experience. The sub-bass extension is better than most I’ve heard before in a Bluetooth speaker. Moreover, the midrange is crystal clear and detailed, while the treble is light and airy yet still smooth, resulting in an overall sonic performance that’s hard to beat.

While the TreSound1 may not have the same richness or saturation as some of the more popular Bluetooth speakers out there, it boasts a high-fidelity tuning that will undoubtedly satisfy many audiophiles. This speaker prioritizes clarity and resolution, making it a top choice for those seeking a more analytical and uncoloured sound.

However, it seems like the designers might have overlooked some of the practical aspects of the speaker, such as its usability. As a user, you may wonder whether the speaker comes with a remote, whether you can turn off the light or change its colour, or whether multiple devices can connect to it. These are all valid questions that could influence your purchasing decision.

Overall, the Trettitre TreSound 1 is an impressive speaker that looks amazing and delivers a decent audio performance, although it may not be the most user-friendly option.


Input: DC 24V 2.7A
Output Power: 2x15W + 1x30W
Frequency Response: 38Hz ~ 20KHz
Bluetooth: CSR 5.1 aptX
Tweeter: 25-core silk film tweeter x2
Full-frequency: 2.25″ full-frequency speaker x2
Subwoofer: 5.25″ subwoofer x1
AUX Port: 3.5mm audio interface
Power Amplifier Chip: Class D power amplifier / ST chip
Size: 11.8 ”× 11.8”× 16.9”
Material: wood + metal
Net Weight: 13.2 pounds

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