Final VR2000 for Gaming IEM Review

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In this article, I’m reviewing the final VR2000 for Gaming earphones. The VR2000 features redesigned F-Core VU dynamic drivers and a microphone. It’s priced at $69.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by final for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own, based on my experience with the product.

Final VR2000 for Gaming IEM Review
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High-fidelity audio
Clear and transparent sound signature
Precise imaging for games and music
Comfortable for long listening sessions
Non-detachable cable
Only comes in one colour
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final VR2000 for Gaming


Housing: ABS
Driver: Dynamic driver
Cable: OFC Black cable
Sensitivity: 101dB/mw
Impedance: 18Ω
Weight: 20g
Cord length: 1.2m

In the Box
  • final VR2000 for Gaming
  • 5x pairs of final E eartips
  • Carrying pouch
  • 1x pair of silicone ear hooks
final VR2000 for gaming review featured


At a glance, you can see the distinct final pedigree in the VR2000 for Gaming’s shell design. What’s new here is the dark olive green colour of the housings, ear tips, cable and ear hooks. I think they look great but that is subjective, of course.

The ABS shells are very lightweight but feel durable. There are 2 pinhole vents on the inner side of the housings to eliminate pressure build-up in the ears for increased comfort. Speaking of comfort, these fit in my ears perfectly and I can happily wear them for hours at a time.

The VR2000 has an in-line 3-button control and microphone on the right side. The mic quality is good and it picks up my voice clearly, however, it could use a bit more warmth for naturalness.

My only concern is the fixed cable because if that gets damaged you need to replace the earphones completely and they’re not exactly cheap at $69.

VR2000 earpieces and in-line controller


Gear used for testing includes the Shanling UP4, HiBy Digital M300 and SMSL DO300EX. These earphones are easy to drive and therefore they don’t need a powerful source to perform.

VR2000 Gaming frequency response graph

The VR2000 for Gaming earphones nail that pristine, roomy sound you’d want, especially for gaming. They smartly dial down the bass, which might seem odd, but it’s a win for gamers. Why? Because less bass means better pinpointing of where enemies are sneaking in games. It facilitates more accurate imaging.

Now, about that bass—while it’s not booming, it’s tight, snappy, and quick to fade. This agility lets you react fast to what’s happening around you in games. The bass won’t shake the earth, but it packs a punch that counts, even if it won’t satisfy true bassheads.

Moving to the midrange, it’s where the magic of detail and space happens. Think fast transients and crystal-clear vocals. These earphones might not fill your ears with a rich, meaty sound, but they’re a dream for those who dig that clean, neutral vibe. Vocals? Oh, they’re both detailed and nuanced, striking a balance between clarity and avoiding that overly analytical feel.

Inner side of VR2000 housings

The earphones exhibit a treble that’s both crisp and smoothly delivered, ideal for extended gaming sessions. However, there’s occasional shoutiness in the upper midrange at higher volumes, a trade-off for enhanced auditory sensitivity to nuances like enemy footsteps.

The soundstage is larger than average and has good spacing. This is especially good for first-person shooters where locating sounds in your environment is crucial. Instrument separation is strong and overall, these earphones showcase strong technical performance, on par with regular IEMs in the sub $100 bracket.


In conclusion, the final VR2000 for Gaming earphones impressed me with their audio quality and comfortable fit. Fans of neutral tuning will relish the clarity and transparency of music and gamers will appreciate the precise imaging.

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