Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 Review

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 review featured

In this review, I’m checking out the Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 TWS earbuds. The 05 Plus Gen 2 features a staggering 150 hours of playback time with the included case and can even be used in the water. Tested at $89.99.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Mifo for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 Review
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aptX Adaptive
Small and comfortable
Great battery life
Case can be used as a powerbank to charge your phone
Low latency
IP67 Waterproof can be worn in the shower
Poor microphone quality
No ANC or wireless charging
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Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2

What’s In the Box

  • Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 earphones
  • 4x pairs of silicone eartips
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Power out converter for USB-C port
  • Documentation


Like the original 05 Plus, the Gen 2 has teardrop-shaped earbuds. Mine came in gunmetal grey colour but there are a total of 7 different colours available. The faceplates have a glossy finish while the bulk of the shells has a matte black finish. There’s a colour-coded vertical slit at the bottom of the faceplates: red for the right and blue for the left.

The Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 are super comfortable in my ears. They don’t protrude out but just fill my concha area perfectly. Moving around isn’t a problem: the earbuds feel stable and secure.

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 design

The carrying case is metal and is quite hefty. It feels very robust and premium in the hand. What’s really neat about this case is that you can get up to 150 hours of playback time thanks to the large battery capacity. In fact, you can even use the case to fully charge a smartphone from 0 battery at least once.

There’s a small LED on the outside of the case near the USB port that shows the charging status. Inside the case, there’s another LED and this one shows the current battery level of the case.

Calls, Video & Game Performance

The microphone quality on the 05 Plus Gen 2 is frankly really bad. My voice sounds muffled and compressed and lacks clarity. It’s good enough to make calls but if you make a lot of calls with your TWS earbuds, you might want to consider something else.

Video and game performance are really solid. There are no sync issues when watching videos on my iPhone and there’s hardly any noticeable latency when playing games.

05 Plus Gen 2 with charging case and box


The Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 has a warm, smooth sound with an emphasis on the bass. It’s quite powerful and delivers kick drums with plenty of impact. Although the bass is somewhat thick, it’s pretty snappy and doesn’t feel sluggish.

The midrange is recessed and sits a little behind the bass. Midrange clarity is average but vocals are articulate and easy to distinguish above the music. The instrument separation is good and the sounds don’t get congested. Lower midrange notes are boosted slightly giving some added weight to male vocals.

When it comes to details, the 05 Plus Gen 2 performs surprisingly well. The treble is laid-back and smooth – perfect for anyone who’s treble-sensitive. Treble notes are rounded and soft but are still able to inject enough energy into the sound.


Pamu Slide 2 earbuds
Pamu Slide 2

Slide 2 has more overall clarity but its detail retrieval is about the same. Both earphones have boosted bass and recessed midrange or a general V-shaped sound signature. The Pamu has more treble energy, giving it a lighter tone.

Slide 2 has hybrid ANC and wireless charging. It also has app support giving you EQ presets a game mode and button customization options. Alternatively, the 05 Plus Gen 2 has a better battery life and water resistance.

Tronsmart Apollo Bold review featured
Tronsmart Apollo Bold

The Apollo Bold has more bass, especially when the ANC is turned on. The overall sound quality of the Tronsmart is better, especially in regards to clarity. Vocals and the midrange are more forward and the treble is crisper.

When it comes to features, the Apollo Bold is hard to beat: it has hybrid ANC modes, in-ear detection and app support. Battery life is similar on both models. The 05 Plus Gen 2 has better water resistance and a larger battery in its charging case.

Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 with iPhone and charging case


The Mifo 05 Plus Gen 2 brings some welcome improvements compared to the original version, including superior sound, USB-C fast charging and a power bank feature. If you’re looking for some TWS earbuds with great battery life, the 05 Plus Gen 2 is hard to beat. In addition, the 05 Plus Gen 2 is waterproof and can be used in the shower or in shallow water.

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5 months ago

Mifo.com.au are a 100% SCAM Company.
I would strongly suggest to buy through AMAZON to avoid being ripped off

Alex kelly
Alex kelly
1 year ago

Mifo Australia are a complete scam just warning people so they don’t go through what I did

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