AIYIMA A07 Pro Review


In this review, I’m testing the AIYIMA A07 Pro Class-D stereo amplifier. The A07 Pro features Bluetooth input and tone controls and adopts the TPA3255 amplifier chip. The price is $89.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by AIYIMA for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

AIYIMA A07 Pro Review
The AIYIMA A07 Pro's transparency and precision make it a top budget choice.
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Transparent, resolving signature
Large soundstage and strong imaging
Supports aptX LL and aptX HD
AUX line out for 2.1 channel audio
Bass and treble tone controls
Upgradeable op-amps
No remote
Tone controls not detented
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What’s in the Box

AIYIMA A07 Pro Power Amplifier x1
Bluetooth Antenna x1
32V 5A Power Adapter x1
AC Cord x1
User Manual x1

A07 Pro font panel

Design & Features

The AIYIMA A07 Pro’s brushed aluminium body feels well-built and sturdy and it has a reassuring heft to it. The volume and tone control knobs on the front are also aluminium and are nicely weighted. However, they’re not detented so you have to dial in the neutral position visually or by ear.

There are 2 switches on the front: the power switch and another one to alternate between the RCA and Bluetooth inputs. Around the back are the Bluetooth antenna, a pair of RCA inputs, a 3.5mm line out and the 4 binding posts.

A07 Pro rear I/O

I love having the additional line out for my subwoofer but because it is a fixed-level output, I need to adjust the volume of my sub each time I change the volume on the amplifier. Still, I’m glad it’s there because makes my system sound even better.

Internally, the A07 Pro uses the same TPA3255 amp chips featured in the original A07. Bluetooth 5.2 is provided by a Qualcomm QCC304X and the supported codecs are SBC, AAC, aptX, aptX LL and aptX HD. The included NE5532 op-amps are replaceable and can be upgraded with SRT3609SM, OPA2604, OPA2314, LM4562, JRC5532, OP275GSZ, OPA1612AIDR, etc.

AIYIMA A07 Pro front angle


My initial impression of the A07 Pro is that it has a remarkably clean sound. Its transparency and neutrality create an expansive soundstage that allows vocals and instruments to breathe. The precise imaging and instrument separation adds to the overall clarity of the sound.

Despite its precision, the A07 Pro is not lacking in emotion. It has a direct and energetic quality that brings out the excitement in music. Soen’s Pluton is a perfect example of this, with the A07 Pro adding texture and spaciousness to the lively track.

The A07 Pro excels at portraying the texture of stringed instruments, from acoustic guitars to violins to electric guitars. However, it doesn’t sacrifice body for detail – the sound is authoritative and full, with unexpected articulation.

The A07 Pro’s signature sound creates an expansive and holographic soundstage that is a testament to its neutrality. Despite its budget-friendly price, the spacing and layering of the sound are truly impressive and draw the listener deep into the music. Its ability to immerse you in the music is remarkable.

Overall, the A07 Pro delivers an unquestionably entertaining and revealing sound signature. Its precision and energy make it an excellent choice for music lovers who want to experience every detail of their favourite tracks.

BT20A Pro design

Comparison with Fosi Audio BT20A Pro

The Fosi Audio BT20A Pro (review here) features the same TPA3255 amplifier chip as the A07 but sounds distinctly different. In addition, the BT20A Pro has a 3.5mm variable level Pre Out whereas the A07 Pro has a fixed-level Line Out.

The two units look different too: The Fosi has a modern space blue chassis and burnt orange volume knob compared to the AIYIMA’s traditional black and silver colours. Moreover, the BT20A Pro is slightly smaller and has detented tone controls.

In regards to sound, the BT20A Pro has more body or meat on its bones. It sounds more fluid and anchored, while the A07 Pro sounds airier and more precise. The A07 Pro’s soundstage is larger and more spacious with sharper imaging.

I think the A07 Pro works better with warmer speakers while the BT20A Pro is better suited to neutral or brighter ones. But there are other considerations too, such as whether you prefer a variable pre-out or a fixed line-out. In addition, if you intend to use Bluetooth more, the AIYIMA supports superior wireless audio codecs.


In conclusion, the AIYIMA A07 Pro stereo amplifier is a well-built and sturdy amplifier that delivers exceptional performance for its price. Its transparency and neutrality create a remarkably clean and expansive soundstage, with precise imaging and instrument separation that adds to the overall clarity of the sound.

It delivers an energetic and direct quality that captures the emotion and excitement of music. The A07 Pro’s ability to immerse the listener in the music is impressive, making it an excellent choice for music lovers who want to experience every detail of their favourite tracks. Overall, the AIYIMA A07 Pro is an outstanding amplifier that offers great performance for the price. Recommended.

Recommended award

BluetoothVersion 5.2
Bluetooth support16-24bit 44.1-48khz
Supported formatsbc/aac/aptx/aptx-ll/aptx-hd
Signal-to-noise ratio90dB
Frequency responseBass ±12dB; Treble±10dB
Input sensitivity0.84vRms
Speaker impedance2-8Ω
Max Output power300W*2/4 Ohm(Upgraded power adapter)
Input modeBluetooth, RCA
Support audio input devicesmobile phones, MP3, computers, CDs, decoders, audio preamps, etc.
Output mode2.0 Channel passive speaker & 3.5mm AUX Line output
LINE OUTConnect the power amplifier or active subwoofer or Active speaker
Working power supplyDC24-48V

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