QoA Vesper 2 Review

QoA Vesper 2 review featured

In today’s article, I’m reviewing the QoA Vesper 2 earphones. The Vesper 2 is a dual-driver IEM with 1DD+1BA and attractive resin shells. It’s priced at $79.

Disclaimer: This sample was provided by Yaoyaotiger for an honest review. All observations and opinions here are my own based on my experience with the product.

QoA Vesper 2 Review
The QoA Vesper 2 has a great balance of warmth and technical agility at an affordable price.
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Balanced and warm sound signature
Impressive clarity and resolution
Strong bass with controlled impact
Subtle micro-details may be veiled
Not for those seeking neutrality
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QoA Vesper 2

  • 10 PET Dynamic Driver + 1 Knowles 32873 BA
  • Impedance: 23 ohms
  • Sensitivity: 114dB
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz
  • 5N silver-plated copper
  • 3.5mm Termination Plug
In the Box
  • One pair of QoA Vesper 2 In-ear monitors.
  • One 5N copper with silver-plated Cable.
  • Six pairs Custom ear tips.
  • PU Case with inner velvet protection.
  • User Manual
Vesper 2 design


The Vesper 2 is offered in two vibrant colours: blue and yellow. I received the blue variant, featuring solid navy blue resin shells complemented by an intricate swirling pattern on the faceplates, with ‘Vesper’ elegantly embossed in gold lettering. This aesthetic flair is characteristic of QoA’s consistently impressive designs.

These IEMs boast 0.78mm 2-pin sockets and double-bore nozzles, with a discreet vent positioned just behind the 2-pin sockets. The overall build quality is exceptional and despite the slightly wider shells, they offer excellent comfort.

QoA Vesper 2 cable

The package includes an 8-core silver-plated copper cable in a striking white hue. Notably, the cable’s components, including the chin slider, are crafted from polished aluminium, lending a premium feel. Moreover, it handles smoothly and is better than what’s typically seen in this price range.

Vesper 2 inner shells


Gear used for testing includes the Hiby R2 II, Phatlab Rio and the Topping E70/L70 stack. Vesper 2 is an efficient IEM so you don’t need any special equipment to use it – plug it straight into your phone, dongle or DAP.

The Vesper 2 IEM by QoA delivers a smooth, balanced, and polite sound signature. This tuning caters to various music genres, offering safe and versatile listening. It prioritizes tone over precision, resulting in a laid-back sound profile that’s well-suited for extended, casual listening sessions.

QoA Vesper 2 frequency response graph

The bass response of the Vesper 2 has a subtle elevation above neutrality, exhibiting a seamless transition from the sub-bass to the mid-bass. This well-balanced foundation provides an optimal platform for the midrange and treble to flourish, all without overshadowing their presence.

Delving into the sub-bass, it unfurls with impressive depth, capable of summoning a gratifying rumble when summoned. Simultaneously, the mid-bass wields its impact and authority with precision, maintaining a respectful distance from the other frequencies while bestowing them with a gentle touch of warmth.

What sets this bass apart is its palpable physicality, a testament to its robust power and air-moving prowess. It strikes a harmonious chord between impact and restraint, akin to a gymnast demonstrating both might and nimbleness with finesse. The result is a bass experience that’s as satisfying as it is controlled.


The midrange of the QoA Vesper 2 exudes warmth, yet it maintains a captivating clarity. Thanks to the supportive bass foundation, vocals and instruments are bestowed with a sense of fullness and substance, enriching their timbre with a palpable body.

While it may not cater to those seeking absolute transparency, it will undoubtedly find favour with enthusiasts yearning for an engaging and musical presentation. The upper mids resonate with a sonorous quality, but avoid any hint of shrillness or excessiveness.

Despite its warm embrace, the midrange doesn’t compromise on detail. Furthermore, the midrange remains spacious, allowing each note and instrument to breathe.

QoA Vesper 2 with carrying case

The treble of the QoA Vesper 2 gracefully upholds the balanced ethos, aligning harmoniously with the bass and midrange. It unfolds with poised extension and bestows meticulous detailing, all while maintaining a seamless, velvety texture.

This treble interlaces effortlessly with the mids and bass, presenting a cohesive auditory tapestry. However, for those yearning for a more incisive or crisply defined treble, alternative models might hold greater allure.

Despite its gentle demeanour, the Vesper 2 adeptly retrieves nuanced details, though some micro-elements may remain subtly veiled. Notably, there’s an absence of any hint of sibilance or sharpness, yet the treble retains an engaging luminosity, avoiding any sense of dullness or excessive darkness.

Soundstage and Technicalities

The soundstage of the QoA Vesper 2 is wider than expected considering its warm tonal character. While depth is not its standout feature, it’s commendable. Instrument separation, while not extraordinary, meets the expected standard for something in this price range. What truly shines here is the impressive resolution and imaging capabilities, lending a compelling sense of spatial dimensionality.


Truthear HEXA

The Truthear HEXA (review here) is a quad driver with 1DD+3BA. HEXA, in comparison to the Vesper 2, shares certain characteristics, yet diverges significantly in its sonic profile. Notably, HEXA places greater emphasis on the sub-bass, dialling down the fullness in the upper bass and lower midrange. This adjustment leads to a tauter bass response and a leaner lower midrange.

Additionally, HEXA has a slight lift in the upper mids and treble, resulting in a brighter sound signature. This makes it a fitting choice for those seeking a closer approach to neutrality. Conversely, the Vesper 2 caters to those desiring a touch of warmth and lustrous highs, making it the preferred option for a velvety sonic presentation.

QoA Vesper 2 with carrying case - 2


The QoA Vesper 2 offers a laid-back sound profile, ideal for extended, relaxed listening. Its balanced and warm sound signature is complimented by good clarity and resolution.

Beyond its audio prowess, the Vesper 2 boasts a stylish design and includes good accessories, making it a compelling value proposition in its price range. Overall, it stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a smooth sound with good technicalities.

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